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Firmly believe that 2021 is our year.
>BTC is pumping like crazy lately.
>ETH broke 700, new ATH in Jan.
>Alts are still lacking behind, but we all know it will start their moves soon.

Wdyt about 2021 and crypto in general? What about your bags? What is next after DeFi and NFT boom?

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Now that BTC has broken ATH. Alts are inversely correlated with BTC.

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>ooooldfag here
this time where you all think "alt season" btc will just continue to drain sats for a while then maybe a tiny alt season just so some don't die
>btc will correct at 25, 30, 36, etc
i believe this time it'll keep faking the drop then it'll keep going up 'til 60k+ in feb

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Alt season is here for me already. I'm seeing how ppay is charting up, anon

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2021 will be a blessing for many altcoins for sure

i think derivatives trading will be huge in coming year

that's why i will hold inj as long as possible, it can easily pull grt once normies realizes its huge potential

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yes this prediction of bitcoin correction is spotted anon. I'm just so curious as how NFTs can get a share

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btc 30k soon

next altcoin going to moon is front. up 8% today already

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I think I’m the future we’ll have to explain to our kids what the dollar was and how it was used in the same way we have to explain payphones to Zoomers.

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I've been dreaming of alts to pump. It's possibly happening the way eth is at 900 now. pols is on my radar

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Soon as btc dominance starts to go down altseason will start which will happen most probably q1 2021. This oldfag is ready with big bag of XDB BNB ICX

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only certain notable artworks on top sites NFTs will be big. think money moving around artwork $$$.

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bitcoin is making way more difficult for alts to get in as it's at 68% dominance now but alts of pols calibre and moving up slowly as well

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Yes that's why I'm focusing my energy in waxp investment. The money is there buy only few anons know

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oh c'mon experianced-sounding fag, give some alts a chance to breathe. when btc hits 60k . eth should hit 20k and defi alts like ppay must also perform well

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bitcoin dominance must be destablized by alts and defi strong market forces this 2021 and I'll shout lambo now bitch when i see my ppay wallet balance

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get one of these three artists or artworks:
trevor jones bull
slime sunday mona sativa
my fav is nifty gateway cuz the winklevoss own it and you know it won't exitscam.
I've been through a lot of market psychology and this time is sooo different with the scarcity and outlook. btc is in price discovery, its not going to be crazy if it hits 35k in january or more is it? nope unless you are a newfag.

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front is not and so does ppay anon. All these alts are succeeding and charting up bullishly into 2021

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kek, sold my inch shitcoins and got some SPDR, suggest you do the same or stay broke

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good ones listed there. I've some deadmau5 collection

I'm so bullish that bitcoin will hit 35k in January 2021

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ITT newfags who know how to switch IPs, too bad their not good with their shitcoin picks, because if they were they would be buying spdr

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I wouldn't bet against it anon. DGCL is about to finish their IEO, going live on Uniswap tomorrow. Get ready for NFT mass adoption

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Look what happen last 2017 lol they expect that 2018 will create new ath but seems it is one year bearish. History always repeat itself so don't dream that next year wiil be another year to remember damn..

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Let me see your short

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check in on uniswap tomorrow and look for the DGCL/ETH pair OP, thank me later

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Look what happen last 2017 lol they expect that 2018 will create new ath but seems it is one year bearish. History always repeat itself so don't dream that next year will be another year to remember damn..

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you can short in part of January IMO during Chinese new year.. all coins will be dump idiot.

Go continue long and you will rekt idiot..

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newfag, pols is bossing 1inch and spdr around. It's on its platform that they flourish

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is Pols going to do an airdrop too? I'll dump that for SPDR anyday anon

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>futures are green but you know it's gonna be red bcz 1/2 of portfolio is from chinese wait and see it will dump easily

lolz.. altseason will be next year so better protect your alts using SPDR vpn to prevent hackers on your account

continue dreaming idiot

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NFTs marketplaces are coming to takeover. The WAX blockchain is a dominating factor all these years

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Bridge mutual will be listed in 2021. One towatch. Decentralized insurance

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listen OP, alt season isn't even started yet. The coinbase ipo is basically the equivalent of netscape's ipo in 1995

nfts are the next big thing, Dgcl's listing is going to be like the coinbase of the netscape ipo, get it?

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It's already alt season if you're holding ALBT

Already did more than 350% in the last couple of days and still pumping

Allianceblock is the best project y'all can hold in 2021, I'm expecting a link kind of run from this and it started already

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You can't get rekt if you never sell anon
>or if you buy Spdr

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i dont fucking know.

thats why i hold bitcoin, ethereum, and chainlink.

if anything succeeds in crypto it will almost certainly be interacting with one or more of these systems in part or in full.

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not all NFT coins are created equal.

Some are shitcoins
> like Wax

some actually have big dick energy infused in their team, product and tokenomics
> like Digicol

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that xrp dip will make us all rich.
(americans excluded)

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Yes agree once BTC dominance will drop it is time for alts to have noise and make a move, BNB, XDB and ICX are good project you can add this FYZ additional good project to your portfolio, next year tokenization will be one of the demand aside from nft.. fuck

this is an opportunity for the artists to have good value for their artwork. Damn

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Staking and OUSD relaunch will be huge for OGN in 2021. Ez money

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pls help a noob out.

polkadot link or grt

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POLS also pumping HARDER. It's that midcap gem with the potential of mooning. Alts are no doubt in the winning race in 2021

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Not selling my ZEC for anything less than 0.1 BTC.

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Ndau is also mooning. Surprised no one is talikng about this.
The no1 adaptive stablecoin

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Sylo was featured in yahoo. To trend in 2021. Solid project

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defi and nft will be still the trend LMAO

lol.. it is better to predict on plot than to buy shitcoins I will became a millionaire in predicting btc and eth

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buy rich you mean poorer because fiat is going to be worthless, amirite?
another classic shitcoin, let's just get stop jerking around and ape into fwt already? What other coin is going to give you 7x?

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The next altcoin cycle will be run by Social Defi

SYLO leading the way with its fully encrypted messaging app that true has the power to dethrone FUckbook

Bye bye CuckerBurg

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Don't ignore BMI. Top private sale in Dec2020. 5x oversubscribed. listing next year.
Bridge Mutual baby

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Thought we had all agreed that for altseason we were only buying ALB, BASE & IOV
My bags already stacked would be a shame to see you retards die poor cos you didn't stack up

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ZEC is Lindy. I don't buy cryptocurrencies who don't have cryptographers.

>> No.25236940

SYLOites reporting

Mission, to destroy facebooks monopoly

Reward, ruling the revolutionary decentralized social media sphere

Are u in cuck bags

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agree with you about libcuckberg but think you need to get your head checked, Sylo is a tier 1 shitcoin

kek nice try anon. nobody cares about your earwax coin, the only nfts people give a shit about are the Bccg.

