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A phoenix is born from the ASHES you fucking niggers. XRP is burning right now. XRP will moon before february 28th 100% guaranteed based on mellon lore.

Stop fucking panicking and STOCK UP.

I laugh at faggots that sell you fucking retards will feel worse than suicidal.

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How will it moon when normies won't even be able to buy it?

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A phoenix is born from the ASHES you fucking niggers. BCC is burning right now. BCC will moon before february 28th 100% guaranteed based on carlos matos.

Stop fucking panicking and STOCK UP.

I laugh at faggots that sell you fucking retards will feel worse than suicidal.

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you are assuming normies are the ones that will make it moon

watch this: https://twitter.com/digitalassetbuy/status/1343649966850514944

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that's the point, normies won't be able to buy

the switch will be flipped and maxis will weep

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>it is happening 2020
>XRP will moon before february 28th
Did you faggots fail out of grade school?

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A phoenix is born from the ASHES you fucking niggers. XRP is burning right now. XRP will moon before february 28th 100% guaranteed based on carlos matos.

Stop fucking panicking and STOCK UP.

I laugh at faggots that sell you fucking retards will feel worse than suicidal.

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it's still 2020 February 28th in the lunar calendar, nigger.

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>comparing an unregistered illegal and fraudulent security to a bird that doesnt exist
this is your mind on zerp

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watch who laughs last
you had the chance at financial freedom and you took a big dump on it

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if XRP were the standard we would all be financially enslaved dumbass

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not making a single dime of profit for three years has afforded you what financial freedom exactly?

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that's what the goal is

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>mental breakdown : the thread

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If you just accept reality, you will see that your kike coin is being exposed for the scam that it is.

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>in the past this asset hasnt mooned therefore it never will hue

retard logic

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Meant for >>25267200

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im going to ape $4k into XRp after the euros wake up and dump their bags

i dont even care anymore.

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Fuck it's 5 AM and this has been my first crypto investment thankfully I lost only 200€ out of 300€. That's only a week of real work so I don't feel that bad but man am I unlucky. Any ideas where to waste remaining 100€? I'm thinking about waiting for BTC to go a bit lower and then just become a BTC normalfag.

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>(((Albert Kike))) quote
Freemason faggots are actively against the will of God. NGMI eternally.

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u do realize i work in the banking industry? everyone here knows the SEC lawsuit is FUD and is stocking up cuz it's about to blow lmao fucking morons

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both mellon and I are against freemasons nigger.
xrp is a mason coin nontheless. fuck off nigger.

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I sincerely look forward to all of you committing suicide en masse. Fucking retards.

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youre correct that would be retard logic. its not going to moon not because it hasnt mooned yet, but because its dev team is about to be dead broke and the asset will be impossible to purchase.

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xrp will be donated to IMF you fucking retard lmao

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im glad u wont make it anon. truly it warms my heart

forever until you die, u will remember u had the chance and u fucked it

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bounce the dead cat as high as you want faggot. give me a chance to add more to my short. fucking kill yourself you retarded fuck.

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Fucking ayyyy tranny. We have all known this was a scam from day 1. Look at whats locked in escrow, yeah you could play a short term bounce but devs are just gonna CUM more coins out on you like a 3 dollar trap.

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>learns a new term: dead cat bounce
>uses it everywhere
>feels superior

fucking retard

im telling u how to get rich you nigger brain

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Not to mention coinbase is delisting so normies won't be able to buy its just gonna keep dropping

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I've shorted every bounce down from .60 I'm not new to a downtrend.

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phoenix rising from the ashes has been a theme of xrp for years you fucking niggers lmao

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>market cap
>total supply

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another marketcap retard.. fuck sake you people are truly hopeless fucking morons holy shit lmao

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lmao @ your LARP. Probably a 20 year old college dropout.
If you dipshits so genuinely believed crashes were coming then why did you buy the top instead of waiting for discounts during the crash?
>10 posts by this ID

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Just a reminder that OP is a shill probably being paid 2 rupees a month by cripple cronies. Don't believe me? See image attached -->SEC case against cripple

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They expect one of us in the wreckage brother

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three years of ashes and no rising to be seen and now the ashes are about to be flushed down a toilet

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1. mellon is confirmed, he predicted nov 20th pump moron.

2. who the fuck said i bought the top you fucking nigger?

you are literally so fucking low IQ it grosses me the fuck out irl

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You completely dodged the question. Why not wait to buy at the absolute bottom if this was predicted you fuckin inbred?
And why the fuck didn't you sell off before the crash and just buy back in at the bottom? Oh, right, because you XRP schizos are just a bunch of fuckin' retards with no real investing sense (or common sense for that matter).

