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Once bitcoin hits 30k i am out. Will be buying a house, starting a business and investing into traditional assets with the majority of my money. I will only keep 1 bitcoin for sentimental value and will also be buying 100 eth and 20,000 link.

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good job. where will you buy? you dont believe we will reach 100k within 2021 or 2022?

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I would recommend buying a franchise like McDonalds

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>buying a house
he fell fot the home ownership meme

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Weak fud you post this every day

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>starting a business

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Lol are you me????
Cashed out allready 5 days ago I have letf 1 btc 64 eth and 10k link for memes
Cahsed out 2.6 mil btw, pure religious belief made me hold for 5.5 fucking years, I dont have it anymore...
At this point i find eth more intresting and exciting (spent exacly 5 years shitting on it lol)
Also I as "done whit chan"..took me less than a week to open it again and first shit i see is this thread

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How you feeling about CGT?
Good job tho

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What do you know about DuckDAO?

Found Medium article about their Crypto Incubator, seems open, share your opinion about it.