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1 LinkPool token is almost $46,000.

They are becoming an ERC20 token sometime in the new year...they will have a token split as well. Anyone will be able to buy LinkPool and it will be divisible by 18-digits. Do with this information what you will.

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so... LP is switching the gender eeeh kek faggot coin

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>Source: my ass

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Logo is made up of fish hooks. Bait line and stinkered.

Shit is INSANELY overvalued. Do with this info what you will.

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i just bought 1 LP and am trying to buy more
am I going to make it OP?

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> I've never been able to afford linkpool
> will have to buy fractions

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How is the erc20 token going to be distributed to existing holders?

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Pretty funny Mat wearing a Sergey Blue Checkered Pattern Jacket. They are all in on the joke. We're all going to make it. Except maybe LP buyers at these prices. Sheesh.

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>fomo'd into 0.04 LP @ 70 eth a few months ago
>trading under 50 eth right now
i sold my real actual link for this... at least i didn't buy any more

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kek the price will drop when it becomes erc20

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just a simple airdrop I imagine


lol and the price of ETH a few months ago was $300...it's trading at 61.9 ETH right now.

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eth fiat price doesn't matter since i paid with link which dumped in eth anyway.
sell orders begin at 61 eth but buy orders at 48

why anon

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i usually look at the last trade made to gauge the price, it jumps between the buys / sells quite a bit

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How much for 1 LP after the erc transfer bros? 100k?

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that's a good tactic fren but just check the dex trade history right now

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How will owners get their bi-weekly rewards after the erc-20 migration?

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I fucking hate newfags so fucking much. You will never be a marine. I paid around 2000$ for 3 linkpool shares, get fucked nigger

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ETH fiat price absolutely matters, idc if you paid with LINK...why would you even bring up the ETH fiat price if it didn't matter? Lmao

Why would you measure the price at the buy orders? Lol

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I can’t see it going down. Less than 700 holders and promotionally all will hold them same while the total LP will increase by a factor of 25.

Also for everyone here’s a tip a few of us have been using for a while. We are done accumulating and it being the holidays. With the link pool rewards contract you can calculate how much each address got over time. This acts sort of like dusting. Meaning you can track which addresses owned what over time. Up to the present distribution last night.

Bonus tip, you can see which addresses have been sent LP from another address (meaning the accounts possibly share an owner). The way to do this is to look for addresses that get LP rewards but have no other transactions as in they didn’t but from the LP dex.

For whale watchers out there it’s some good intel.

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i honestly didn't even check the price before i wrote that (my answer wasnt a defense of the price fwiw)
i see it last traded at 45ETH, im guessing people are flipping out of linkpool into eth and looking to buy back their shares and keep the remaining eth
anyways, i dont think most lp holders holding it are holding it mainly for the share price, i think most like me are just waiting for staking

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i want to add though that i think share price will inevitably go up, it really is only a matter of time. i also think with more exchange access it'll have more liquidity which would help, since right now buying/selling on the dex works, but is jank af

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Shut up retard

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>why would you even bring up the ETH fiat price if it didn't matter
i didn't, you need to learn english pajeet, you were the only one who started babbling on about fiat

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People can barely any LinkPool as it is - there's been like 1 LP transaction volume in the past week.

Now imagine what happens when it becomes ERC20 and it's easily available to any Anon on Uniswap - or Binance if it got listed there. You're going to have a huge demand for the token, however, you also have some of the strongest hands holding LP.

Almost nobody is selling LP right now, and it's likely this will continue when it becomes ERC20. There's only 700 LP holders currently....so you will have thousands of people fighting for tiny scraps of LP inevitably pushing the price up to astronomical levels as many people will simply not sell.

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>hurr durr I paid 70 ETH for this
>hurr durr it's only worth 48 ETH now (measuring it as the price of a buy order too lmao)
>let's conveniently ignore how the price of ETH was about 60% less when you bought it

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>m-muh fiat
you're fucking retarded dude. i was never exposed to fiat in this trade, learn how the markets work

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Hes right. You are literally braindead.

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lmao you also weren't exposed to ETH by your own admission - you sold LINK for it

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yeah you are

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>I sold LINK to buy LP
>LINK price has remained stable in 3 months essentially
>I bought 0.04 LP at 70 ETH when ETH was $350
>I could have bought it for only 48 ETH at $742 now! (which is false because you're measuring buy orders it should actually be around let's say 55 ETH)

You bought 0.04 LP originally when it was valued around $25,000 per 1 LP...you paid almost $1K for your 0.04 LP

Now you have 0.04 LP that's worth a price that you say is 48 ETH per or $35,760...your 0.04LP is worth $1400...except it should actually be higher because you're measuring buy orders

You were never exposed to ETH because you weren't gonna hold the ETH long-term, you sold your LINK for it...you are complaining because you made AT LEAST $400 on your investment, but actually a bit more.

