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How did Tiktok rise to the top of social media? How come Facebook, Twitter (vine), Google, Snapchat allowed that to happen?

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chinks and hundreds of thousands of chink shills plasterign their dog shit all over the internet

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>How did Tiktok rise to the top of social media?

by offering instant gratification that only lasts 10 seconds, then you click one button and move on to the next funny video that gives u dopamine.

if u want to make a popular social media service, just ask yourself "how can i ruin society and people's lives even more?"

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More importantly, how can I profit from this?
Without being a female or tranny of course.

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How did men get to this state?

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fuck you i watched the whole clip and and saw zero dick

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Dude looks like Eva Elfie

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If you can make a more aggressive dopamine loop then you win

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>by offering instant gratification that only lasts 10 seconds, then you click one button and move on to the next funny video that gives u dopamine.


Tiktok gamed human psychology. It fused Vine and Dubsmash. Pretty genius.

(Note: I don't use Tiktok.)

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This man is confusing my pepe

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1. trannies are just narcissist, cross-dressing men
2. you will never be a real woman

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That's an autistic guy.

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i would love to kill this massive faggot
the cringe from his expressions makes a deep primordial rage brew inside me. i must destroy this faggot non sexually

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and trannies kill their wiener by HRT

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That's called repressing your sexual urges, friend.
You might be a little gay.
Since I'm straight, I just want to put my dick in his mouth and fuck his throat while I look into his eyes from above.

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Based. If you don't want to throatfuck him/her after you saw that webm and destroy his/her whole effort into looking decently for the cock he/she craves, you're 100% repressed gay.

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so you're into drag queens, that makes you a massive homo

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gays actually don't exist, homosexuality is most often a fetish induced by early habit and mental links. but if you're into men or cross-dressed men, you're still a faggot, which you are.

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massive faggot.
i will crush your skull

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Holy shit that sounds retarded, whats point of those short videos even, all the time somebody shares video from tiktok it has some retard music. Its like retarded zoomer version of internet.

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Sexually dominating another man is the absolute apex of heterosexual masculinity fren.

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it's really not that much different than 4chan's dopamine loop

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that must be why homos are no different from feminists, because they're "masculine", right

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Does china tiktok care about copyright? Not autoflagging and muting music would be a big plus

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What made it different from vine? I'm a 30 y.o boomer so never used either.

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...in minecraft, right?

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Vine was too early. Was competing with Instagram and Snapchat when they were still fresh and exciting.
Tiktok came at the perfect time when people were getting bored with previous platforms and wanted something new.
It feels like there should be a better answer, I know.

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That's a man

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great observation

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have we worked out the source for this man yet?

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services that are dedicated to one thing tend to do better than generalized services. tiktok captured the short video market. this is not unlike chainlink, which is capturing the decentralized oracle market as we speak.

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doesnt help me, but lel'd

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my guess is vine was before the "VCs throw money until its profitable" paradigm, so twitter just killed it for losing money. so yeah vine was before its time.

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Because of Teens, Tumblr Refugees, the Chinese, and Pedos. Is there anything else that is so diverse?

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Vines were way funnier
I can count the number of amusing tiktoks I've seen on one finger

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How much do i need for a bf like this

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its dumbed down social media. there are infinitely more dumb people than smart out there so its naturally going to have a bigger market.

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I wanna fuck Ella so badly bros, as long as she keeps her dick out of sight. Does that make me gay?

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>that must be why homos
Homos get fucked. Men do the fucking.

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men who fuck men are still homos, that's the way the system works

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what's her name?

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>wanting to put your dick in a man's asshole

Won't look like a girl from that angle either

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My girlfriend works for TikTok, they're quite a good company to work for desu.
She gets a really good salary, lots of freebies and care packages, flexible work hours, free takeaway and so on.
We're both not using the app of course because it's fucking negative IQ tier app

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A co-worker asked me if I use TikTok. I told him no because I think it's bad for your attention span. He realized that I was right and seemed kind of ashamed. I have no room to talk though, 4chan is just as bad.

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So true. Fuck this instead and be a straight man

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Jannies did it. Kids were thrown of all other platforms and kids control what's hip. Effectively jannies are making the world dumber to serve corporate profits.

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They realized people fucking love short endorphin-enducing videos and built a platform specifically for that. The other giants probably couldnt do much if Tik Tok refuses to be bought out. Snapchat, FB and Twitter would have to cannabalize current products to directly compete. Their only real play is to buy the company out to get rid of them, or try to get them legislated out of contention (which almost happened). If they have a better model and refuse to sell out, the other guys just get fucked because people don't have as much brand loyalty as brands think they do

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Also I didn't mention google because they seemingly gave up on social media and are more focused on controlling information in a more broad sense

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But its a biological woman? Are you gay?

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I like cock and still think you're a retard lol

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I have no desire to be within a mile of these disgusting damaged carney freakshows. They should all be tortured in the midst heinous manner imaginable

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>if you don't like a male tranny, you must like a female tranny
you're still a homo

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What if it's a very feminine T-girl and I don't want to fuck, I just want to make out and cuddle?

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your pic says trannies get sick of their own mental illness

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Dude, I think you might be gay bro.

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>I think you might be gay
>How much do i need for a bf like this

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Ah, damn keyboard. B is too close to G

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I don't believe you, satan

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What's the job?

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But I am a straight god fearing man who smashes females of all types even the male fe's

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no sane straight men will waste his time on /biz/ defending trannies, arguing with me and posting tranny torsos, so you must be just a chaser, a tranny fetishist

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Dat fucking 5pm shadow creeping through.

Que no.

I wouldn't give even one BOR to this boipussy.

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Based I tell people I don’t use it for the same reason. Then I go play cod4 for 8 hours kek

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Ella Hollywood

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You retards spend all day talking about manipulated coins by whales and can't even see that the real reason is that Tik Tok's algorythm viralizes your first videos and get tens of thousands of views. It's a chasing the dragon scheme.

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Imagine being straight in the year of our Lord 2020
Unspeakably retarded life choice

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Now thats a wo wo woman

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I believe that Facebook would have paid much more attention to this, trying to kill a competitor at the very beginning)) If it did not consider myself unique and unattainable)) However, the TikTok audience will soon exceed all fake FB ratings. I was interested in Google recently and saw that the request to download videos from TikTok is higher than that of any other social networks - https://tiktokni.com/ I believe this is the best indicator of demand)

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