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Get the fuck outta here gay boy pants
Status is the one and only defi social media platform

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One big altcoin everyone should be watching is ndau. 21 million in endowment. price rarely goes down even in market downturn

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Lol. Anon do you even have Taleb's signature on your dick? Gtfo because clearly Aubit network is the most antifragile investment. Look up network effects or stay retarded.

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eoy it will happen it's obvious already
Damn shit.

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Bought a bag of albt a month ago and i have fully been rewarded. Did a 350% jump a week ago and my dicks been hard ever since, can't get it to fall

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Oi cunt u better fuck off or I’ll rip ur balls off and stick it up ur cunt u pussy fag fuck.

SYLO is the gonna rape Status for breakfast, it has no users while sylo has 350k plus nigga

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coulda woulda shoulda, I feel your pain anon

2021 is all about polkadot eco OP. my biggest bag is bondly. got a first edition and bianca and can't wait to teabag my way into an adelaide

>> No.25237040

Sylo has acheived so much in 2020. Checkout the sylo smart wallet. Set to compete against mainstream wallets, allow instant messaging. Get at very good price

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who knew a group shill could be so obvious? try again shitheads
> buy FWT

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Saw the BASE Vault announcement yesterday and all i can say is only pajeets who wanna die poor won't get into this

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NDAU is gonna make me sex machine

Pumping like mad now as institutional buyers are recognizing that it’s a more solid store of value than the volatile Bitcoin

>> No.25237083

Bridge is built on the polkadot network. Expect it to moon when listed. You can't continue going without insurance. Hacks getting too much

>> No.25237089

kinda like how obvious that bondly is going to hit $1 in Q1 once Bswap launches and the new nft mining pools are launched

>> No.25237094

DeFi and NFTs haven't even had their real boom yet. I wonder if normies will jump on that though, because it's pretty complicated. They can hardly grasp Bitcoin yet. Bitcoin would need to be established first so you could explain DeFi and NFTs in terms of "similar to Bitcoin"

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Ya NDAU is gonna rocket hard soon with all the CBDC hype incoming

All the XRP armies are gonna hate on it just as the SEC does

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when normies flock into crypto 2021 to buy tops, they'll use Starnames, i'll cash out desu and it'll be bitches, molly and coke all day

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construct your sentence well first pajeet, google translator is not good in communication better to use your own language idiot oldfag

>> No.25237158

Don’t u dare diss XRP u fat fuck
This NDAU crap coin is gonna be shat all over when ripple wins the case

>> No.25237162

Chekout this digital currency with adaptive features. Ndau is going up even when the alt market is going down. Better get in now.

>> No.25237176

Why did the alts dip just as btc peaked at 28k? Then they all pumped. Is that bot trading, and why would bots sell alts at that moment?

>> No.25237183

ALBT Liquidity mining with Binance Smart Chain starting in two days, with 12k APY. Made my girl create an only fans so we could buy more albt, about to buy that lambo

>> No.25237199

that's a pretty simplistic way of looking at it pajeet. NFT is digitized art, not that hard. DeFi is basically the casino that even the Wild West wishes they had. no rules, rugpulls and big titty gains.

Your shill is immature and irrelevant. It won't compare to the networked growth potential that Aubit is promising thru their FWT ecosystem. More trades - more money - more gains. Gabeesh?

>> No.25237204

XRP has very zero use case
NDAU is an elastic currency plus has a CBDC creation platform
Eatshit and die XRP army

>> No.25237206

For Xmas I got sylo, amd I'll get sylo for new year. It's gonna be break resistance especially in 2021.
So much adoption going on. Sylo would be a massive pick

>> No.25237215

pain your ass..
better sleep you didn't get the point

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Xrp falling like the shit. Btc mooning to infinity. that's my pick. Alts are dead

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Yahoo failed due to bad business execution, don't pay much attention to them anon
EOY BTC and ETH are pushing up, Jan will likely see alts go bezerk like nothing we've ever seen before.

All those fat wallets will be looking to spend crypto profits. That adds up to a successful year for Utrust and by default UTK. Crypto payments will come of age in 2021, the timing couldn't be any better.

Companies with BTC on their balance sheets will be looking to use crypto for payments in both directions, and then the tidal wave begins

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sold everything last week. I'm stressed free now

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wife that bitch anon, she's passed the test she's worthy.
And add some Starname to that bag, that'll cover your threesome partner

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I'm already long on btc and i ain't going back

>> No.25237282

this is how I've felt since the Bccg started and I'm getting airdrops on all my BProtect, Bianca and Arca. Can't wait to add Farzin and Arca to the mix.

>> No.25237289

but you'll die poor desu. you would have done better buying some BASE and going into a 6 months coma. would have come out richer

>> No.25237295

It's obvious that you just hold one shitcoin better look for another.

>> No.25237330

Even my smartest friend was scared to read into DeFi. I'm not even sure where I'd begin with normies. It's a wild west for sure but that's precisely why only people who know what they are doing would dare to put their foot in it. Remember: Most people think Bitcoin is already risky.

>> No.25237342

Saw a degen shill ALBT, BASE and IOV here and went in after doing my research. Proud to say i'm up 450% in two weeks fellow retards

>> No.25237350


Fpbp high IQ post, and I would know cuz I'm a BTChad

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You know I’ll be fucking hot whores like this when BMI becomes the standardized crypto insurance protocols while u non holders wank and cry yourself to sleep

>> No.25237407

All on board too bra
We gonna gang bangin sluts every day
COVER and NXM have no chance against BMI, it’s on DOT
Connect the dots fag boy pajeets

>> No.25237459

All insurance cryptos will succeed in different fields imo

>> No.25237477

DOT projects including BMI are facemelters in the coming year
Interoperability will be key to mass adoption

>> No.25237516

Nothing is next after Defi and NFT boom, we're not done with both yet. NFT in particular will drive the crypto market come 2021, pajeets should take note.

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Altseason is just around the corner, already scooped some SCIFI and SPICE, for me this would be the best investment come 2021. Having to have a basket of precious gems to choose from is awesome.

>> No.25237550

When btc sneezes, alts bleeds. It's a normal phenomenon with BTC's market dominance.
I'm counting on ecommerce to be the trend of 2021 with projects like UTK leading the forefront in mainstream crypto adoption.

>> No.25237578

lol XRP army.. shitcoin haha
Don't promote scamshit here

>> No.25237581

Is digicol an NFT? Not that I'm aware of. I only knew it's getting listed on the new derivative exchange ACDX and that's what's got me all hyped about DGCL. Big volume coming to ACDX even while at beta.

>> No.25237704

One of the things anons overlook trend wise isn't to do with what to buy or hold, it's how to trade and where. 2020 saw crypto derivatives go mental, and that's going to continue well beyond 2021.
Options, futures and more sophisticated margin trading is growing as crypto is developing and traditional traders enter crypto in hordes.