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when xrp moons in the near future, and you see it at 4 digits, think about me ramming my cock down your throat pls. imagine it hard as fuck, pulasting with blood, down your throat. because ill be imaging on all of you homosexuals.

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lmao good luck there pal

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all i hear is plebs wont be able to hold this. you will be bought out and they switch their verification to be for instituitonal clients.

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Guessing that means .0000 pegged to the USD.

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This is the gayest shit I've ever heard. You schizos have officially lost touch with reality.

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youre imagining your cock in my mouth? are you gay?

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nah i just like to dominate sissy bitches

it makes me so happy you faggots fell for the FUD you have no idea

im making this thread to make it even worse for you later when it moons

that's my only goal here

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But mellon died in 2018

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lurk moar

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what time do the euros wake up in EST?

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>I’m not gay
>but I like fucking men
>also buy XRP please
>oh god please buy my bags

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Imagine being this much a faggot online. Imagine what you are like irl. Christ, you need help.

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Op how sure are you about xrp? Have some money to blow

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XRP should have never went above 10 cents. Certainly not to $3. KEK.

Tomochain solves the XRP problem.

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>wow some guy exaggerated online, he must love to fuck mens mouths irl!
you guys are fucking losers and you will stay that way

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lmao are you mexican? ive noticed that spicks always act really tough and gay online

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im white.
post nose, jew.

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oh the COPE

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unprescented levels of COPE

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I have 32,322 XRP and I'm not selling anything before $2k

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It will be so sweet when I win. Gets me hard just thinking about it. Imagine the dread you will feel when you had the chance to buy at .20 cents but didn't. Fuck being rich, being right is what will give me life for another 30 years kek.

Bye losers.

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all your xrp is going to be worth less than $2k eoy 2021

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bankanon when can i expect cool fun numbers on the memegraph in 2021?

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Yes anon, YES, let the COPE flow!

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Anyone else collecting screencaps of fudders on Twitter? I cant wait for XRP to moon so I can rub it in their faces.

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Again dodging the question of "why not sell before the crash and buy back at the bottom if you knew about the prediction and genuinely believed it?"
The biggest xrp fud is how retarded their holders are. Huge signal to stay the fuck away.

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>based on mellon
based on carlos matos, actually

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>dude plans within plans
What evidence is there that the great reset would pile into xrp? It doesn't do anything, the coin doesn't work with consensus, and the network halted earlier in the year and nearly blew up but no one noticed because no one cares.

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>makes false assumptions
>asks question relating to false assumption
>is surprised when ignored
>continues to ask question when his whole assumption is false and wrong

fucking kek u cant make this shit up

we expect it to happen before the end of february, most likely sometime in january

the CEO's had a meeting about 3 months ago and knew about this FUD lawsuit and just waited to buy in low as fuck

it's all on internal emails

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youll kill yourself by eom March
your financial illiteracy is an afront even to the pajeets on biz, even they are better at investing in crypto than (You)

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>we are against freemasonry and Satanists but we will give them money for their coin and hope they do well.

>> No.25268853

trips of holy truth
xrp really is a dead shitcoin

>> No.25268870

is that you?

>> No.25268885

read your post out loud. you are a fucking RETARD.

>> No.25268887

How does Trump or Biden winning the Presidency impact the plans anon?

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what false assumptions you fucking idiot? these are the facts:
1) xrp is crashing and dropped hard in value
2) you dipshits said it was all part of the plan
So why the fuck didn't you sell before the crash and buy back in at the bottom? Just answer the question you stupid faggoty fuck

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trump will win
biden will RIP

retard alert

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Yeah dude and the easter bunny is going to bring you a brand new lambo.

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>this thread

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>retard alert
says the inbred who literally had guidance on the price action of xrp and decided to hodl through a crash to worthlessness. holy fuck lmao drink bleach already you dumb fucking inbred.

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you are literally so fucking stupid it's sad

you are assuming i held through a crash, why the fuck don't you realize that you fucking nigger monkey? holy shit lmao

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I'm with you on this fren. Since you say you are in investments, what do you think the switch flipped price will be, have you heard anything about that within your circles? Also, do you think XRP will buy it back at a price from investors or will we be able to keep all we like and sell what we want?

