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What's next for Chainlink?

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Tonight will decide links fate

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sergay betray, as usual

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exit scam is already happening.. sell that fucking scam if you still haven't

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A complete collapse
Staking isn’t coming out till 2025. Psd5 is delayed

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Sub $2 then golden bull run

it will look exactly like tech stocks from the 2000 bubble

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arbitrum, tsigs, multiword responses

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Probably just more newfags fudding link no matter what it does.

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another binance deposit

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Sergey dumps on us again

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well i thought the q1 staking estimate was complete bullshit at first desu, but i recalled that the first most practical application of LINK staking would be to faithful arbitrum computations, LINK staking must be bound to on chain service agreements, and while chainlink has done much to solve the problem of oracle response veracity (in the case of asset prices, weather events, CPI, and related data), it isn't perfectly solved, so having "correctly responded" be a parameter against which LINK is staked isn't quite ready yet; so, that means staking needs to be piloted on deterministic parameters, arbitrum has been working with chainlink for nearly a year publicly and will be going live on mainnet likely eoQ1, arbitrum produces deterministic EVM state if at least one honest validator is present, those validators have been confirmed to be chainlink nodes at least, the initial LINK staking model will be against honest computation of EVM state through arbitrum rollups, therefore some iteration of staking Q1 seems like much less of a baseless rumor and much more of a tangible breadcrumb

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Won't click that link

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There is nothing left for chainlink. It rode on other crypto partnerships but even that now not interesting anymore. They have no connections with real world companies such as Google. So it dumps till there is a partnership worth called a partnership

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Already swing for UNI, fuck that piece of shit

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