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>tfw jerking off is more exciting than sex with the wife

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Try anal

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can relate. watching to many clips of guys licking buttholes, fisting vaginas and other weird shenanigans does that to you

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You see your wife every single day, it's normal that you become sexually numb towards her. Watching porn or jerking off to your crush at work is normal and should be accepted.

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Try anal
sort of
i think a lot of guys tend to be one sided when it comes to this shit
>hey wife, let me fuck your ass
or, you could have her fuck your ass then it's not so one sided
>well, i did it to him, so, maybe its not so bad?

t. sexually adventurous relationship with wife and the only way to get there is by awakening the freak within her as well
this thread is about ETH in case any jannies EVNE THINK ABOUT CLEANING THIS UP

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Buy some cheap fishnet body stockings for her
Eat her ass (after shower)
Fuck her while she is on the phone with her mom/dad/siblings

Some of the things I’ve done to spice things up

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CLF cured my erectile dysfunction

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you have to watch more porn itll help

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put a sharpie up her ass

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You can try these for a while, but nothing compares to a new fresh pussy.

Also monogamy is so OUTDATED, eventho it's considered normal because how the society formed. Today, you should only marry a women if you are family-centered and really experienced all kind of things

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i have the same prob. I have to think about porn when having sex or I can't cum. real sex just isn't as arousing as porn sex.

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this guy gets it
something about fishnets turns women into whores and peepees really hard

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That's why God created extramarital affairs. You should give it a try if you're clever and emotionally strong enough.

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Naw, women get lazy.

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>Eat her ass (after shower)
>(after shower)
Why even bother if you don't like the taste of ass anon

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That is because when you're jerking off, there is a gap between what you want and what you have.
However when you're having sex you are having what you want, which is an unfulfilling experience. Wanting something is generally better than having it.

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who the fuck likes to taste n eat shit

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No I think it’s addiction and dopamine receptors. Unless OP is a fag who likes pegging, then he’s just a fag

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Am actually the opposite
it's kind of a kink knowing someone is stuck with you for life as like your 4ever sex buddy
I'm not too hard to please and the bobs and vagene are pretty great not gonna lie.
She's a fucking dork anyhow. A hot dork with glasses.
Brb gonna go plow right quick.

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or he has an ugly wife

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Eat shit
Apparently this guy >>25316274

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congrats, you're in hell. this is why you don't jerk off retard.

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yewww i get that feeling sometimes and my wife is a freak. lets me do anything to her and is pretty submissive. fuck her in the ass mostly these days. Still it gets boring after awhile. what you really need is a nofap type reset. she needs to go away for awhile or you need to go sometime without sex or porn. reset your serotonin levels a bit.

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Try 2d VR porn "games"

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The UI is so bad though, they need to make it single-hand operable.

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Well, say thx to your downregulated dopamin receptors caused by highspeed internet and porn.

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have sex incel

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This is it unfortunately. Just fuck whores every now and again and its all good.

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I'm considering willing myself into NoPorn the next time I'm in a relationship. It really does make the physical sex lesser once you get bored of it.

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Put her in a full nelson or choke her, that always helps

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>tfw married for 3 years, happy sex life both 26
>tfw quarantine has caused me to stop my life for the first time, finally have time to think
>contemplate why it is that my older twin sisters hate me so much (they’re 28)
>mention it to waifu she says she thinks they’re jealous of her, admits she feels insecure around them because they’re really hot
>I’m like jealous? My sisters have always hated me, ever since I was 8 or 9
>what happened then anon?
>legit can’t remember

Fast forward about a month

>high as fuck, twisted on pot and booze and suddenly start vividly remembering doing all sorts of sexual shit with my sisters when I was 8.
>mfw when we used to play “final fantasy” and the two of them would pretend to be tifa and aerith and grind on me
>mfw they and their friends would make me play wedding in their room and take turns being the bride
>mfw I thought I was always a degenerate and responsible for my terrible relationship with my sisters, but in reality they were abusing me and when my parents found out and punished them they broke off our relationship completely like we were dating
This shits too fucked for me bro’s my wife knows I’m depressed as fuck I can’t even get hard, but how can I tell her that I’m a degenerate sis fucker when she hates my sisters and feels super insecure around them?