Look out for new derivatives exchanges to invest in for long term gains. I jumped on ACXT last month and plan on following ACDX and any others that come after it. It's the invisible trend that anons won't notice unless they look beyond the artificial hype.

>> No.25237717

Polkadot projects will be fucking great, specially with its interoperability status for new projects. Keeping close watch on Bondly to melt faces in the coming year with the increasing hype and adoption for NFTs.

>> No.25237746

>Remember: Most people think Bitcoin is already risky.
This is true. I must be different because I see bitcoin as the safest thing you can buy next to metals.

>> No.25237814

they are just panick that their alts would not recover lol weakhands are no room in crypto..
Too many noob in the cryptoworld, too many opportunity to buy in the dip but they are fear on buying what an idiot.

>> No.25237840

We are different. Normies don't know what we know and they view money completely differently. For them Fiat Money is the safest thing that exists and everything else is speculation.

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Meet Uth, the half demon half human villain of Bondlyverse.

>This here is what will take over the crypto space come 2021.

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File: 10 KB, 422x398, 1_jWnvlVJFO0iLt-H7lITQDQ.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

SCIFI is governed by SPICE. The SPICE DAO will have governance powers over the SCIFI index as well as the power to launch and govern new indices.The first DAO vote will take place in Q1 2021, 2021 promises to be a good one for SCIFI indeed.

>> No.25237985

I think these person is just only one obvious shilling pajeet. kek.

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How we feeling about EWT

>> No.25238023

Polkadot projects will be the demand next year, so better eye on project under this ecosystem

>> No.25238064


Alts are going to moon but you need the right ones like DeFi
Watch for LEND and BMI

>> No.25238102


Polkadot is great but a lot of projects is still using ETH or moving to faster chains like ATOMs. NDAU is one of them. 70 % yesterday

>> No.25238115

>our year

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sure pajeet don't cum if you see this

>> No.25238126


Yep. After Nexus got hacked it's only COVER or BMI

>> No.25238160

Imo Sylo or Brave are good investments
Safe and running product run by hundreds of thousands

>> No.25238182

yes it definitely it will the year of alts. crypto is pumping like crazy. eth will hit a new ath soon

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NDAU is having those massive spikes quite often

>> No.25238214

I see pajeets shilling their same shitcoins and rugpulls of 2020. y'all fuckers think there'll be space for them come 2021.
New exchange on the block fags.
>ACDX is a new derivative exchange with ACXT as its governance token.
At beta and already broken into top 20 derivative exchange platforms on cmc.
Dig that.

>> No.25238230


Lmao that was so funny
Nigga running insurance protocol gets hacked by insider

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File: 74 KB, 733x464, a0f0dd59ce5053b1b471abf1b39dc0d9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Everyoooone else shill me no shill me no Sylo hype boi me gut

>> No.25238286

go with polka projects . effective chain and gas fee is low. polkastarter is going good as well. fire ido is also launching today

>> No.25238290


Without 2.0 ETH is dead
Gigantic projects leaving it. NDAU is huge CBDC protocol and they said fuck you to Vitalik

>> No.25238311
File: 411 KB, 1000x563, Tfw+all+three+of+those+people+_841195d8911bca1320724da1ec9ae76e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Bridge Mutual is on Polka isn't it
Or it is Ethereum project

>> No.25238329

Good to see you got into Bondly anon, it's a smart move for sure, and I like Polka projects in general, but i don't think anons will keep a close watch on anything other than profit.

The hype isn't a factor, and will come and go. The point is that where the future lies is in platforms that leverage NFTs. The reason i'm so bullish on Bondly is they are building not just the toolbox for anons to trade and make full use of next generation NFTs, but will have the superior tech stack to rail other NFT platforms.

Between then and now there's plenty of new NFT direction coming forward to learn about and invest in.

>> No.25238340

2021 is the year of Bitcoin

After Craig vs low IQ btc shill trial everyone will have to acknowledge that Craig is Satoshi

After Craig vs IRA Craig can finally start selling Satoshi coins

Other nations will follow Tuvalu as adopting Bitcoin as their ledger

Enterprise adoption continues

Easily $10k EOY 2021

>> No.25238341

Any bondly pajeet on this thread? Bondly is now on binance BSC. Is this a step towards binance listing?
Nufag interested in NFT? check this out
> https://bccg.fandom.com/wiki/NFT_BONDDex_(Isekai)

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File: 14 KB, 600x436, 1023.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



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70 % in one day was great news once I checked my NDAU

>> No.25238426


Do you think that tech backed tokens like Brave or Sylo can run like they used to
I'm pretty possitive about that because they already have big investors

>> No.25238428

btc 10k EOY 2021? pajeet is high on Jamaican weed.
>Enterprise adoption continues
Start stacking UTK if you haven't already, it's one of them projects that'll bring enterprise adoption to realization come 2021.

>> No.25238444
File: 98 KB, 1080x1080, b6e5c185f1d0461d22d7684768be70fb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Another fan of good apps and good solutions. Sylo feet licker p

>> No.25238447

>Easily $10k EOY 2021

>> No.25238481

Ez money isn't easy to come buy scum, crashed once, can crash again.
Check out reverse staking for UTK. 1% cashback on every trade completed within the hold app, takes out from circ supply and increase buy pressure.

>> No.25238491

alts will move soon. go with dexes they are future over cexes. go with pols they lauching back to back ido.

>> No.25238516

SCIFI will be reconstituted each time that a new asset is listed on SCIFI, in order to allocate the correct weight to each constituent asset and to prevent an artificial increase in the index level.

>In order to determine the initial portfolio constituents, Mission Control ranks the assets it picked by market capitalisation from largest to lowest.
SCIFI is going to be one of the great projects out there. Lets SPICE it up anon

>> No.25238558

pols is pumping hard. it will hit an new high this season. alts and dexes will be the future

>> No.25238729

i think it will be year of btc only. alts will follow the bull run , but not in the same way

>> No.25238742

bitcoin is seeing correction lets see now hoping for alts to turn green with betting on low cap gem like plasmapay

>> No.25238831

it will be year of nfts. i would suggest to go with wax. its already one of the most active blockchain in the world

>> No.25238835
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ya plasmapay sound promising they are building defi infrastructure under one roof with features, such as

>> No.25238861

well looks like successful pool sale has pump the pols still so cheap we will see new ATH soon

>> No.25238877

go for nfts and wax. they have main stream brands such as google and marvel on their team. even atari had launched its nfts on wax. street fighter and other are in the pipeline

>> No.25238927

Altseason will come in earnest but only if you hold the right bags.
>UTK is one of them right bags
>reverse staking
>Hold app
>New partners everyweek, shopify incoming
>10x away from ATH

>> No.25238928
File: 46 KB, 500x500, photo_2020-12-03_22-42-16.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

SCIFI is a 100% collateralised index token which makes it possible to both mint and redeem the token against its underlying assets.
>If the SCIFI price is higher than the NAV of the underlying assets, one can mint SCIFI and sell the token at a profit.
>If the SCIFI price is lower than the NAV of the underlying assets, SCIFI can be redeemed for the assets and thus sold individually at a profit.

