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>For real this time
Fuck off bobo

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this is gonna be big

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Nope. We won't go below 26k

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>institutions start dumping

Thanks For Playing

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we won't go below $2.6k

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We won't go lower than 26,200k

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I'm surprised you have enough money left to buy rope, you retarded fucking faggot

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God I hope so. My shorts are gonna print. Newfags have no idea whats gonna happen. Blood on the streets.

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You ok bobo?

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trump won in a landslide

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Ok, now go back to /pol/.

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Newfags truly believe they found a golden pot, I feel bad for them.. almost.

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Just bring it back to 20k already so we can get back to the bull market please.

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you will never be a woman kys

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no one gives a fuck bobo. you had 12 years, we're not selling, have sex

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what is with these stupid tranny videos im seeing everywhere. I dont care a queer pretending to be a girl wants to piss with his dick in the girls room I dont need stupid videos showing me how "horrible" a male queer having to piss with his dick in the male bathroom cuz he's a queer not a girl is just some abomination and horror.
fucking sawft ass queers

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Your parents will use your real name at your funeral

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they're old PSAs, but poljews have recently found them

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\o/ hosanna!

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I’m new here, but I think I’m a bobo.
Can I hang out with you guys?

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You can hang from a rope

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Why does no one like us? I just think crypto’s are a bubble. That’s not exactly a crazy thing to think.

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Saylor support is going to fk you good bobo.

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Why do people buy bitcoin, do they not know percentages and ratios?

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A youtuber told me to during a minecraft speedrun

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boomers gonna boom, also a flex for rich ppl

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The absolute state of maxipads

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thats completely fine with me im not a queer pretending to be a girl im a straight male and I act like a straight male so my parents using my real name is fine and expected. no shame in my life pretending to be something im not and never will be

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He's done buying, smolbrain
He has no more liquid capital to buy with