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$0.002 stablecoin

$0.02 stablecoin

$0.2 stablecoin

$2 stablecoin

>> No.25370961

I love how this gets no attention whatsoever anymore, exactly like in 2019 when it crabbed for so long that pajeets with their goldfish attention spans already sold at 1.5c

>> No.25370976

Get ready for the 900% increase in supply.

>> No.25371005

Needs a Coinbase listing. Fucking 100,000,000,000 supply doesn’t help matters.

>> No.25371006

The time for this coin being a dollar just keeps pushing further away into the future. I can throw the money into shitcoins and make more money flipping than holding

>> No.25371015

>supply fud
yikes but I bite

not happening unless adoption happens in which case we will be swimming in token burns

>> No.25371039

hello mr goldfish, are you okay there hunting pumps sweating bullets while we sit here fully comfy waiting for the inevitable?

>> No.25371143

Don't get me wrong, I think the idea and what they're trying to do is good. Having a large supply isn't even necessarily bad but the fact 90% is locked is fucked though.

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