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Never selling faggots

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Literal scam, worse than Bancor at this point

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fuck ripple, but what does this mean for everyone else?

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> Thinking I'm on hodl mode until I move off of Coinbase.

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They expect one of us in the wreckage brother

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Ima Fck Yo Shi up CU



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>Never selling faggots

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Next month? Why does it matter when the lawsuit is being dropped in 2 days?

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You people are worse than Trumpers. It's over.

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how is this not bullish?
>no one can trade
>lawsuit gets settled and xrp is declared not a security
>xrp price skyrockets

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Its over

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you have to be clinically retarded to get shaken out by this weak fud

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>Here's how Bernie can still win
Never change, xrpee brains

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>largest and most popular crypto exchange fully suspends trading

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lol I'm sure some youtube zoomer CRYPTO EXPERT has made this claim.

Just imagine if all you ripplets had taken your tiny profits long ago and put it into something stable like bitcoin or eth? Its sad seeing bag holders going down with the ship but, in some way, I respect their retarded devotion.

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the pay in pajeetland must be really good that they hired 3 of you

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basically your logic is that the SEC breaks down and gives in to a fucking scam
not gonna happen retard

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i am buying 1k xrp for each fud post that i see on here

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Coinbase is neither the largest nor the most popular crypto exchange. In the US maybe.

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so if its a scam then why is BG sitting down with these people? plus all the other stuff. serious replies only

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XRP fags will exit to Btc and this will pump us through $30k

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It's on track for 2k eoy
Just move 5 decimal points

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Why its not dumping harder??
Should be 0.001 right now

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true, so that's good overall. But I'm also certain that other alts will bleed a ton as well because of the threat of "muh SEC" boogeyman

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it's a nothingburger and the suit will be dropped soon. then moon from then on.

bitcoin is a shitcoin with no utility

screencap this

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Hahahahahahhahaa I'm so glad I sold this shitcoin when it mooned

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More liquidity.

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This is good for XRP. Just shows how desperate they are.

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the whales are buying the dip and so am i

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Tempting to add to my cope collection. What's it like entering crypto and LOSING money? LMFAO

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i wouldn't know because i never sold. i will sell a small portion at 2k ish though

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Should I tell him?

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based if all typed

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Cool goalpost there bro

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Go ahead. I will laugh at XRP holders for the rest of my life, even if it does go up because I know that even if it goes to $100 in 2021, most of you schizos will not sell because you retards actually think it's going to 2k, and then I will laugh EVEN harder as you guys hold your bags from $100 or whatever, all the way back down to $1 or less. XRP holders will always lose because they're the biggest idiots in crypto.

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Link will be next

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I took a 2% loss, i don't care anymore about this shitcoin. But yeah i was one of those schizo's that believed in the coin lmao.

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hahaha seething xrp schizo. misery loves company.

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They'd rather see all of crypto die before admitting they were wrong despite EVERYONE telling them to avoid this shitcoin. Luckily they're all born losers whose dreams never come true.

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Absolutely unironically bullish as fuck.

Remember, they want you out.

XRP $2000 will happen.

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Oldfag here, I hold no xrp, certainly not a shizzo but will screencap your responses and post it when Link gets delisted.

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Holy fck
Poor Alex

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Im convinced these people are paid to say shit like this combined with a number of bots that are released to every part of twitter/forum on the internet. I expect xrp could be 2 cents and you will still see shills wall to wall.

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That's because you literally won't be able to.

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We’re at the point where Qtards are handling the election better than the schizos are handling this
Still, I’m sad it’s finally over — end of an era

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I think so yeah... XRP threads should be deleted at this point

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Literally the opposite, there are definitely shills FUDDING XRP all the time.

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its over

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Those are exchange wallets dawg...

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It's just kids meming who think they are funny

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Another shitcoin bites the dust who could have seen it coming

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And let me tell you, when the market first crashed in March and XRP reached 17c I realized it is over and I will never be rich. The kikes will never allow it. At first it was hard trying to come to terms with this fact but I eventually came to the conclusion that the only way to be rich, is to pretend that I am rich. So one day I blurted out to my friends and family that I'm very rich and have pretty much made it from crypto for a while but that I've been keeping a low profile for obvious reasons. Then I started telling them all about RapidX, Brand Garlinghouse, babacugs, the Masonic Monetary System and how everthing is connected. First, they didn't believe me. Second, every time the price of Bitcoin went up or was in the news they kept asking me about my "bitcoins", "how about those bitcoins going up lately anon". It was very hard dealing with this sort of double life so I just kept smiling but deep inside I was seething because the price of XRP was still .25c at that time and I had traded my BTC for more XRP the year before and here I was holding my Ripple bags while the Golden Bull Run was departing without me. Just one disaster after the next, at one point I was shorting XRP because my stack was getting smoler from all the failed longs before. Even that didn't stick as Ripple made some pathetic announcement about some bank partnership so the price shot up 5% and liquidated me. Then around Christmas the SEC news dropped and nearly brought me to complete ruin. All my longs obliterated, my net worth sunk to new lows not seen since the Great Depression and the despair was taking it's toll on my health too. In the end my friends and family all think I'm the same loser so nothing has changed except now I'm also known as that "weird bitcoin guy". I don't know how much longer I can keep this charade going and I don't think it even worked. What should I do now? I know as soon as I sell the price shoots to $2k..

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xrp did a hotdog lol

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It's over taybros.

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Suck dick on the streets

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Yeah maybe, I did notice that the people who held xrp usually only had a few hundred bucks to their name

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Sold most of it. Should I keep a small suicide stack just in case? Or just ditch all of it?

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Gonna be fun when ur stack goes to zero nigger

never gonna mak eit

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Gonna buy 1,000,000 when it hits .0001

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I fully believe in XRP from my research, and I'm riding it all the way. If it goes to zero, then so be it, I'm willing to lose the $2300 invested when XRP was at 19-25 cents. I'm going to the moon or to the grave.

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LINK is next, it's an unregulated security

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>I expect xrp could be 2 cents and you will still see shills wall
What do you think the xrp army is? They have hundreds of accounts with xrp in their name. They exist to just retweet shit and post generic comments about xrp.

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