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PRQ will drop down for a bit.

I'll chart another coin for the next hour during Wheel and Jeopardy.

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So if RSI goes up and price goes up, that’s a sure sign of a bearish reversal?
Still trying to learn this shit

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Ok i’m selling

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you have no idea how much I hope it dumps
but it won't dump that far mostly because there are going to be fags like me waiting to buy the most legit project in crypto

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Chart btc

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if price reaches new highs, but the rsi does not match the higher highs, then that signals weakness.

I meant to say i'm taking requests for simple TA like in OP if anyone wants

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>the most legit project in crypto
heard that one before what was it. oh yes, GRT before it dumped to 30c

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grt might be legit but it's a vc whale coin with a terrible community

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i hope it dumps, i missed out at 48c and have been regretting. wish i did my research earlier

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BTC trades like major stocks now. haven't been able to get a handle on it, but my feeling is it breaches 30k, then spends january retracing 30% to 20k, the previous ATH support, formerly resistance

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BTC might be the one chart where TA might apply. On other coins, particularly alts like PRQ, it's useless, you're not dealing with informed investors you're dealing with FOMOers, gamblers and whales. They do not follow regular market trends that TA aims to analyse.

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maybe, but most if not all BTC charts i've seen, even from some of the more popular chartists have been wildly wrong. Meanwhile, there's dozens of solid ALTs chartists

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Transfer profits to LOCK asap, shit is about to explode. Iykykatmik

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this faggot was talking in the telegram about how his ta works, hes been doing it full time for 5 years bla bla
why the fuck arent u a multi millionaire then u deluded clown. the absolute state

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You're that guy from the tg who sold his stack and is trying to buy lower

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This. What a pathetic state. They hate to see PRQ succeed

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Can you chart GRT I'm looking for a good entry point thx

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If it drops anywhere near .30 I'm going all in

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Yea, they banned me for being bearish short term, told me it's because i was "unpleasant."

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so it won't dump? I want in. Also, TAs are reliable in long term coins like ETH and BTC right? just not shit like PRQ/relatively new coins

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You literally sold and want to buy lower. You got banned because it was obvious so now you come to 4chan. Get a life

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Its not going to dump, you're safe pepe. Just hold and dca any dips. January is Valhalla month

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>Also, TAs are reliable in long term coins like ETH and BTC right? just not shit like PRQ/relatively new coins
no, td doesn't even work on btc.
let that sink in, everything ta in crypto is either a meme or a self fulfilling prophecy

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You got any other insights right now? What's up with fucking Eth?

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i've been on 4chan since 2008.

it's too new and there's not much to work with, but here's what i can do.

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Nice try swingy, fuck you and your memelines

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I bought when it was 0.01 cents and after doing 72x I sold 20% of my stack to buy back in lower. Look at how rabid these filthy newfags are at the mere thought that a coin they bought in yesterday may consolidate after going up 6x in one month.

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Ofcourse you did LARPing pajeet.
Maybe you're better off drawing memelines by shitting on the streets.

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I'll see what i can do with eth, but as with BTC, January is usually brutal.

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how'd you even know to buy this early, anon? And what are your thoughts on the project in the long run

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You stole that picture from another anon I've seen it posted in threads before. Nothing but lies and manipulation from pajeets as always.

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Kevin, king of biz, shilled it well. Long term, as in by end of next year, I think it'll be $10

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Fritz you fuc go pack your backpack it’s bedtime you have school tomorrow

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This is fascinating and seems to make sense. It’s obviously not 100% correct but man this seems like a damn near surefire way to predict what will happen short term.
How do I go about learning more and more about these TAs? Any tips?

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Do a $grt as well please!

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This screenshot has been posted multiple times on biz. It’s been shared by a lot of anons

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i learned from watching DonAlt. He used to do hour long streams going over his rationale. his videos are up on youtube.

There's not much to work with in GRT's case...Personally bought around 0.34, but I'm waiting for around 0.25 for the majority of my buys.

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They banned you for discussing trading... in a trading channel?

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Thanks! I saw it later.
Can you do a $rlc? I wonder if they are really going to surpass btc one day...
But do the rlc/usd please TA anon

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They're feeling nervous about price action, and someone coming on saying it looks bearish short term is a problem. Worried it'll trigger a sell off, so they keep patting each other on the back about their resolve to hold. It's understandable, but doesn't exactly inspire confidence. You can see them on this thread...

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Chart link sir, it’s hitting one of those supports as we speak

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>Any tips?
read books and dont stick ur dick in electrical outlets

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>Openly admits to swinging his stack
>Then spend the next hour trying to convince people to sell too so he can buy back lower
Anon, that kind of manipulative behaviour gets you banned in any TG. Look how far this nigger is willing to go. Even taking pictures from older threads that a different anon posted about buying at 1c so he sounds more 'believable'. This guy has to have kike blood in him

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Explain this please

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Thank you! So basically we need a large amount of volume, or hype either said.
It might happens with eRLC in February but then it will only be a x2... $prq can go further than a x2 with just the incoming Binance listing...

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probably not very instructive, but it should tell you where to place some buy orders if current resistance fails...whereby fails = price closes below noted support

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"historic resistance/support" should be by "support 1," not resistance 1. sorry about that.

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>watching DonAlt.
doing that right now, he said being in alts right now is a bad idea
yet we both are making it with every next day thanks to parsiq

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answer my post

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I don't see a question

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your guy from who you learn to trade is saying something that's wrong
what now, do you think he's actually right and that were about to get assraped or do you think he's wrong
see >>25336562

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I'm not a blind devotee. I like the his charting methods, but i can disagree. he got the btc bull run wrong for example. he was bearish around 11k.

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Yo this is fud, what the fuck. You guys are seething losers who sold and got rekt this morning, or swing trading

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Op is a total faggot

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