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Tfw I only have 44 ltc

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Didn’t the leav dev chink admit they couldn’t get anyone to work on this shitcoin anymore like 2 years ago.

I love crypto

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that didn't happen, you're retarded

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100 LTC here let's goooooo

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It's okay just remember when someone tells you that your favorite TOKEN NOT NEEDED will never pump for rational reasons, just remember people are retarded and billions of shitcoins constantly pump for little reason at all.

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Bitch I got 9 and I'm finna make it

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1 LTC will be enough to make it if you wait long enough

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Doesn't need anyone to work on it, it's already perfect.

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It's literally dumping

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Why does volume matter if price isn't pumping?

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The volume is literally unchanged over the past day, OP is just a retard.


Shut the fuck up, zoomer. It was like 80 bucks two weeks ago, being up 75% in 2 weeks is fucking enormous. It means this shit'll easily double by next week and then double again to 320 by the end of january/early feb.

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based. /biz/ is full off moonboys.

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Im all in alts that are taking forever to go up and have whale manipulation and I just did some math on LTC. If i buy now and it pumps to 300$ i'd have made more from ltc than holding alts. Should I take the ltc pill ....

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But then again, id need ltc to reach 500$ so maybe i should stick to my alts