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Discuss digital oil.

Discord trannies and fudders are not welcome.

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Coin not needed, they're becoming a tech consulting firm. I'm financially ruined.

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Was browsing /biz/ see this, that's not a proper way to start a general or else,

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iExec RLC

What it can do
decentralized cloud, trusted executions, cloud resources (data sets, computing power, ...) marketplace, trusted doracles, tokenization & monetization of cloud assets (NFTs), ENS and it's FULLY COMPLIANT (French SEC approved, so basicly EU approved, so basicly USA approved, so basicly Coinbase, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, ... approved)

Partnerships and collaborations
Intel, Nvidia, EU commision (Ontochain) + French SEC approves, EEA, CCC, EDF, Chainlink, OpenSSF, IBM Cloud, NCTU, Genesis Cloud, H7, BPI France, Scontain, Shift, Fortanix, TFCloud, Nerdalize, Cloud & Heat, Stimergy, OpenFog, ...

Next technical release
V5 2nd part. FOG/edge computing to keep the latency low for tasks that require real time data.

Upcoming adoption releases
eRLC which is a fully compliant version of RLC for companies and is 1:1 interchangeable with RLC. If you look at the adoption roadmap you can also clearly see NDAs being revealed soon

DOT parachain, sidechains that handle computations with 0 fees, Intel SGX and TEE intergrated oracles, best memes on the internet, they are working with google

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Notice how big players are mentioning iExec and not just the other way around? Yeah.



European Commission


Also take a look at the 7 PhD team

And the CEO

Normie Solution presentation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4IESv4BNw8Q
iExec Solution presentation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ckHCmLQJQc
Cloud computing as a Commodity: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LSBIk35YsUc
Health care use case: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCsasSNYo-4
Smart traffic controls: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HDk1D9L8Au0
5G power rescue robots: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VEh3JHivS10

Website: https://iex.ec/
Medium: https://medium.com/iex-ec
Twitter: https://twitter.com/iEx_ec
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/iExec/videos <--- Look at their showcases or demo videos
Adoption roadmap: https://trello.com/b/oSCT5z09/iexec-adoption-roadmap

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I bought 1k barrels at 1.13

>tfw bought the local top

I will buy more when it bottoms, then ride the hype pump in february.

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No other coin has such connections and tech

Based. Still accumuluting here, more 45 days and I finally get to 8.7k barrels

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Went all in at 20ct and swinged many times this year. One of best performers for me and fudders filter out retards making bottom buy easy af. Gonna ride pump again this shit way too easy

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Also, worth mentioning that the Hyperledger Avalon was in some paper of the WEF. IExec made most of the work in the HA

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>RLC added to Crypto.com
>check crypto.com
>can't find RLC on there

What's up with this?

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I don't know, a similar thing happened with Latoken.
It's a complete mess after the Blair FUD on TG and the rest of the team doing absolutely nothing about that. I don't know where we're heading but are we going.

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It's strange that it's added but people aren't able to purchase it. Are they planning on activating the BTC/RLC pairing all at once in a month when the eRLC ICO begins?

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Its some fuckery from crypto.com side.

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I don't even check the price anymore
I don't care
I have the vision methanon spoke of
Day of the Barrel is almost upon us RLChads

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>not for burgers
>coin price entirely manipulated by one chinese whale on binance


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this happened with SONM too
we're fucked

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In this case he's posting token not needed because Blair is a moron who doesn't give a fuck about the project and was only hired to manage the english-speaking community because he speaks english.

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This. How are we not getting scammed again?

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>not available for residents of the US
Feel like being in the myth of sisyphus

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eventually it will be
870 to make it

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Token not needed, amirite? Looks we┬┤ve got a Chainlink problem here.

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Talks how to monetize side jobs and maybe require them to buy rlc for that but then blrai comments about how they had thinking about it but isnt implemented atm. Dog shit posters and pseudo twitter intellectuals immediately jumps in as token not needed for anything. Then they get slapped for low effort fud and stfu for few days.

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Just explain to me why is there one useless dapp on their marketplace that went live two years ago.

Debunk this and ill buy a bag

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Btw same group that shits up cl nowadays use copy paste tactics meme wording whole biz package as on rlc or other link whale held shitcoins as rsr. Then again all these alts have identical charts so same market makers. Way too many coincidence.

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We need an US listing so bad to escape the whales and bots

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What's up with the telegram? I've never used it before but joined yesterday and it's a shit show of fud/capitulation and the team ignoring everything. Is telegram always like that?

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Ahhh Gilles mon enfant, you learned well, however I find your lack of nigger trannies disturbing...

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Yes more or less but never like atm.
A member of the Public relation only said negatives things like "the partnerships with Ubisoft and Alibaba were nothingburgers" look by yourself, like usual dyor
here's the link :


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>Gilles so incompetent it's not even him profiting from the scam, but CZ

C'est fini, Gilles

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Tech was not finished yet

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I'm rooting for you rlc bros

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The telegram seems to mostly be /biz/tards reposting fud to meme pajeets into selling. I wonder if /biz/ will unironically fud the token to death, while just trying to accumulate at a lower price.

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$1000 EOY

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You mad lad you did it
i'm buying a little more then

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The team promised world domination 6 months ago but nothing happened and the holders were anally raped by the price.
Welcome to the iexec telegram.

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It's only fair. Biz memed a scam coin to 20, and will fud a good coin to 0.

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Lamo if only I would even be mad if biz would fud its own bags to 0

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The team switched their public attitude because that kind of moonboi retard talk is why XRP got raped. They don't want to give the impression that RLC pumping is their main game to the SEC, they want this to be a security token used to access their marketplace services (which will likely pump the price of the token and make it valuable enough for people to want to hold it purely as a form of cryptocurrency anyway).

XRP being scammy moonboi niggers is why the SEC decided to rape them. Perhaps you will make fun of me, but by toning down moonboi talk Gilles is actually taking a less retarded route legally speaking.

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Its finished now right? Still one dapp

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>latoken is selling RLC again

Why the fuck do they pump the price every time it's going to get down to a nice level to accumulate? What conspiracy is this?

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No they just have retards in charge of pr and communication and probably insider trading for a while.

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Sure bud I'm sure Gilles himself is insider. How about you less parrot what monopoly says and think for yourself

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Noone said it's Gilles

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You never get what you seei

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Let's be real this is gonna bleed until Feb/ march at the earliest may as well get into btc until then

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its going to start pumping leading up to feb you goblin

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you faggots said this in September/october

>muh enterprise adoption month

I want to fucking kill myself for buying this shit

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Then dump to 0 when no adoption. Sell before Jan 30th at ~3.

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now this is top tier acoomulator fud
yes, sell right before eRLC drops

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here you say the coin is shit
here you say the coin is good
here you say the coin is shit

which one is it scott?

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kek newfags gonna newfag

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>...and fudders are not welcome
I post wherever the fuck I want.

Fuck this tranny ERC20 token.
Just look at the chart, it's going to 1000 sats.

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You're a faggot

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shut the fuck up you schizo faggot. I lost 6 figures worth of BTC holding digital dogshit. No enterprises are waiting to use iexec. It is a solution looking for a problem. Biggest meme of my life

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will we hit 60 cents before February guys?

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Mooning straight to 50.

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