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develop a furry fetish

fuck her in an animal outfit

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>monogamy is so OUTDATED
Fucking degenerates kys

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was into Honey Select for a while. Half the fun was designing my ideal woman in the character creator and then fucking her. It gets a little old after a while since you're limited by the positions and such available in the game. But the future of VR porn is going to be a amazing

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buy link

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anon why not just picture your sisters while fucking your wife ?

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Have her start doing kegels and practice her flexibility

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low T

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my point is its now more erotic for me to fantasize about my own sisters than it is for me to fuck my wife.

This is difficult for me to adjust, especially around the holidays.
I have 5k link, accumulated at .49 cents mostly.
Sometimes in my most depraved moments I fantasize about having my sisters entirely dependent on me once I've made it, but in reality I think I'll have to hire escorts who look like them and pay them to roleplay. The whole thing just makes me feel depressed, I never asked for this.

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Why should women bother getting married then?
If a woman knew the guy she was serious about growing old with/marrying and/or having a family with was just going to cheat on her in the end, she most probably wouldn't want to bother with that man to begin with. It's shitty, if you to sleep around fine, just don't in a relationship first. Cheating is fucking awful and says a lot about your moral character

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Yet nobody sees the harm in porn. Wild. Just try having self control. It's probably the shittiest addiction because it's easy to hide unlike being a junkie and you can still function in society. However, love life/sexual encounters are dumbed to hell.

Just try to stop watching porn. It gets better.

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Sounds like a false memory

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If you let your wife fuck your ass, she will no longer respect you.

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women cheat more than men

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Flirt with other women. I didn't get back into fucking my fiance til her much hotter sister moved in. I stopped masturbating because there's no privacy so I get horny all the time and will just push into the bedroom and do whatever I want which not at all how it used to be. Turns out female partners will pretty much just submit to whatever you want.

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What basketball team is this

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Just pretend you guys are related.

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>monogamy is so OUTDATED
but polygamy was the status quo before monogamy

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>tfw pathetic cooms and still a virgin
Two months I coomed like a fountain and dreamed of covering a cute girl face with it but now I've capitulated

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Come at it from the trauma angle, that's your "in".
Then you slowly work your way up to her letting you therapeutically imagine your sisters during. After that you aim for roleplay.

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Assuming this isn't a larp, don't trust "memories" that suddenly emerge in times of distress. You're doing the equivalent of a thot that suddenly "remembers" she's been raped, except society isn't going to suspend disbelief in your favour and start witch hunts to preserve your purity.

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Well according to the US institute for family studies, the UK National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles (Natsal) and others have found that men still cheat more and have done so historically.

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The trick is to not let her know. And studies have that men can love their wives or gf despite cheating occasionally. Get the fuck out of here, soiboi

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Trust me anon it isn’t a false a memory, in hindsight this even has characterized my entire relationship with them,
>me at 8
>poor family
>dad travels for work, gone 6 days of weeks
>mom is pregnant with imouto
>no sex ed because religious and very conservative
>homeschooled so sisters and I spend literally all our time together
>sisters meet girl at church whose dad is sexually abusive (found this out much later)
>queue sexual awakening with only boy in their lives who happens to be almost the same age, this is the friend who taught them how to play wedding
We used to bath together and everything, I remember being in the bath with them once and my sister telling me to press me dick between her thighs, couldn’t have been older than 9, may have been my first but. Don’t think it ever crossed my moms mind that something sexual would happen, we all shared a room though and would even sleep in the same bed a lot.
Childhood friend ended up getting teen pregnant, then got super wasted at my wedding and tried to fuck my best friend, throughly embarrassing.

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lol, noporn is natural when in a relationship. well, at least for me.