>> No.25238942

no doubt in that 2021 will be huge for nfts and wax is drvinig that force with its new tokenomic have u check out

>> No.25238945

i would recommend you to go and buy some good nfts. but mostly i think its safe to keep your bag in btc. its been showing some staggering growth

>> No.25238991

polkastarter will show how altszn run this mid cap goona blow up once they migrate to polkadot watch out dont miss this gem

>> No.25238999

Safe to hold BTC, nothing can beat it in the market.
Better still to trade on leverage, take advantage of sleek and derivative exchange platform like ACDX, awesome trading tools and massive volume even at beta.

>> No.25239014

There will not be an alts season. Bitcoin will not take a prolonged break and alts will continue to bleed in sats.

>> No.25239040
File: 107 KB, 1049x1165, IMG_20201219_143728_779.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think so too brother. 2021 marks the start of LTO network UN project and digital id development. It's gonna take off.

LTO network
- Top 10 tx blockchain (http://coinstats.network)
- No spam tx, all real paid by users
- 8% staking APY, all paid by fees, no supply inflation
- Partnered with IBM, United Nations, European Government bodies
- Under 30 mill market cap - legitimate 100x potential

>> No.25239042

go with eth. i think it still has great opportunity to a new bullrun. it might have its ath sooner than expected

>> No.25239044

Ya this high profile companies are turning to NFTs and wax has make it easy to consumer to strore them or trade on their platform

>> No.25239060
File: 3 KB, 116x125, 1606121767134s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

2021 is alts year for sure. Best time to load up on them gems, alliancebloc for me gonna paint 2021 green

>Staking on binance chain coming in 2 days
>Suspecting they gonna list on binance soon
>Tradfi partnership coming in Q1, who knows might be hsbc, paypal, goldman sachs etc

Make sure you have ALBT in your bags going to 2021 anon

>> No.25239068

>safe to hold btc, nothing can beat it in the market.
I see a btc maximalist.

Agree to leverage trading on ACDX, although I ain't a pro trader but holding ACXT and sure its price will be impacted by trading on the exchange and liquidity mining.

>> No.25239100

ppay has launch its defi platform plasma fianace u can start liquidity mining & ean ppay

>> No.25239121
File: 11 KB, 225x225, i.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Polkadot, DeFi, and NFTs are revolutionizing the gaming industry, XED allows gamers to monetize their skills and efforts with the power of innovations like DeFi and NFTs. XED is definately going to huge anon, one of the great project to look into.

>> No.25239139
File: 46 KB, 500x454, 2020-04-29 13.08.35.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

OGN is one to watch out for in 2021 anons.
E-commerce platforms will drive the space crazy with mainstream adoption coming.
OGN is definitely a HODL as we enter into the nu yr.

>> No.25239157
File: 9 KB, 189x267, tro.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

alts are already following look at pols is up almost double since last month and still climbing to new higes u need to go with strong projects like polkastarter

>> No.25239182

My bag contains; ETH LINK VET OGN VIDT

well said desu, already HODLing OGN, Dshop has been gaining huge momentum with over 1700 merchants onboarded.
That's on the road to mainstream adoption.

>> No.25239218

lol u can get it dude hv u seen deadmau the edm legend has launch its nfts on wax u miss didnt u looser

>> No.25239242

OP you definitely want to take a look at insurance platforms in crypto. Nsure, Nexus, BMI... They are all doing a good job making crypto safer.
i think those will be the trends for 2021. i am sick of all the crashes and attacks and want to have a piece of mind finally.

>> No.25239268

>just waiting for XLM to hit $8 when altseason comes

Bros, that's all I'm askin.

>> No.25239276
File: 46 KB, 1200x672, photo_2020-12-27_20-56-42.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Polkastarter is doing great lately, XED just annouced its raising on Polkastarter and listing on Uniswap on the 30th December. Hopefully i can scoop some XED tokens early on pols. XED mission to the moon is about to be launched.

>> No.25239279

ya more projects are coming on polkastarter to raise funds like Fire Protocol & Exeedme

>> No.25239296 [DELETED] 
File: 550 KB, 820x542, 3e7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

spdr exploded on polkastarter... to bad i haven't got in in time, but i managed to get some ROYA.
i can see them mooning hard because iGaming industry is expanding fast and there is practically none DeFi solution for that.

>> No.25239315

I like how the team handled the OUSD issues, showed their high level of credibility and integrity.

OGN is indeed a solid one
> with up to 25% from staking.

>> No.25239328

ya check out their new tokenomic coming with ethereum bridge which will help to trade and create nfts on ethereum chain

>> No.25239343
File: 550 KB, 820x542, 3e7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i saw how spdr exlpoded on polkastarter, too bad i didn't get some on the sale, but i hope i still have my chance.
i managed to get some roya on their ido and i can see a big potential because iGaming industry is expanding and they are the only DeFi solution in that field.

>> No.25239356
File: 14 KB, 276x183, einsterin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>BTC is pumping like crazy lately.
It will be dumping soon like crazy lol. Its time to load up some altcoins as when btc ranges, alts pop. I am loading up moon bags like link,orn, bondly(fattest bag) for coming 2021 year.

>> No.25239381

I'm going with BMI, no doubt. They offer the best solution of all the insurance platforms out there.
It's a shame that their pvt sale was open just for partners...
2021 we'll be all about insurances and other safety protocols.

>> No.25239384

go with plasmpay . it defi plus wallet. with added features like plasma finance. it will be the next thing

>> No.25239389

ppay had also partner with Kylin and Ferrum Network to push its vision of defi for masses

>> No.25239398
File: 41 KB, 608x608, ykh5aiighl6z.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Alts are inversely correlated with BTC
Eth/btc will make new ATH along with eth. Its time for the queen eth to rise after the king btc.

>> No.25239412

>Now that BTC has broken ATH
Now it's time for BTC to make a new ATL.

>> No.25239417
File: 3 KB, 125x125, 1606810470931.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

if you like betting and gambling then good luck with the iGaming projects. once this pandemic shit is over they are all gonna face some issues no matter if it's Roya, UOS... stay away from gambling no matter what.

>> No.25239441

the rest are about insuring smart contracts and bmi deals with stablecoins and exchanges as well, right

>> No.25239444

Your shitcoins are going to 0, please shill it on twitter faggots.

