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Parsiq was supposed to be the future of crypto.
Big big happening for today....they announced a wallet !!
PRQ team is now laughing at us ! Well done Estonian scammers !

Get out ASAP it’s over !
It’s just a wallet...

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Thanks just bought 100k

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>it’s over
coin sustains its 4x that occurred over the last 2 weeks

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Daily reminder that all these FUD threads are made by one single seething swinging tranny.

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Many bought at 0.50 and many complaining on Telegram after the announcement.
Team reply : it’s just a wallet

People’s got banned on telegram for speaking out !

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What's especially funny is that he is so annoying he seems to have scared off all the others on his side. He is truly PRQ'S greatest ally.

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youre a fucking clown (literally)

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This is either <70 iq or >130 iq but I love it

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Oh yeah ?!
Go on TG and wrote "just a wallet", you will get insta ban without warning !
Try and post screen here

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What are the point of these threads

Lol that never happened

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This weak fud is unironically bullish as fuck. Lets buy more bags so op misses out

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>It’s just a wallet...
one single guy is trying to make this a meme
do what you want with that information, maybe ask yourself why he's trying to do that etc

and why he doesn't use real fud.. exactly
happy new years lads

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That's what you do with literal retards occupying your breathing space, you ban them

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Well your persistance is commendable, specially for a tranny. I guess all that dilating teaches you to never give up on your delusions.

>It isn't just a wallet. It is a decentralized MPC wallet system. Which essentially means they can use zero knowledge proofs with a Blockchain agnostic network of a private oracles when managing hot wallets which is more secure and cheaper than Bitgo who currently manages about 30% of all transactions in crypto.

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No one cares about your holdings. This is a long term project

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speaking out about what?
all you need to see thru you is read the news article, its not 'just a wallet'

the only "just" you need to do is reading

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PRQ connections speak for themselves. Let them fud.

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I bought at .18 and have a stack of eth ready to swap more on this dip.

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You will never be a real woman
You will never FUD enough to get your stack in time
Stop making these threads, if you arnt happy with the price movement just sell or rope

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but its a token

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Same here. What's your target? Do you think we will go as low as 50c?

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There's so many people waiting to reload @.5 that i don't think it will happen. Op is doing his best to help us out though.

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> All I check in 2020 is mtlx

Check this one and forget about cheap shittokens. Not yet on binance, but has featured on Binance Christmas Special event today!


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Lol, I love these threads. You know they do the opposite of what you're trying to achieve, right?

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>Lol, I love these threads. You know they do the opposite of what you're trying to achieve, right?

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What a retarded meme.
Buying more because of this garbage fud.

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Is it just a wallet?

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This is an IQ test and if you think it's "Just a wallet" you're low IQ and hope you capitulate.

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based, pic unrelated

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Im hoping for .53

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Teens are really autistic these days, what happened?

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They are Latvian living in Estonia. And these two countries have excellent coders.
I know it because I wanted to move to Estonia :)

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That’s not true. I was one of the biggest fudders on their Telegram and never got a ban or a thing deleted.

The opposite happened with iExec! Blair deleted and banned me just for having talked about Hadrien leaving (without any fud intention from me). Sold all my iExec stack. I was a top 250 wallet. I’m @OilDigital on Twitter.
Project is great only in the heads of people. Lazy team.
Just look how long they had to work on their new website before publishing it and check it now and tell me why it took that long.

Btw : Bought a lot more $prq at ath after seeing the professional behavior of the Parsiq team towards my fud.

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Friendly reminder that it these fudders truly weren't interested in this coin they wouldn't be making threads 24/7

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