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You would do that to someone you're meant to love? If your woman fucked some other guy, but you didn't find out about it does that make it okay? If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Think about who you are. Cheating will change you as a person.

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Did you ever put it inside completely anon?

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because cooming rewires your neural pathways.

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No I don’t think so we definitely did oral play though. I didn’t even know what sex was, or that putting it in was the objective.

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Fellow molested anon here,

You may want to deep-dive in your own sexuality. It'll be hard while your with your wife in the picture but you need to defrag that shit and find out how it's triggering you.

I believe that my trauma caused me to develop a hyper-sexuality disorder. I can have totally fulfilling sex then still feel the urge to beat off (porn not needed). It's pretty common in abuse cases. I took about a month where I really tried to slow down how much I jerk it or fuck a random. It was hard, so hard that it made me realize I might have a real issue that goes beyond being a degen

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I love my current girlfriend, I am in my 20s and she her late 40's. However, I occasionally will let whatever happens with other women as long as it is a secret.

Awful maybe, but it is women who find the perfect partner. If you as a man attach yourself to a single female, they will eventually tire of you.

Too easy soi boy.

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Toasty roastie

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Fuck I'm jealous, all I got was pressured into gay shit by my childhood friend.

This hits close to home

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I have one of these where I think I fucked my cousin as a kid. I can't really remember it, but the first time I had sex I remember thinking it was so familiar then I thought back and realized what it was from. I'm not really sure it ever happened, but its possible it did.

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You don't love her if you're cheating. Break up with her, free her - you are making her live a lie. That is evil. if you want to sleep around then just be single, it's not hard or get into an open relationship, don't fuck the other person over behind their back. Btw If I'm a soi boy then you're a nigger, muh dick is what rules you. Your hedonism will poison you eventually.

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Good lord

Hi, same here except I, somehow, erased all memory from being molested (wan't by Daddy), was pontucal event in my early years.

Was confused for decades because nothing seemed to have happened to me early

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You need childhood trauma for that.

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Holy shit are you me?
Even before i recovered my memories I would sometimes beat off 4 or 5 times a day on top of fucking my wife. I’m the first guy she’s lived with so she always assumed it was normal for a guy to be that horned up, but yeah I ejaculate probably 5-8 times a day on average.
I’m pretty sure I was abused by an older girl again when I was like 9, she was 14, not related to me though lol. I know this probably sounds like a dream come true to some anons but the reality is that I disassociated hard core while we were fucking, I probably didn’t even nut but she was adopted and her biological parents were sexually abusive so you know how it goes. I remember her brother and I had stolen a Victoria’s Secret magazine that had come in the mail for her and she kept bringing up how perverted and gross I was while trying to rub my junk or give me boners. I would sleep over at his house and she would sneak in the room with me. Because I didn’t know what sex was until after I buried all this stuff in my psyche I legit thought of myself as a virgin until I met my waifu, she says I’m incredible in bed though so she never believed I was.

I didn’t nut until like the 4th time we fucked which was probably a red flag for her.

Fuck life, I only post this here because I can never speak of it without anonymity, too fucking bizarre.

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Stop fixating on sex you fucking loser.

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Post sisters

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>Also monogamy is so OUTDATED

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same have you tried virt a mate too? can't wait when haptic feedback and picture perfect 3d models of celebrities is a thing

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>Also monogamy is so OUTDATED
You really should be informed of just how weak the actual academic anthropological support of this canard is. Sex At Dawn's a cuddly read, but look up the difference between media and academic review of it.

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best source material for sex techniques, including BDSM?

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>tfw neither are as exciting as making money

It's a fucking high that I can't get enough of. Women were a mistake. They just drain cash and give okay orgasms

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you should try impregnating her. really spiced things up for us. also there is something extremely hot about using your wife over and over in the few days a month she is ovulating.
I remember one time, it was like the eighth time I had fucked her in about three days. And I was pounding her so hard trying to nut again and she kept encouraging me to cum inside her. Jesus I'm getting hard just thinking about it.
and often I'd just walk into a room and she'd pull down her pants real quick and I'd just slip right in and fuck her against the kitchen counter or something.

