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pic related is what all private, and seed salers received
what the pic basically means, is that these people got to pick one out of 2 deals
get their tokens in 14 days
let the "team" "manage" the selling for them
the team clearly has no vesting schedule, no terms on the token, basically they started dumping from the second this got listed
only the retards would have picked the 2nd option, but even so expect a dump 14 days from today
other than that, this chart is a manipulated piece of garbage
this "professional market maker" clearly knows how to soft rug, and is basically drawing this coin's chart however he pleases
take the red pill biz, don't buy this shitcoin

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Not buying this garbage. I hope Radix btfo Polkadot

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We all knew this was a pnd, bags a full.

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never buying something i got for free

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chart looks bottomed. Is this a good time to buy?

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Bought 500 reef yesterday for $10USD total. Now balance is showing $10.82USD. I guess I'll set an alarm to sell in 12 days or so, I might make $5

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Thankfully my grt hasn't recovered. If it had, I would've gone all in on this because that was my plan. Crypto really is risky man

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Some shill said they're gonna pump and dump it again even bigger. Last time it crashed very shortly after like .15 so it might get to .20, maybe

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