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Who's prepped for reaching mars in Q1 2020

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Give up on BAT, man.

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Holding bags aplenty


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Why my boy? Working on my XRP and BAT holdings all day

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What other usecase does bat even have other than being used to dump it once you get paid through brave?

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I am fully resigned to the fact that even if Brave were to take over the world, destroy both Google and Facebook, and Brendan were to become the supreme, benelovent God Emperor of Earth and all its outer space colonies, BAT would still be crabbing sideways at $0.2.

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U R a little bit outdated, didnt happen sry.

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na thats an easy pump to $1

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Probably because they dont five a fuck about it....

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I'm really wondering if I should cash out and take my losses on this. It's two years now that I bought this shitcoin and I can't see any real progress on the horizon for the main features. The ads have been added to Brave for over a year now and I haven't seen any progress whatsoever on the quality. I get the same total shit crypto ads all the time. The rewards claiming is still buggy as hell. I also follow Brendan on Twitter and he barely talks about progress on Brave anymore, he's totally obsessed with Covid-19 bullshit all the time. What is the team even doing?

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Tweet this and tag them

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We STILL don't talk about BAT.

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2021 has a lot coming. If 2021 fails I will sell then.

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>he doesnt know

go ahead and sell your BAT's to me cheap. Once you find out you and everyone else can pay a premium.

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checked but not based.

BAT themis incoming.

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I've even read this themis paper. It's interesting, but they're talking about an academic prototype. I'm not expecting a real world implementation of this anytime soon. But yeah, it's probably the next bit of hopium that'll keep me attached to this coin for the next two years. And if it ever arrives, BAT will probably still be crabbing sideways at $0.2.

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read this

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why cant we talk about BAT?

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The time will come. You will know. Leave it be now.

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But I want to talk about potential future price rise reasons now. Drop me a red pill and I will leave this thread

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I don't have the basic attention needed for BAT.

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This shitcoin kek, nothing but painful 3 years. Years wasted on hopium and reflecting on the fact that you did not buy LINK.

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what a shitty roadmap. A bunch of side projects that nobody cares about. But enough to keep normies deluded while BAT team continues to sell their bags.

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>Q1 2020

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"news in the new year" doesn't sound super exciting to me. A stable, battle-tested, ready-for-milliions-of-users-on-all-platforms implementation of what they're describing in that reddit post ("We're currently redesigning some of THEMIS components to replace the side-chain with zkSNARKs and L2 mechanisms") sounds like a lot of hard engineering work. I doubt that will land in 2021.

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To buy memes


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Why cant you just steal them?

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