I need to make more babies.

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This. I'm a greedy fuckin bastard.

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What game is this from?

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Polygyny (relationships with one male and multiple females) is the most natural and as well as longlasting form of relationship, it is the one thing the muslims got right. The west in unfortunately cucked by christguilt, which is why most marriages end in divorce if the husband doesn't fuck whores or have side gigs

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Try rep

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I've been on this site for 14 years, not gonna let you bastards dox my sisters. I will give you this heavily cropped thumb nail though, a few years out of date.

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and how much money are you losing spending it on those kids?

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There's Mercury in CFLs don't put your penis in them

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can vouch for this, we trying we'd have sex in the morning and at night like normal, but it was all the extra sex during the day that was fun. We had a rule where when she was ovulating she wasn't allowed to refuse me and I wasn't allowed to cum anywhere except inside her. I would force it in her dry sometimes and just pump her for like 60 seconds and cum, she'd be wet already by the time I finished. We'd fuck everywhere, at the beach, in her parent's house, pull over during traffic and fuck in the car and she mutter dirty talk the whole time about using her fuck hole and cumming right up against her cervix, hot as fuck.

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I'll take the one on the left

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Can emotional abuse cause this? I don't understand what is wrong with me. I have sex addiction, borderline personality disorder, and avoidant disorder. I grew up in the most banal upper middle class white house ever, and all of my younger siblings are perfectly healthy. My mom is a narcissist though and has always been extremely judgmental. My dad is as plain as they come. I don't know how I can be this fucked up.

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Lol doubt you’d be able to tell them apart in person but that one is the nicer one so good choice

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what else am I supposed to do with it.

yep, I think what makes it so hot is using someone you love as a fuck hole. You are both very aware of the mechanical nature of what is happening - you simply are going to fuck her hole until you cum inside, and her pleasure is basically irrelevant. But that just turns her on even more. Women love getting bred, especially if you're forceful about it.

Please op, breed your wife. Do it for /biz/

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You need to start viewing your wife an onahole. Your property to defile as you will. It will make the sex a lot better.

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>what else am I supposed to do with it.

Literally anything else. Kids are a money pit. I hope for your sake whatever love you have for them outweighs the lost income potential. It wouldn't for me, but maybe for you

>> No.25320621

>It wouldn't for me, but maybe for you

jesus christ that's sad. you realize there is more to life than money right? We own our house, and have several hundred k in investments. The roughly 5-10k a year I spend on my kid is completely irrelevant and they're pretty much the only thing that actually matter to me.

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>on nofap day 60
>had 3 sex encounters in this time period
>only first time fuck is interesting
>still think jerking off is more interesting

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When did you have your sexual awakening anon? Did you find porn too early? Sometimes I wonder if I would have turned out so fucked if I’d only been abused and not had access to the pornography, but who can say? Maybe you just don’t remember yet. Some people are just screwed by genetics or environmental factors. After my abuse I ended up in a catholic private school, being poorer than my classmates made the fact that I was hyper sexual almost impossible to act on, didn’t help that my social skills were garbage from the home schooling. My family has good genes so I literally had girls constantly paying attention with me and flirting with me (learned this from wife later) I was just so disassociated and my views on sex were so fucked that I would self sabotage incessantly. I remember one time in 10th grade my sisters friend came into my room drunk at around midnight and started getting undressed and I literally left the room and slept on the couch. She was really hot too and I was desperate to lose my virginity I just freaked the fuck out, probably was having a panic attack. My whole life pre marriage is like this, sometimes even more egregious. Odd how some bullshit that happens as a kid can have an outsized effect on you, it can be sexual or physical or even emotional, and you might not even remember it.

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>94 replies

>> No.25320895

i was fucking some girl last year who wanted sex every night and it was exhausting. I honestly just prefer to jerk off now as well. It's cheaper and faster.