>> No.25239448

btc is going beserk, but defi is the future .i would suggest you to get with plasmapay. it made strong partneships with kylin and ferrum to expand its reach

>> No.25239452
File: 40 KB, 932x528, photo_2020-12-08_23-43-40.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

XED has everything to succeed, it is one of the great projects out there, having a good working team, use cases,, great strategic partners, with a world famous ambassador. 2021 is going to be a great one for XED and its community.

>> No.25239466

i don't think roya is about gambling. they are just a platform which provides liquidity pools that can be used by entrepreneurs when funding their own gaming projects. so you don't play poker on roya, it's a lending platform, basically.

>> No.25239491
File: 89 KB, 1440x833, 2durye.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

actually they are saying that everything crypto related can be covered by bmi. so soon we will see insurance for the wallets, nfts, tokens and everything that can be tokenized.
for me it's enough if they are reliable

>> No.25239521

defi boom is to stay here for long. go with new and better coins along with eth. eth will also reach a new ath soon. ppay is going good. buy at dips

>> No.25239542

lol if they dyor you wouldn't have to explain. people hate to read these days...
idk how many times i have to repeat that ROYA is not a gaming platform per sE.
you can use it to create your own gaming project but you can't play games on ROYA, it's not meant for that.

>> No.25239546
File: 8 KB, 195x258, dgcl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I'm just so curious as how NFTs can get a share
Anon, nft will rise like a phoenix this coming year after crypto-kitties hype got faded. I am betting big on nfts and their associated projects like digicol who have their ieo this month and listing on uniswap. Finally i will be able to create hentai nft arts once their platform launches. I will share the hentai nft art here so that you all can fap on it in your mom's basement.

>> No.25239570
File: 10 KB, 167x301, ind.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Good one from the team, bring up such a wonderful initiative in the blockchain world, it is one of the project on my top list, glad the fund raising is here. i cant wait to start using the platform and winning some XED and NFTs.

>> No.25239577

>up 8% today already
dump your shitcoin and start trading stocks. 80% pump is the standard for the altcoins.

>> No.25239601

Insurance companies are scams whether on-chain or off-chain newfag.

>> No.25239646
File: 11 KB, 194x259, bitcoin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Stick to bitcoin and keep buying the dips. We are going to 100k anons.

>> No.25239764

Got 20k Link since ICO and expect to sell half of it this year. I hope it's going to be enough to finally be free.

>> No.25239770

i am bullish with roya and i think my 2021 is bright and the future im choosing for roya is perfect

>> No.25239897
File: 35 KB, 600x600, 1608554982571.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

got BMI tokens and im choosing this right bcos i want to insure my assets. Bridge does that.

>> No.25240066 [DELETED] 
File: 13 KB, 369x275, images - 2020-11-16T180505.068.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Funny how ppl tries to shill their shit without even understanding how intransparent royale is, id better invest eth and eos for that

>> No.25240136
File: 207 KB, 640x627, uwgkwkuki7461.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Youve got too many questions anon maybe what you really need is a firm believe. Why dont you put that in your ny resolution
Earn a bit of something too kek

>> No.25240161

Y'all plebs still sleeping on ALBT? Liquidity mining on binance chain is starting in 2 days with 12,000 apy at the start, get on this one make some money retards

>> No.25240535
File: 113 KB, 1420x946, c23bf4d03b7cb9e62db1973b1db95e9a4a-28-alt-right-pepe.2x.h473.w710.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I hope it's going to be enough to finally be free.
Congrats for the early retirement through link, i am hoping same for my spiderdao bag this year. I got in spdr during their pre-sale and now its at 3x in price already on Uniswap listing. But i will sell it for 50x atleast next year and APY is 500+% so it wont hurt to hodl and stake that long.

>> No.25240556
File: 13 KB, 369x275, images - 2020-11-16T180505.068.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Funny how ppl tries to shill their shit without even understanding how intransparent royale is, id rather invest eth and eos for that

>> No.25240560
File: 13 KB, 236x330, suit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Bridge does that.
It might make you homeless under the "Bridge".

>> No.25240586

Its easy to make money if you faggots simply buy the dips on bitcoin every year.

>> No.25240605
File: 77 KB, 640x640, binance.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Funds are SAFU during altseason.

>> No.25240836
File: 864 KB, 1623x1629, PwgsGsd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Every crypto bitch knows when eth goes up most alts go with it hence the altseason happens. Im definitely going in 2021 with BNB and ALBT
>alliance block lp mining on binance chain starts in 3 days

>> No.25240997

chad here, try to buy some PLOT before eoy extremely bullish afterwards this 2021.

>Dont cry on me once prediction markets became the trend that year

>> No.25241015


I see a lot of pajeets shilling their shitcoins, better get your trash outta here, not welcome

>> No.25241029

ETH is hardly going to 900, as you can see its just pure hype because of btc, pols is a bitch

another pols bitchass, btc will do 60k next year shitfag

ppay sounds like a small dick, all going to rot in hell anon

>> No.25241052
File: 12 KB, 178x284, 20201228_210052.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's not gonna happen, big retracement coming for sure.

Waiting for BTC to go back atleast $5k, trust me faggot.

>> No.25241162

Yeah bro those pajeets just rot in fashion dont mind those bastards that doesnt know anything about 4chan

Yeah every history will just repeat, so always buy on red blood markets and enjoy profits on green shower after few weeks

>only degens will know

Gtfo, SPDR is trash, the few meters away from reaching sa presale price, F U C K

>> No.25241219

NFT is really booming OP, in fact Lil Yachty's own NFT already sold for $16,050 thats hell a lot of money. Only in Fyooz you can invest in what you love.

>Top 1 social media as of now
>Might pump like crazy as what BTC did

>> No.25241252
File: 24 KB, 500x500, 20201228_211000.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck off insurance, more likely to dump harder as vesting period is not much a good idea to deal with.

The website is also ugly, do they have a developer? Such a shame.


>> No.25241302

I guess you missed that decentralized VPNs such as Sentinel are already booming this year.

And possible, SPDR VPN will be the greatest including with their free VPN subscriptions and free routers

>privacy is a must dude, note that

>> No.25241375
File: 3 KB, 125x111, 1606124931163s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ALBT has the best alt in my bag in the last couple of months and it's just about to get better in Q1 with tradfi partnership coming, staking on binance chain, data marketplace with Ocean and many more. Feels so good to be holding ALBT right now

>> No.25241390

Masssssss in my asss adoption gonna come soon alryt. In particular wallets like utrust are gonna be big in this new world. 2021 is gonna big big for crypto for 1 reeezon. Noobs.

>> No.25241412

I'm slowly getting rekt with chainlink, i dont know if the partnerships helps a lot or just bringing the numbers down

small dick confirmed by this idiot, just a same trash like DEGO fuckoff

those shitcoins will never materialize so better stay poor anon

>> No.25241431
File: 61 KB, 680x680, 20201228_211742.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

buy some btc, hold for a year then sell the dip

do it always, instant millionaire this 2021

>nah just buy anything you want scum

>> No.25241449

casual investors r gonna flock 2 crypto nd projs like payment processors, basic services lyk wallets r gna get huuge. Utrust 1 of my fave wallets fo sho. so simple even my gramma can use it.