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You're making me so horny right now, anon.

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>the absolute state of biz

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Is there anyone here that's able to contradict this? It can't be that easy, right?

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You can check out the linkpool dex for yourself. He is right.

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Spot on. Anyone who knows about linkpool and doesn’t have even 0.04 now is going to feel bad once the port happens.

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yeah you're right

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>Link staking pool had a crowdsale 2.5 years ago
>Still no Link staking
The absolute state.

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can you sell this?

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>easy to get rich buying something no one is selling.
Yes, this easy.

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No, you can only buy lp

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where do the exhanges even get the tokens for the trading? there wont be any circulating

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hope none of my burger friends bought this unregistered security

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I hope none of my Pajeet friends get ran over by elephants while they're shitting on the street today.

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so i heard people get like 1.44 Link per LP? are you guys seriously that retarded?

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Has anyone else been running a node on test net for the past 18 months too?
I got a load of link but no LP. My initial plan was to port my node once staking goes live but NaaS on LP Looks tempting too.

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Their service is not even online you fucking moron. What you are seeing now is only a taste for whats to come. Also LP will provide much more than only passive income without staking so get fucked poorfag.
Nobody wants to use your stupid neetnode. Also what data are you going to sell? How will you get that data? Who are you going to sell it to?

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yeah without the staking even being online yet. Quess what happens when it is?

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Its all in Sergey's hands. Staking would require him to pay all the nodes out of the Link stash he is sitting on because, you've already guessed it, there are no smart contracts that are actually willing to pay for data.
But Sergey is understandably reluctant to just give away his Link when he can dump them by himself.

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There's like 20-30 wallets that like to swing and catch dips and pumps. But you're right, the only way this can go wrong is if there's so little liquidity that it doesn't gain traction. Maybe Mat & Jonny could start a liquidity pool with 50 or so LP

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There’s likely going to be be between 100k to 1 billion new LP tokens minted. My bet is 1 million. This is a 250 increase so 0.04 becomes 10 new LP tokens. Each with 18 decimals precision. There has already bee discussions of liquidity pools on the linkpool chat.

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People don't get how big the listing will be. Straight into top 100 on CMC.

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Lol what a load of shit. Sorry you're priced out, anon

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Scroll up kid. It’s you that’s priced out.

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Selling my 0,28LP for 50k.

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>.they will have a token split as well.
wait this is not good right?

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I have three questions linkpoolbros:
1. Why were the last payouts so small?
2. When switching to ERC20, are we sure the team won't increase the supply and by that dilute the market cap?
3. The dex is pretty easy to use, what makes you think being on uniswap would attract more buyers, or is it just because we'll be able to trade smaller amounts so it will be more liquid?

Thanks, still can't believe I was lucky enough to buy this, wasn't even sure of what I was doing at the time, never really been lucky before, also I'd say I'm not very bright, forever greatful to b for this

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but the price only goes up!
Its stupid!

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>linkpool chat.
where is this?

>> No.25252255

Telegram nufren

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oh shit i didnt even think to look for a telegram. I thopught it was that weird web site that archives chat. I think it was chainlink chat or some shit

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Payouts were smaller recently because for a brief period they were essentially running double contracts, which gave very large returns. We can see that its still much higher even with this period being over, so it shows how many more feeds they are servicing. Also volatility plays a roll as all the link feeds are based on a heartbeat/deviation threshold. So more volatility equals more link for us. Erc20 migration will be something like a 25x increase of all lp. This will unlock all the defi utilities to be used with lp, so you can use it as collateral, yearn pool, etc. not to mention opening it up for ease of trade via uniswap, binance, etc. Most likely this will increase the price.

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1) Less volatility
2) Reputation. Also just to be pedantic, they are increasing the supply. Probably to 100k or 1 million (a 25 or 250x increase to current supply of 4000) as per Telegram
3) Most people can't buy 0.04 as it's too expensive, exposure on being on DEXs (most people have never heard of it), will go on front-page of CMC, can add it to Blockfolio, Delta etc.

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1. Payouts have been smaller apparently due to less volatility. I also suspect it has something to do with OCR feeds.

2. They’ve said they won’t just that they’re going to increase the supply by a factor of 25. Currently there is 4000 shares which can be divided into 0.04 fractions. 25x0.04=1. So they’ll increase the amount by 25/250/2500 we don’t know yet. As far as we know there isn’t a split everyone who holds shares will hold the same proportionally. The LP team currently own 3000/4000 shares and have stated it’s not in their own interest to sell these although I’d say they’ll probably sell a bit for funding.