>> No.25320915

>tfw a hobby is more fun than a job
it's called complacency and it invades every facet of your life as you get older. learn to be spontaneous in your relationship and it gets better.

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I'd fuck your sisters
Maybe you should try it? Have a nice, real fuck with your sisters to get it out of your system

>> No.25321482

this might be the best thing for all involved. make sure your wife is in the foursome as well. just give them all a good dickin and explain that you can all be friends and to stop this nonsense.

>> No.25321612

>It's cheaper and faster.
not if you have PE

>> No.25321641

I'm not gay though

>> No.25322047

I'll give you one more greentext because I need to vent this shit.
>Just graduated college, had saved a lot of money from working part time to take then GF to Italy, she's an art major and I'm big on history so it was a win-win.
>One sister is in Europe, studying in Barcelona on scholarship.
>we agree to meet in a coastal town in Liguria, super picturesque, staying in a coastal villa I found on AirBNB that I found cheap, but the three of us have to share room.
>whole time leading up to it im anxious because, even though i dont remember the shit we did as kids, our relationship has never been good and I'm dreading sharing a room with her because I'm worried she'll have a meltdown in front of GF.
>GF insists though, wants to get closer with my family.
>Pick up sister from train station and she's immediately acting different, being really nice to me grabbing my arm and stuff just remember it catching me completely off guard.
>spend the whole time with her and gf getting delicious food getting progressively more and more drunk on wine.
>romantic setting has me wanting to fugg wont lie, wish my sister wasnt there so my gf and I could go back to the hostel and fuck.
>finally starting to get late
>go to get keys for hostel, have two beautiful girls one on each arm - blonde and blue eyed sister and black haired dark eyed gf, owner of hostel meets us and immediately thinks im trying to have a threesome keeps winking at me telling me how lucky i am to stay with such beautiful women.
>All in front of my sister too, awkward as fuck.
to make the story shorter I ended up fucking my gf while my sister was probably awake in the same room like 10 feet away.

>> No.25322170

Your penis is probably too small so her vag doesn’t tightly fit around you as much as your hand can

It’s not that big of a deal just beat off

>> No.25322200

Also more profitable.

>> No.25322221

105 replies and it’s not even /biz/ related. this board has the biggest faggots.

>> No.25322227

nope, she even only fits one finger. she is super tight even after one kid. and my dick isnt small either

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>tfw on Lexapro
>cannot coom unless I beat the living fuck out of my dick
>cannot orgasm from regular sex anymore
Haha but at least I don’t completely fear social interaction or want to kill myself.

>> No.25322294

>next day, sister and gf and I are going by train to venice
>first half of trip is good, arrive in venice and immediately start sight seeing doing all sorts of cool shit
>plan is we'll spend first half of day sight seeing, second half gf and I are gonna go to the Bienalle art show, one of her dreams.
>all goes great until i separate from sister
>she wants to go do her own sight-seeing, used to being in europe by herself so i assume its all good and she probably wants to meet guys without her brother around
>go to bienalle and have great time
>leave about 4 hours later as planned
>check phone no reception
>cant find sister
>decide to get dinner have a few drinks
>while eating text sister that we're on our way back to hostel and to meet us there
>she confirms
>put away phone get drunk
>get lost
>arrive back at hostel drunk around 11
>check phone
>fuck 10 missed calls from sister
>she's in the room sobbing
>pissed that we were out so late without her
>we fight she yells at me storms out ends up getting different room
>next day
>all good will eradicated
>sister and gf are staring daggers at each other all day
That was probably the last long term interaction I've had with either of them.

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based and asserted dominance pilled

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i think your sister is sad that you dont love like she loves you and that she is jealous of your girlfriend because you love her way more than your sister (probably)
maybe you should just talk with your sister

>> No.25322457

That's why women hate porn so much. Just imagine when the sexbots flood the market.