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Tfw put 100k in with my link gains and although this coins shit I’m still at break even

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the initial price is about 1300-1600 USD
after 2 years it will be around 7500 USD

at some point you will be forced to sell your xrp, (future, years ahead) once all investors do that, xrp will go from 4 digits to 5 and 6 digits for institutional use.

SPARK tokens will be a perpetual income source for xrp holders. What's happening behind the scenes is huge, beyond the small brains of the frogs of 4chan.

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This lawsuit, sure it is FUD, but do you see it ending within weeks? Or months? Do you think there will be immediate changes in XRP price when the lawsuit is resolved?

Also, if I was to have 30,000 spark tokens, would that be enough to keep some income coming in, so as to not have to unload too much XRP? What do you see the price of the Spark token to look like. Thanks for the insight BTW

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Will XRP be tied to the gold standard by any chance? I found it interesting that Judy Shelton was waiting for senate confirmation last week.

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What's your basis for 1.5k and beyond?

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hahaha... some retards never learn

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The eos lawsuit was like 6 months-9 months

If were lucky Elos or Biden’s appointee will throw it out immediately, if were unlucky it could take years. What’s more concerning is that the sec alleges no one uses ripples odl product

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Resolution of lawsuit will be very fast. 30k is plenty. The higher xrp price, the higher SPARK price. If XRP is at 1300 USD, imagine SPARK tokens. Maybe 20-30% of xrp price. Maybe more.

Yes and no, it will gold backed but not tied to gold if that makes sense.

4 years of xrp price projections, this is our latest one.

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>at some point you will be forced to sell your xrp
Why would the kikes running this scam let a bunch of nigger faggots get rich while the price rises instead of just forcing you to sell immediately? Or you know, why wouldn't they just create a new private blockchain to peddle instead?

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ahahahahah COPE

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>> No.25269650

millionaires are made daily
millionaires are lost daily
making a bunch of 4channers 100 million each means nothing in the grand scheme of things and let's face it, most will sell way earlier than that figure.

secondly, this is the real world, retail investors were a test and nothing more beyond that, this coin was never meant for retail use, cross border bullshit was an excuse all along, it's all about derivatives.

why not force right away? lawsuits to last 1000 years.

you need to setup the right conditions for an event or events to make sure you can force retail out without anyone having legal rights to sell at a higher profit.

10k is nothing compared to what xrp price will be once the force retail sale happens kek but most will be happy with what they got by then.

this shit happens by the end of february, all of it. you will wake up one day soon and the banking system will simply have changed completely. those of you who hold xrp will be happy as fuck, the rest will suicide.

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>> No.25269747

I have told you every single day to get the hell out of XRP.
I told you at 40c
I told you at 30c
I'm telling you again at 25c
What you believe about the future of XRP isn't important at the moment because there's a cost benefit analysis to it.
Think of it this way - if XRP ever moves to where it might be going back to 50c then you'll see it because you're autistic schizos who spend their entire life looking at the XRP stock price. So there's no FOMO here. That hallowed 2k price that will never happen, you will see it long before any one else so you can just buy back in.
We love to shitpost and schizopost on /biz/ but the SEC stuff isn't a game nor is it some cheap lawsuit. They are going to win and your coins will be worthless.
There's literally no reason at all to stay in XRP. You'll see the price movement before anyone so you won't miss the big gains if they were to come, you are gambling that the SEC case will fall apart which it won't because the vast majority of their evidences comes from Ripple staff themselves bragging in emails, and you are holding a shitcoin that has no intrinsic use case in the next few years because the SEC has bombed its reputation and other alternatives are available. There's no reason for an enterprise company to take the chance on XRP.
Seriously, this is the season of goodwill so I've reverted from the usual shitposting to try and cut through the propaganda and reach those who are still holding out hope of a conspiracy or miracle. It's not real. You are throwing away your money and your families money. Stop being a laughing stock. Get out now and if you see the price revert then you have loads of time to get your "2k EOY" dreams and buy back in. But you never will because this project is dead.

>> No.25269763

There are millions of millionaires with a combined net worth of 150 trillion. Even if XRP reaches $2k one day most will sell before that and it would only realistically increaase the number of millionaires by tens of thousands. There aren't that many wallets that hold enough to become millionaires anon. So looking at it in the grand scheme of things it really isn't that big of a deal.

>> No.25269766

Yes, makes sense. Thank you for the informative post anon.

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Listen to FUD
Listen to logic

up to you which you choose
im spoonfed you faggots enough for tonight

to those of you who make it, fucking legends.