>> No.25241472

dude utrust is a beast. Beats out bitpay exodus by leaps and bounds imo. When mass adoption comes 2021 projs like that are gonna get the lion's share of the pump imo.

>> No.25241490

Wallets r gonna be huge alright. So much improvement this space can still get done and with non crypto investors getting involved, UI and ease of use, coverage, convenience in gneeral is gnna be a big factor in adoption. 1st mover utrust has a lot of these checked off. Wid reverse staking, merchant partnerships left nd ryt, debit card integration, utrust way ahead imo.

>> No.25241534

iono man but I think xchanges gonna get a huge boost. It's like when traffic increases what's the sure thing to expand? Highways. and xchanges r the backbone of crypto. Volatility = cash money baybeh, i'm betting on xchanges fo 2021

>> No.25241558

yeah xchanges thinking 2 but which ones. Not sure abt Binance, alrdy missed out and saturated imo. Looking at smaller xchanges rn like ACDX. Lots of new bells nd whistles in derivatives, could be the new moonshot.

>> No.25241589
File: 19 KB, 311x501, 1579709789007.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>transfer 4k€ to clownbase
>forget to check the "instant transfer" option
>now it'll take three days to arrive
>gonna miss out on 30% growth

>> No.25241616

Xchanges fo sho, ACDX, not quite sure on tho but they've got andy cheung on board i think who's got some creds in the space, so that's saying something. Other than that i'll have to wait and see. But yeah xchanges are gonna be a space to watch in crypto for 2021. No brainer.

>> No.25241645

All of crypto gonna pump, but particular ne space that services new entrants well. could b xchanges, could b wallets/payment gateways, could b hardware, but any basic service that does something well and simpl;e and simplifies the crypto process is gonna be big.

>> No.25241671

dude check out the xchange man. Crazy sleek UI, derivative options like its a toy store, and they're signing up coins left nd right to add to their roster. Digicol just got added i think (or getting added) and lots more 2 come.

>> No.25241694

NFTs man no doubt gonna be big in crypto. Already is, 2021 just gonna make it bigger. Vitalik's painting, Lil Yachty, and Crypto Punks blowing up again r sure signs this is the new wave.

>> No.25241710

19k for Vitalik? Don't get it! But someone apparently does LOL. Any proj that's pushing NFTS is gonna feel the pump IMO.

>> No.25241761
File: 101 KB, 640x640, IMG_20201212_030004_658.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Altseason is just around the corner and it will be longer than previous ones. 2021 is crypto and strategy year. Go in with this in mind
>make your money work for you aka staking lp mining
>only go with projects that has great team and solid foundation
>the earlier you get in the better
My bag consist of ICX and XDB
Both will be staked

>> No.25241770

Cashless society is gonna take the next step w NFTs imo. Everything gonna b NFTized,not just artwork. It's card games, paintings, and whatever now but the possibilities are endless imo. That's where we're headed for 2021.

>> No.25241790

NFTs will be worth millions by 2021 man, and I think crypto in general will rule everything that will need money!

>> No.25241817

2020 was all abt btc for sure.
2021 be about gaming, NFTs and DeFi.. xed is the leader of the pack in projects w. this tastey blend of goodies

>> No.25241819

You have diferent nft variations ... but there is one Nft proj that is gonna have a collectors book, just like sticker album when we were wee bastards :)

>> No.25241893
File: 88 KB, 683x686, 18A27F90-0A5A-4D3D-8645-08653BD919AC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We ask zie question here not this fucking shill army, shillers get stiches or maybe pepe has a solution :) sie germanzzz and musk joinig brains for out of space

>> No.25241932

Pepe Sir yes it is, and i hope you frogjumped on all dips that were and are going on :) buy the dip and when X's hit gtfo gringoooo

>> No.25242084
File: 244 KB, 1074x822, 20201226_152724.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Only ting worth looking at atm is SPICE or Scifi imo.
Grab your basket of gems in one hit for 2021 with this index. Flawlessy put together by pros, a lot to love. Did i mention DAO governed..

>> No.25242460

Lol so many pajeets in here shilling

>> No.25242515
File: 3 KB, 125x125, 1606123510906s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

2021 is defo alts year especially those pushing mainstream adoption, for me oropocket is one project that will do extremely well in the coming year, you can invest in gold onchain with their app which is sick to me

Just announced a partnership with Elrond as well and is building a tokenized gold on tezos

Still at low price as well

>> No.25242527

Arbitrage mode, a little you mamazboys cant handle yet but daddy is gonna take full advantage if it , that is why i like spice in the scifi index, so much to choose from and if you know your numbers, you can kill it

>> No.25242545
File: 70 KB, 477x482, K3w4fzi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Id still hodl some btc and eth but keeping a close watch. Got xdb bag ready.
>mainnet is set on feb 21
>staking will follow

>> No.25242697
File: 22 KB, 238x220, 32BDD3EF-6391-429A-B74A-93520CAC4858.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dont you even dare to hype these gay ass skinny jeans rappers for they do not know they do. Their thing is like a lollypop in exeedme candyland , i challange you pajeets to a duel

>> No.25242762

NFT will do as you say, but nobody here is telling that you can BURN your NFT to earn some gaming Xed :) ( if you get broke, sell your medals noob)

>> No.25242797

Im pairing stake and scifi/spice and enjoin the short but mui grande jup over moon , guys u know the winners, dont read to much it hurts the eyes.

>> No.25242865

>dude everybodies gonna use bitcoin

not whilst you need 50 million layers of security, dude you must use VPN, don't have more than $10 on your phone, dude get a hardware wallet, dude write down 50 passwords

all so you can spend $100m on pizza that is if your coins don't just vanish into the thin air of cyberspace

>> No.25242866

Everytime i come home i see you bastards cookin in the kitchen ,

>> No.25242890

Here is my stack
50% Bitcoin (0.3)
25% Ethereum (3.7)
25% Litecoin (29.2)

Will I make it anons?

>> No.25242894

XED is certainly one to watch for 2021.
They have all the ingredients for success with the team, roadmap and strategic partners to boot. Funding from moonrock capital and massive oversubs in int3rst for the public raise, gonna be starting on polkastarter and uniswap as well im a few days. My oh my and woooweee

>> No.25242896

Use spyder modem :) simple easy peasy japaneze

>> No.25242983

Spice scifi for moon in 2021.
Get a bag of gems in one go. Bag is an index picked by experts. Dyor or dont dyor like me. Just grab the index and tuck in for the ride

>> No.25242985
File: 107 KB, 1600x900, iq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Alts are still lacking behind
They aren't lacking behind but is in the accumulation phase. It will moon once the bitcoin stops its bull run. Its time to load up some strong fundamentals projects which are below the pre-sale price like Aubit's platform token fwt. Staking is the new normal in crypto so the team has launched their pre-staking protocol with the help of ferrum network. Its a 100x potential alt.