>> No.25322462

ok boomer

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>> No.25322491

Yeah I mean I guess but she probably cums hard just thinking of having a man who will love her and want to impregnate her, which is now one of the biggest deals in the world. A lot of women beg and cry for kids but nobody will ever give them one and they need a robot to do the job, how soulless is that?

When you just grab her with no delay and fuck her raw and rippin her panties off like you're fucking Rust from True Detective, that's gotta be some of the hottest sex ever for a girl.

>> No.25322612

you were in the wrong twice here my man. classless to fuck your gf in front of your sister and also classless to tell her you were going to hang out and then get wasted and lost instead.

sounds like you're kind of a dick. you should apologize and say you'd like to start fresh if you actually want to have a relationship with them

>> No.25322693

stop watching porn bro and you'll be cooming buckets to your wife in a matter of weeks

t addict who stopped watching cold turkey (coomed twice a day) can't go 2-3 days without needing to coom
makes her feel special too used to wonder if i wasn't attracted to her or something before (was just addict)

>> No.25322789

i'll have sex with her, what's your address

>> No.25322839

youre equivocating men and women. the guy's post implied that men are able to love a woman even after having cheated on her

>> No.25322848

stop cooming to porn
porn isnt real and will destroy your life trying to emulate it

>> No.25323026

on the one hand fair to say its classless because it definitely was, on the other being around my sister and having her interacting with me like that in such a beautiful place was fucking with my head.

Call me disgusting but I was feeling a lot of sexual desire for her and for my gf. I wasnt thinking straight, still I'm ashamed of it and its just another fucked up experience between us, since im sure she told the other sister about it.

I dont want to be close with my sisters because it makes me feel like I'm disgusting for wanting them, at the same time i wonder how much they remember from our childhood but its not something you can just bring up in conversation.

>> No.25323313

going to take a big fat line of coke and masturbate 4 hours straight


>> No.25323354

Alright I have one for you guys talking about sexual experience as a kid.
>Playing with neighbors
>Always found neighbor's sister hot, she was 15, a little emo, very nice exotic face even though she was white, developed a fair bit
>Neighbor takes me to his room
>"Anon come to my room we're going to play house"
>Neighbor is slightly sus, but retarded
>He's the kid since he was a little younger, we're the mom and dad
>He gets sent to "school" his room
>She takes me to her closet
>She starts kissing me after a little while
>"Have you ever done something like this anon? I thought we could try together.."
>We keep kissing intermittently and she starts getting friskier, touching my pants
>"Have you felt that, I heard you get hard, it feels nice.."
>Guides me to touch her tits and lick her nipples
>She takes my dick out and plays with it while we kiss more
>Never experienced this before so I'm in heaven not knowing there's anything wrong here
>She's guiding me more until neighbor comes in
>Yells at him to go back to school
>I'm touching her pussy and we're fucking soon after
>Soon stop, feeling really good though, I guess I couldn't cum yet or whatever
>She's really happy, wants to do it again
>We do
>I think she gave me the fetish I have for mom/sis porn and edging

Datamine that feds.

>> No.25323401
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The only hope is to get yrself two black bulls for her and you get to watch

>> No.25323425

You could consider therapy to get over feeling disgusting about it. I don't know man, it would be a shame to never have a good normal relationship with your sisters just because they're hot. A lot of people have attractive siblings. And you'd be surprised how many kids do fucked up things like what you described with your sisters. Probably the majority.

>> No.25323810

You need to get drunk alone with your sister so she'll initiate
And by that I mean, let her get drunk while you pretend to get drunk so you don't do anything too retarded

>> No.25323844
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>tfw jerking off is more exciting than sex

>> No.25323968



>> No.25323984

Man where are the fucking jannies. Get this shit off the board.

>> No.25323989

>how much they remember from our childhood but its not something you can just bring up in conversation.
yes, yes you can. they are your family. if not with them then with who?some stranger in an office that you pay $100's/hr ?

>> No.25324066

Thank God for asian massage parlors

>> No.25324141


I only have sex in order to jack off later and think about it.

