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PRQ is a superior blockchain indexer. It's literally the Google of Blockchain.

>B-but Uniswap uses GRT

GRT can only index ERC-20 tokens, it's completely dependant on ETH. PRQ can index BTC, DASH, and ETH (basically the same thing as GRT). It's basically blockchain-neutral making it 50x more usable than GRT. PRQ will be used by hundreds of apps in 2021.

I called this 2 weeks ago when PRQ was at 20 cents and GRT was hitting 70. Now the slow but steady gainer PRQ leads the race.

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There's over 10 parsiq threads up right now, fuck off shill

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7 of them are anti-shill threads started by some priced out autist.

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announcement coming in 3 hours, brace up

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wtf kind of argument is this
grt is literally the google of blockchain while prq is the bing
are you really saying bing is unironically superior to google?
if this unknown coin is so good then why isn't in on binance and coinbase you fucking retard
literally only on biz and discord and tg while grt is used by the big groups in crypto

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Parsiq is literally centralized (Not future prospect in this space) and nobody use it for a reason. Not only that but Parsiq is limited in the amount and type of data available, Graph has no such limitation.

It's the usual PnD shitcoin and anyone who's been here for more than 6 months can see through it.

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both pump and dump shitcoins of the same tranny discord
discord.gg slash 5Tq7qxkkRv

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Prq holder here.
Stop posting too many threads.

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Stop shilling your invite link nigger, we're not joining.

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wow you're literally on every single exchange and you're still only half the price. LOL it's a uniswap shitcoin bing and you can't even do half of it with your prestigious mass adopted google? Pathetic. Please kill yourself Reddit midwit, otherwise you're gonna seethe when get hits 30ยข while PRQ hits $1.40

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PRQ $1.5 eod

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not nearly enough

unironically fell for the google of blockchain meme
grt was overvalued at 70 cents with 7 billion marketcap, let it go buddy

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>I called this 2 weeks ago
i called it 4 months ago, ama

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>GRT can only index ERC-20 tokens, it's completely dependant on ETH. PRQ can index BTC, DASH, and ETH
kek, not only is this wrong, in fact it's the complete opposite

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PRQ doesn't solve the same problem that GRT does. My sides this board is full of retards

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Ignore that FUD. Obvious FUD.

The Graph is brilliant and it's so obvious, everyone is fudding to accumulate lower

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