3. The current form means that to get on to the linkpool ladder you have to have somewhere between 1200-1500 USD in eth. The buy side is quite slow and random. The sell side adds a premium. Moving to an ERC20 will allow make them more divisible meaning an anon can pick some up at roughly any entry price point. It’ll also allow things like arbitrage opportunities between exchanges. Arbitrage is a service to even out prices across markets. It’ll also increase the amount of holders. Meaning more money entering the linkpool market. Finally this is all prior to LPs main products going online and people realizing they need a bag to stake their link. Supposedly there’s things like eth staking a yearn strategies coming as well.

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Thanks guys. All very clear, just one thing on the x25 supply: it is just a matter of dividing the already existing shares right? There is no creation of new lp shares?

>> No.25252701

Thanks. About this ocr thing, what is going to be the impact of this? I don't know exactly how it works but it sounds like if the reporting is done offchain, there is no link transmitted, so no fees paid, so no profit for lp holders? Am I correct to think that?

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>> No.25252859

No creation of new shares.

>> No.25252917

Ocr is stage 1 of threshold sigs. It will mean that you have to pay less link to the node operator because they won't have to use as much gas to do jobs. But on the other side it means nodes can do many more jobs, so it will likely cause us to get even more link as demand increases.

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Ok thanks

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Why would it affect holders? They would just go after the company

>> No.25253347

To get the bi-weekly payout I would have to have the old share and the new erc-20 in the same address?

>> No.25253782

>you can see which addresses have been sent LP from another address (meaning the accounts possibly share an owner)
Can confirm i do that

>> No.25253860

This can't be stressed enough, there is barely any sell pressure

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>Around 2.5 link each month. For 1 LP
>link goes x10 during the bullrun
>ocr and tss allow. For a x10 in usage
>25 link at 100 a pop each month.

If you buy a Linkpool token it will pay itself by EOY 2021. Screenshot this.

>> No.25255033

The "old share" will be replaced. At the time of the switch, holders will be airdropped the ERC-20 to their address.

>> No.25255093

This. And rewards will probably have to be claimed in the future and wont be distributed automatically to save gas

>> No.25255372

Is that a good thing? It means people are setting very low ask, like they're exiting.

>> No.25255406

How does this work when staking isn’t implemented?

>> No.25255444

oh, that would suck. Will there be an option to pay for the gas and get it automatically distributed. What if your LPs are in cold storage and you don't want to sign a transaction evry two weeks?

>> No.25255497

ive got 50.000 linkies, i dont need some pajeet dividend currytoken

>> No.25255760

It's called market making, you ignoramus.

>> No.25255888

any burgers here successfully get past their KYC to buy into the ICO? how did u do it?

t. sad burger who missed out

>> No.25256062

You dont need to claim every 2 weeks, rewards will compound. There is even talk about poissibilities to automatically reinvest rewards im yfi like pools to increase rewards

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>holds 50k link
>doesn't know how close linkpool is to the chainlink team and what they are accomplishing

>> No.25256229

you don't need kyc to purchase off the dex.... just saying

>> No.25256326

well if there is a possibility to autonmatically send to a pool guess there might be a possibility to auto matically send to any address? Also, where are these "talks" taking place?

>> No.25256516

>Also, where are these "talks" taking place?
@linkpoolio in Telegram

>> No.25256683

The LinkPool Telegram is an IQ filter - one of best places to discuss the project.

>> No.25256711

oh god, telegram. But thanks anyway. Will there be a vote for these changes, never seen any kind of governance for linkpool

>> No.25256749

also conscious votes can be a hassle too, gives more weight to whales and make changes slower

>> No.25256768

No thankfully. If you see the word "governance" attached to a project then run.
the project = Chainlink more broadly

>> No.25256887

well, guess I'll check the telegram then, just hope it isn't a pajeet or tranny fest

>> No.25257176

Wont new shares drop the current price?

>> No.25257249

100 replies in this thread and yet essentially 0 dex volume in the last 24hours... nice

>> No.25257298


do you know what link pool is. no googling

>> No.25257334

IQ filter

>> No.25257691

I’m not sure which way to read this. But if you think that’s a bad thing I would suggest rereading this whole thread. The whole erc20 port is at the core of what you just said.

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Got that LP. Already gotten a bunch of free linkies from dividends. Gonna stake make it stacks soon. So many free steaks coming for me. Never gonna have to work anymore. I barely do now. Gonna chill with my shrimp farm and do some gardening. 7777777 blessed.

>> No.25258401

Congrats lads. I opted to not buy LP shares figuring I'd build my own node and not share with the rest of you guys. Whelp.

>> No.25258745

so cutting shares into 20 pieces of a share wont change the price?