I used to fuck tinder whores and then jackoff into their underwear drawers the next morning when they went to go shower.

>> No.25324155

>have her fuck your ass
this is peak homo
you could literally fuck a guy in the ass and it still wouldn't be as gay as this

>> No.25324247

At least they were chicks. I got fucked with by a cousine then explored later on with other guys. Not gay but I get really hard looking at other nice ducks fucking and sucking. I’m pretty sure I’m bi

>> No.25324266
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>this entire thread
I came on here to get rich not get a chub

>> No.25324270

that's what happens if you don't marry the right woman, anon. i will rather never have a family, despite so badly wanting a daughter, than settle with a roastie i don't 100% feel like is worthy of being her mother.

>> No.25324417


>> No.25324490

What's your issue man?
Sympathizing with OP, I'm a hypersexual degen now. At least I'm not gay, happy about that.

>> No.25324521

Stupid idea. I tried that with my GF and now she wants anal all the time while I'm not enjoying it, since I'm not a faggot.

>> No.25324675

Memories work in strange ways. When i was around 10, my childhood neighbour friend and his entire family was killed by his stepfather. I legit just forgot about it until i was like 25 and suddenly remembered out of nowhere. Had trouble sleeping for days. When i asked my parents about it they said that i wasn't even sad about it when they told me back then, i basically just behaved like it never happened, as if i didn't accept it was real or i simply didn't understand the concept of death and murder.

>> No.25325045

Have you tried having your wife cosplay as final fantasy character?

>> No.25325097

Hate to say it anon but as someone who was in a similar camp with his cousin (she would drag me into her room and make me open my mouth put her tong in and stroke my 7 year old peepee) I experience none of your fucked shit. She and I have a colder relationship because of it but I don’t really think I’d consider it Rape or abuse it was just me as a kid allowing for dumb shit that she wanted. What is more likely is your brain is playing a trick on you. Its trying to explain why your fapping a lot on an environmental thing when in reality that type of behavior is more likely caused by genetics/diet. Its classic high test shit. If your getting a hardon because now that your thinking about it (fapping + sister) is causing your brain to assosiate them with pleasure which in turn is making you more into a degenerate. Its the same reason a lot more dudes are coming out as bi/gay with porn being more available (seeing dick + pleasure). You can unfuck your brain if you trick your brain. Make thinking of sister + pain or wife + pleasure and you’ll probably fix your head.

>> No.25325144

what's with all the ass eating lately? has the world gone mad?

>> No.25325172


try a hooker

>> No.25325291
File: 47 KB, 933x707, 1_w4DxUy0PMoqeq25UXfyL0g@2x.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

okay boomer

>> No.25325306

you know, perhaps bizness men such as ourselves should meet up a few times a year and swap wives. seems like an elegant solution, no?

>> No.25325421

Jesus Christ, are you buying PRQ or not

>> No.25325437

this, post sisters, think of sisters

>> No.25325445

Sex at dawn might be largely bs but even then the norm is serial monogamy, not lifetime monogamy i.e. marriage.

>> No.25325481

bro no wonder u think about them btw i am now jerking it

>> No.25325489

Also if you wanna fix a relationship just talk to each of them one on one about all the fucked up shit in life. Including the sex stuff. It may be award but if you wanna feel better about it talking and mutual understanding is the way to go. I had a cold relationship with my older sister (who basically cut me out of her life from me being 8 all the way up till I was 15 which made my abandoment issues go to full paranoia) and I talked to her (she is now in her late 20s as well) about it and now I’m finally able to talk to her again which is great. It’ll be more award with you because of shit like your childhood or this crap but chances are you are all thinking about it, and so getting some talk about it and apologizing on your front (and them on theirs) will fix this crap and let it be water under the bridge.

>> No.25325556

is there anything else you younguns do that i should try?

>> No.25325568

Nice Business & Finance thread we have here guys.

>> No.25325598
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A man of culture, I see.

>> No.25325640
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i feel that