>> No.25243001

Polkastarter did everything A++ and lots of u made good money on it . Now its time for round AltBaby.
Another one for polkastarter
The FIRE sold out in less than 30 seconds, currently trading at 4x, peaking at almost 8x.
That's just nuts, couldn't be more bullish on the future of Pols, .However those are just rookie numbers if we gonna compare what xed will do - new standard in the making . So u hve some background

>> No.25243035
File: 54 KB, 736x552, FB_IMG_1607656953720.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

maybe you are homeless and i wanna shelter you my Bridge. You see this perfect and simple home and i can give you that if Bridge goes 300 dollar per piece

>> No.25243040

Altseason is here mate. It's a green day, check the charts. MY UTK bag went 12% up today and it's not stopping!

Dude, xrp is lost, try something better.

>> No.25243089

DIA will probably go nuts in January. Primed.

>> No.25243124

Im going balls deep becouse of your dirty mouth, dyor hell no, just take my money

>> No.25243159

Just grab you fuckbags and squeeze your nuts and go all off on everything you like in your alts, and let me know when january ends

>> No.25243205

Howcome so litle talk about spice index , hm , i sense a disturbance in the force. Unclefuckers should take advantage of an rebalanced index which can get reconstituted monthly

>> No.25243229

Seeing the dominance of btc increasing, alts will make new ATL lol.

>> No.25243235

Yes. DGCL is NFT project and I heard some good things about it. The sale on ACDX went smoothly and I think that exchange has a chance to become a new great thing in crypto. The future of trading.

>> No.25243300
File: 116 KB, 720x488, FB_IMG_16084212322988913.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i doubt if this anon understood royale.
royale uses provably fair technology and if you dont understand that, its nooo ma problem

>> No.25243355

Y'all rekt plebs should check this out from oropocket, it's called new year resolution

You can be saving an amount each day or weekly or monthly over the course of the year and earn an apy of up to 20%

Really cool to have some savings which would have added up to something by the end of the year

Really cool initiative imo


>> No.25243357
File: 1.12 MB, 608x717, pepeDance.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well alts should start gearing up in the next week or so. Just loaded some more oro
>partnered with elrond network for the real world assets staking
>partnered with chainlink for accurate market price

>> No.25243406

ORO is definitely a coin to have in the bag going into 2021, lots of good stuffs coming

>> No.25243441

Haha looks like someone's been hitting mandalorian on disney plus. Im also thinking the force is with me when i take spice at these low levels. Altseason only around the corner which bring balance back to the crytpo world fo shi

>> No.25243515
File: 93 KB, 550x820, wa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Good luck, holding a scam and getting rekt this year. Acdx exchange is backed by andy and he is a scammer.

>> No.25243549
File: 104 KB, 1223x845, pepebitcoinchart.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Altseason only around the corner
"Buying the top" season is around the corner.

>> No.25243687

Well ya gotta cook to eat. And you gotta play to game. Xed are playing hard and they are all about gaming. I'm looking to get my gaming and my gains in the one place next year by investing and playing the betas they bring out for decentralised monetisation of gaming

>> No.25243692

stop this false hope
look at nexus, its wallet is getting compromised
look at cover, its exploited and price goes airplane crashing
and now ppl shilling bridge,
soon bmi is your biggest mistake

>> No.25243744
File: 33 KB, 500x246, F92B6C62-C536-4CEF-AA8E-FA3EE05B5B3C.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nobody cares for you dyor and thouts, Keep your 5c to yourself or get full of led, you filthy animal

>> No.25243995

Sounds cool. Creating business with no cash on hand is possible in royale. They are the one to provide on it via loan but im excited with roya tokens. Going to trade it next year

>> No.25244021
File: 24 KB, 678x452, 963C82F2-1C1B-4350-9AD0-F33FB67B0FFA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Bridge will moon? Bridge creates a wooden plank to cross a river I bet you 10 bucks on that.

Hopeless pick bro. What made you fall for this shit?

>> No.25244143
File: 32 KB, 500x375, AFBFF318-96B7-43E1-A31F-FD2A7DE67A7F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Of course they will only if the product is unique. Bridge has a unique offering for stable coins, exchanges, and smart contracts.

This gem BMI is going to be in big demand coz everyone will need it and that would moneyyyyyyyy.
Get rich

>> No.25244149

I agree with you. But I also think NFT projects will melt faces next year. I bought some nice BCCG collectibles there and waiting for the moon

>> No.25244344


Nice try, acting like a smart guy but trying to provoke bridge investors.

But no one will argue on this baseless funny fud.

Bridge mutual is stronger than you think.

Bigger investors has been paying attention to Bridge.

See Q1 2021, youll see surprises.

If youre finding a role model in DEFI INSURANCE, I repeat, Bridge is the answer

>> No.25244360

This one looks good

I'm trying to get in the private sale, do you know how?

Seems like you don't know shit about Andy Cheung idiot.
That guy is a former OKEx COO and he was picked in the top 100 people in crypto by Cointelegraph.
And he was also picked as 1 of 11 Entrepreneurs, Marketers, and Coaches to Follow in 2021 side by side with Elon Musk in TIMES!!! So stop shitting about something you know nothing!

>> No.25244417


Are you dumb woodhead?

Do you even know how decentralized insurance works? How smart contracts can help in instant claim settlements?

For the first time you getting insurance services on an app! That’s 2021 going to be.

Bridge Mutual is future

>> No.25244457

Man knows his shizzle. Polkastarter projects nearly always mutibag. Getting on xed when i can as its a no brainer for me. Gonna kill it next year being a DeFi NFT moving over to DOT

>> No.25244499

>Shitty alts are still lagging behind

>> No.25244513

i had a back at .07c and sold before the run up lmao kill me

>> No.25244592

Lol get reckttt noob only thing you should be buying that is dipping atm is Spice. Get a bag of gems in one go. Here it is that a group of experts put a list together and its mc weighted and dao governed. Just like an etf but for strong alts

>> No.25244665


Gaming industry is going big success with DEFI . All casinos and card Games are soon coming on Royale Finance.

Igaming industry is booming. With Defi, razor is going to take a flight high.

>> No.25244688

NFT and gaming are alot better then defi and gaming IMO. NFT marketplaces for gaming items seems more suitable use case then Defi and gaming

>> No.25244737

i have 32 KSM
will i make it

>> No.25244804

agreed WAX is the marketplace framework for nfts

>> No.25244834

XED is gonna be big hopefully the sale goes better then today cuz the site was lagging like shit

>> No.25244866

it was a shitshow todag nothing was loading and when i did the pool was already filled.. they need to fix this shit

>> No.25244883

Join the future of payments. UTK is more than just a project or coin, we can already buy almost everything with crypto thanks to Utrust. There is a great interview you should watch between Utrust CEO Sanja Kon and Wolf of All Street.

