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Aren't you ashamed of yourself, anon?

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He says while fighting back tears.

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Ripple keks begged for the attention all year. They just didn’t bet on it being this kind of attention

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Shame, shame, shame, shame

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Shame doesn't make money.

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Nah, you didn't see this many people making fun of the countless projects that failed in crypto.
Xrp is special because those that invested on it, genuinely believed xrp a centralized coin would replace all of the other cryptos because it had backing from legacy financial institutions.
Essentially supporting everything crypto was attempting to overthrow.
Is the standard guys.
They got wall street support guys

So desperate to suck banker cock.
Let that be a lesson cucks. No pity.
I have laughed in real life at xrp holder whom I warned, no chill, all xrp holders are literal cucks, you have to be a cuck to invest in it, no man with a normal level of testosterone would be able to hold xrp for long. Not even memeing.

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imagine missing out on defi bullrun. then missing out on bitcoin and after that your coin crashes

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This, literal traitors and I'm glad they're suffering.

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All this after holding 3 years in hopes for this moment, 3 years underwater just for this moment.

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>we weren't warned ahead of time for years that our coin was complete shit

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they would have done the same

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lost 600 in 2018
gained 800 in 2020

i made my peace with RIPple

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What's fucking hilarious is that back in 2017 cripple investors were the ones talking about regulations and how eventually ripple having the backing of banks and wall street would inevitably come on top when the sec and the goverment shutted down eth and bitcoin etc Because they couldn't control it.

They were legit betting on the worst fucking future. Absolute cucks.

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I tried my hardest to join them with a little $800 at .5 I held it for 3 weeks before literally feeling myself turn gayer every day I held it. Sold it at .4 and could not have been happier. I couldn’t agree more with your post. Since then my testicles have returned to a normal size and I’m starting to recover. Xrp schizos are a cult.

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I bought the absolute bottom just for a flip cuz we all know normandos love xrp.

And I couldn't do it, so hard to turn a blind eye to their clearly overhyped partnerships, like whatever it's crypto but this is s 10billion dollar company..
Getting dumped on the regular even near the bottom, they don't give a fuck they dumped their tokens always for the maximum allowed by their own made up rules, Always as soon as allowed dump dump. I felt like a massive cuck I had to sell at a small profit even knowing there was more upside for an easy x2. It's unbearable, pretty sure it gave me ED.

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Why do you know so much about this? Are you writing Cripple's biography?

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Literally everyone here has lost money on this fucking shit coin... hope it fucking dies....

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i help xrp for a week before the airdrop, but it didn't even fucking pump. Shitcoin.

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why are you still suffering OP? just sell, take the loss, learn and move on.

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Yep. It was their hubris that brought this collective roasting upon them.

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No. Fuck the shizo cucks

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i have never even considering buying fucking xrp just like i have never used fucking tether

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