>> No.25269814

Why is there so much FUD against XRP. These people almost seem like they hate you if you buy some token online. I don't care what others buy. They are not trying to help us. They are trying to make us feel bad. Is this organized? Are they being paid? If so who is doing this?

>> No.25269830

We moving into CBDCs right now, and XRP is the bridge currency btw CBDCs.

How many central banks been working with Accenture to create their CBDCs? Accenture has partnership with Ripple, connect the dots.

We moving to a cashless society, which one will be the foundational layer? Which will be the transactional layer? CBDCs will be transactional layer. XRP? Probably be the foundational layer as eth and btc are way too slow to meet the trillions of trillions of the needed market on a daily basis.

>> No.25269914

That's all you've got - "reality is FUD! It's a conspiracy!"
There's no conspiracy. Nobody is getting paid to shitpost on a Peloponnesian yak shearing forum begging you to not lose all of your money and end up roping. Frankly, the world doesn't give a shit about us enough to bother.
All I can do is to try one more time and say that if you are in XRP with throwaway money then I don't give a shit and whatever. But if you are in XRP with actual money that you are going to struggle to recover from losing then you need to get out because it's never coming back and you can live to fight another day.
As I said, if it rockets then it's fine because you're retarded and autistic enough to see that happening and buy back in more than enough to make millions before the "2k EOY".
Stop believing in QAnon style bullshit if your life savings are on the line. This isn't some diamond hands big brass balls autist bullshit game. You are going to lose your money.

>> No.25269968

Hey any news on silver to go with your XRP numbers? I recall news about it going to triple digits. What do your charts say?

>> No.25270067

And why would the BIS or the IMF or whoever the fuck it is use a shitcoin like xrp when they can create their own payment rail amd give nodes to every central bank. You schizos are really dumb, you surely deserve to be poor.

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>I am not Luciferian, thus I am not privy to their exact dates. I piece information together from different sources in my circles, at great risk to my own personal well being and that of my family.
The absolute state of XRP bagholders holy fuck.

>> No.25270201


>he doesn't have big brass autist balls

ngmi, 2k is coming.

>> No.25270488

Im just in it becuase why not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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>> No.25270507

XRP is a falling knife be freaking careful!

>> No.25270687

But why would they use xrp? Its not particularly powerful code. Still no smart contracts. Not turning complete. Network was had a downtime earlier in the year where only 1 node was running the network. Why use xrp when they can use anything else that has actual capabilities?

>> No.25271151


XRP is the foundational layer, and CBDCs transactional layer.

XRP is essentially digital gold that's decentralized that can't be mass produced.

CBDCs is centralized and central banks around the world can just create as much CBDCs as they want and create hyperinflation.

Imagine going back to gold standard, XRP = gold or digital reserve currency. The government prints legal tender (CBDCs) based on their gold reserves. You can debase it to gold or back it to gold.

The system is way better where central bankers are printing unlimited amounts of money from thin air. The Fudders like to chase monopoly money, while us schizo chase the real deal.

Physical land, silver, anything scarce, I hold. Go chase your monopoly money.

Lastly, ripple is used due to political connections. Which crypto has the more political connection? You think a BIS central bank can just create their own decentralized crypto and get it to work out of thin air? Ain't the concept decentralized money and fixed supply is what we are after?

>> No.25271214

so what is your price target during this dip?

>> No.25271419

Spark tokens, where have you been?

>> No.25271884

If you are going to do this you should watch the xrp/BTC chart, not their respective usd charts

>> No.25271920

Because its not a shitcoin

>> No.25272117

Wow op is such a massive faggot he makes me want to sell my XRP and never look back. He sounds like he just got onto xsg and is now trying to spread the news. Holy shit what a loser

>> No.25272286

your are so jet black
im gonna skin you & make a wetsuit

>> No.25272328

Are you naive or do you really think that retail drives the price?

>> No.25272372

10 cents inc

>> No.25272397


>> No.25272620

thanks for the fud, just bought more

>> No.25272642

the elites profit handsomely from every xrp sold due to fud, paying some pajeets min salary to fud this board 24/7 costs them almost nothing

>> No.25272876

def go all in anon, what could go wrong

>> No.25273009

>we moonmen nao
give it up lads. srsly.

>> No.25273991
File: 286 KB, 1799x793, Qtar.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They are the qtards of crypto

>> No.25274030

I'll buy Feb 27th.

>> No.25274066


>> No.25274554

tell me senpai, how low will it go? i need more

>> No.25274752

Would you stake your life on the great xrp moon of February 2021? Seal it in blood so I can collect your soul if it fails.

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