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Why are all alts going up except for Link ?

It should be at least at $15 but no, this shit just keeps dumping and dumping.

Was it all a scam?

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after xrp, if you're still holding LINK, you get what you fucking deserve

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>He still holds C*ainlink
oh no no no no no no....

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ETH and any erc20 included

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Oh no no no whats happening frens

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Whales are capitulating.

Its over.
Linkies will start asking what went wrong and slowly forget this coin ever existed.

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maybe we were the niggers that tongued sergeys anus all along

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karma for psychotic fud against xrp
some of you faggots are diseased on the inside

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hmm, could it be that the developers have been dumping 100s of millions of dollars worth of coins on the market keeping the price suppressed? Could it be that investors see this happening and choose to purchase other coins instead?

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>>"And why this is a good thing"

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