>> No.25244902

remember pajeet it is still only Just released the platform and already working they will improve over time im sure of it

>> No.25244967

2021 belongs to ETH and INJ!

INJ will become the top 10 crypto with its decentralized exchange platform, and for its amazing fundamentals.

>> No.25244999

this thread reeks
go take a shower

>> No.25245027

IMHO BTC dominance won't be forever. There are a ton of altcoins that have to pump when they have the chance.


You and I know it. Altseason will change our lives too.

>> No.25245071

Low cap gems will be printing crypto millionaires in 2021, ORO is still so cheap right now

>>Low cap and low supply
>>Unique DeFi use cae tokenizing physical assets
>>Solid FA with testnet coming soon
>>Staking about to launch as well

>> No.25245133
File: 7 KB, 300x256, 43FCB05E-1320-43A8-90E5-EBD87508DBEB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Do you understand this thing nooby?

NFTs are good. but Defi creates business, it is a fuckin industry. And gaming industry plus platforms like Royale need Defi to keep tokens running.

Read and learn first

>> No.25245171

Sleeping giant. Get a suicide stack and hold

>> No.25245185

How about the combination of DeFi and NFTs? Like Bondly. They are working closely with the Binance Chain so I expect to see Bondly listed on Binance. And also, NFT story is great about BondlyVerse.

>> No.25245210

naaaah defi is alot bigger en better to invest into

>> No.25245253

il shower in some dollar bills made from my ppay holdings with their +200 % APY

>> No.25245321

WAXE is combining defi and nft already

>> No.25245366

ppay looking really spicy for sure but always be carefull with defi coins tho

>> No.25245377

UTK is top 10 project. Love their staking model. Tier 2 is coming soon and I hope they will give us 10k for staking!

>> No.25245380

anons I have 200$ and I am poor and stupid
what should I buy

>> No.25245401

liquidity farming is big.

>> No.25245419

POLS pajeet dot project big stonks

>> No.25245438


Don’t bother bro. These lame brains will cry when they will see Bridge reaching a Lambo price and proving these amateurs what they missed.

Bridge mutual is a gem, will stay a gem because the app and the token is going to stay in demand forever.

>> No.25245513

Derivatives are a big marketplace and I'm happy to see someone finally got that. Idea is great and they are delivering already. Great staking model with payout every 4 weeks. Liqudity farming is live as well.

>> No.25245547
File: 63 KB, 640x640, IMG_20201214_010003_992.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Some newfag in doubt with alts? Thats perfectly autistic atittude

>> No.25245553
File: 7 KB, 272x185, EEC769E2-625A-466F-B7F3-135456682BE6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Doesn’t Deny the fact that You Roya Shillers Are morning but Jobless pricks who can’t find a better gem and tricking people with this time bomb.

No value, will burn everyone’s money.

>> No.25245637
File: 3 KB, 124x97, 1607087159209s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

2021 is a year for btc, etc and stable coins anon, those are the coins that can drive adoption so blockchains like digitalbits that enables brands to build branded stable coins will be huge come 2021. XDB looks juicy at the moment

>> No.25245662
File: 387 KB, 700x700, 1598567202057.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

all in btc and xlm

>> No.25245719

2021 is definistle our year anons keep this in ind

>> No.25245880

Polkadot project will explode in 2021. But Bondly is doing a great thing by building not just on Polkadot but on Cardano and Binance Chain as well. And I think NFTs are rising so 2021 will be NFT year as well.

>> No.25246064
File: 28 KB, 554x554, 1607946192606.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

if god helps i can get into bmi before the bullrun starts properly and messes up everything
100x incoming woooo

>> No.25246082

OCEAN is a great mate and the data marketplace is a huge opportunity.
UTK is my plan for the future. Unique staking model. Can't wait for the Tiier 2 for staking!

>> No.25246274

XDB is already moving into the gaming industry by onboarding zytara on the digitalbits chain which which building q stable coin backed by prime trust, zytara has been featured on Forbes and Yahoo Finance as the best fintech startup to watch in 2021

Don't sleep on XDB guys


>> No.25246284

ACDX started strong and they are not planning to stop. They listed DOT recently, ACXT/USDT pair, WOZX and now finished DGCL IEO smoothly. ACXT listed on Bittrex recently and all that in only 2 weeks. They are just warming up! More great things are yet to come.

>> No.25246460

Polkadot is a shitcoin

>> No.25246462

We can only try to predict, but crypto was never unpredictable like now. 2021 will be interesting for sure. I see NFTs will lead the next hype, that's why I bought some BCCGs but we can never be sure. We will see.

>> No.25246547

>ETH is f*male
Thanks just sold

>> No.25246634

>BMI will set a new standard for insurance protocols i am sure of that

>> No.25246725

i see BTC going to 100k+ next near
ETH at 5k+
and massive crash in some 12 months from now correlated with US stock market collapse

>> No.25246855
File: 78 KB, 630x354, Lamborghini-Diablo-630x354.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yeaaa naah

i hope it won't have the same fate as cover

>> No.25246900

Roya is a bloody gem bro. Rarely you see a token which is a part 2 fast growing industries all at once. It is a rare gem and will perform double awesome in future>>25245553

>> No.25246934

u fkin ppay pajeets tricked me into buying that shit, dumped it and moved onto some real gains

>> No.25246955
File: 114 KB, 1920x1080, 1607954785293.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

if you don't have roya you might miss a 100x coins anon

watch it closely

>> No.25246964

thats a nice stack just forget about it until december

>> No.25247007
File: 51 KB, 640x640, 20201117_034940.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah eth is on fire and to me that signals the start of fucking altseason
My money is on albt looking for a good entry on bnb
>lp mining on binance chain will happen this week

>> No.25247137

>File: 1607954785293.jpg (114 KB, 1920x1080)
>>>25234549 (OP)
>if you don't have roya you might miss a 100x coins anon
>watch it closely
When can I buy?

>> No.25247175

i got in at ido but you can't buy right now

in january they will list on a cex, not sure which one though

>> No.25247257

Some massive massive potentials with the gaming industry who has many unbanked Gen Z gamers, coti is exploring this and digitalbits is doing it also with a fintech startup zytara building on it


>> No.25247285
File: 24 KB, 470x313, 1605190693243.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

wtf is that shit roya garbage doing? absolutely nothing
the team and ceo have nothing to do with finance for FUCKSAKE !!!

>> No.25247394

lol the hate is real

calm your tits yo

>> No.25247877

Polkadot, but buy btc

>> No.25248122

Peeps this allianceblock foundation is hitting the books like no other.

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