>> No.25259487

Thanks for the reward reminder, almost to 30 LINK myself.

>> No.25259545

Of course it will, but not the marketcap... Your held token amount will increase as well...

>> No.25259715

i know everything there is to know about linkpool

what, the lp dex?

my point is simply that if the demand for LP is so great post-erc20 conversion this should be reflected in increased dex volume, ie priced in

>> No.25259844

i think they are lookg for more liqudity or something. Thing is only people that know about lp are people that where here in 2k17. So opening up shitcoin trading with an erc would need a whole shill campaign to go with it.

i think its dumb but willing to admit im short sited

>> No.25259871

We've known about the ERC-20 for a couple of months but noone else knows anything about the project. It's 2 years old and has 700 holders (probably about 500 people as some have divided).

>> No.25260237 [DELETED] 

If you hold 1.2 LP (total supply 4,000) you will have 30 when the total supply is 30,000. It's a nominal change, but you will still hold the same amount

>> No.25260338

If you hold 1.2 LP (total supply 4,000) you will have 30 when the total supply is 100,000. It's a nominal change, but you will still hold the same percentage of the total supply

>> No.25260517

i get that but i dont understand upside to it except for trading which is only go for like 20 people.

>> No.25260575

Some hot and spicy Neanderthal versus Cro Magnon action packed in your butthole.

>> No.25260796

You'd have to be a massive retard to own any LP
Duped by Jonny's shit terraform templates

>> No.25260858

nvm it clicked. I guess they want to incorparate defi shitcoins strats and can only do that with er-20 standard

>> No.25260875

There's minimal information to know if LP will be useful when staking or if its better to just own more link.

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it absolutely is

>> No.25261109

I have 50k Link but no way would i buy Linkpool. I get a bad vibe from it, and that guy Jonny Huxtable didn't impress me one bit with his contributions at Smartcon. There's all this hot air from the LP crowd that their token is going to guarantee all these lucrative contracts, but i can see no ovidence for it, and sergey has never alluded to it either. $25k for one LP? No thanks, mate I'd rather have the equivalent chainlink. I'll be happy to be proven wrong down the line, but it just has 'Big Risk' all over it imo

>> No.25261437

johnny rims horses too

>> No.25261781

You need to hold 100k LINK to discuss their Managed Node service.

>> No.25262254

I hodl .16 of LP what do u guys reckon it will be when its an ERC token?

>> No.25263047

I'm confused how LP operates, so if I have the minimum share of a LP token, 0.04, how many LINK will I be able to stake? Is there a maximum?

>> No.25263345

this has been the best linkpool bread in a while. i've been doing math on linkpool in my head for a while, and decide this is a good thread to calculate it out loud. correct my errors.
there are 4000 linkpool - 3000 owned by Linkpool, 1000 for normies. LP tokens are divided by 25, available to acquire at .04 per "share." 400 LP * 25 = 100,000 LP tokens in existence.
according to the DEX, the average of the previous 9 BUY orders was 51.3 ETH/1LP, aka .04 LP is currently valued at 2.052 ETH, or $1469 USD.
$1469 USD x 100,000 LP tokens = fully diluted marketcap of $146,900,000. so much room to grow once this becomes a composable part of the ethereum Defi ecosystem. current holders will do very well

>> No.25263363

We don't know that yet but those holding tokens will be prioritised.
The other important thing is that LP gives you a cut of all of LinkPool's revenue. That's why there's income now from the node they run. In time it will be from all of their Managed Nodes, the NaaS and income from the Market.

>> No.25263397

>400 LP * 25 = 100,000
meant to say 4000 LP * 25

>> No.25263502

Yeah, your math is correct. The other nice thing about the market cap is that it will get Reddit's attention when it goes onto front page of CMC.

>> No.25263589

Do we have some roadmap from the Linkpool team for what they plan to do in the future years?
Making it an ERC20 token would certainly make it easier to track and move/buy/sell, but it can also create a bubble when met with a crowd who looks for the latest small cap gem.
Can they scale up their node operations quickly if there is high demand?
I don't want to sell until I see the project mature and can get a good prediction of its real future value, but if we see stratospheric irrational price movements, I may be tempted to sell some if the divergence between "expected" value and price is too big.

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>> No.25263729

these calculations have been done to death already last year. Still waiting for some actual gains

>> No.25263877

Imagine LP reaches the same valuation as AAPL one day...

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File: 3.33 MB, 500x299, CucumberParty.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah, I bet you'd like that, wouldn't you faggot?!

>> No.25264155

That second tweet is one of the most bullish things I've read in a while

If the total supply becomes 100k, you will have 4 LP tokens


>> No.25264156 [DELETED] 

Wow so you’re saying the ethereum blockchain is transparent?