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every single time

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>but still thinks whites are superior
you polcels are hilarious but low iq

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A lot of CEOs are Pajeet though

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>Jews have way higher IQ than whites
>Jews vote Democrat, support secular, left-wing society, socialist policies and reject Jesus
Really says a lot about how dumb the MAGAfags are. Oh sorry, I mean MIGAfags, that's the greatest irony of all.

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Yes we live in a Jewish oligarchy. Spread the word so we can have a societal awakening. Otherwise we will be in permanent slavery

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Have you actually tried becoming a CEO of a company?
That's why.

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Average IQ of Israel isn't even 100. They're around upper 80s/lower 90s. They're higher than Africans and just slightly higher than their Arab cousins that also are inbred.

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This. Either Jewish or Pajeets.

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Whats wrong with someone being jewish?

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>Nepotism doesn't exist, it's just all IQ.

So why is everyone on /lit/ so fucking poor and gay if they're high IQ anon?

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Accept Christ as your Lord and Savior

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Most people on /lit/ are dumb as shit

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The average IQ of a Jew in America is 115. That's why they're more successful.
BTW the dumber 90IQ Israeli Jews are right-wingers. Israel is the most right-wing country in "the west" (if you wanna consider it that) next to the USA.
Of course it goes back to the difference between diaspora Jews and the ones that returned home to Israel once the country was established in the 40s.

But yeah here in the USA you got Jews that have an average IQ of 115 (Ashkenazis, the ones that are super successful) and they're all lefties, too.

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>Only Jews are nepotistic, not whites.
Obviously all people are nepotistic.
I don't know anything about /lit/. Don't see why I should or why it should matter in a discussion about an entire race/ ethnic group of people though (or whatever you want to consider Jews)

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Okay this thread has dubs trips and quads.

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if you care about such shit have fun staying poor

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Maybe he's just good at his job.

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being right wing is the worst form of schizophrenia

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>They think IQ determines CEO status
Anon, I...

Jews have access to infinite capital and they help each other. No jew has trouble finding finances and access, that’s why. This is different in all other cultures. There is no such solidarity and people in powerful positions helping each other in any other culture

Maybe blacks but they aren’t occupying powerful positilns yet like the jews but you can see them helping in each other in popular culture already

That’s why there are so many black artists, dancers, ”rappers”
Not because they’re good at it but because if you’re black and looking for a career there are doors you can go through

Not as easy for a white

It’s the reverse in the country scene in the south for example

Thus so many white country singers and so few black ones

Culture 101
Jews just hold a lot of financial and investment positions and other powerful positions so jews have access to infinite amount of capital and endless doors to apply to go through

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Furthermore, /lit/, /mu/ or /his/ are a bunch of fucking monkeys who don't contribute to society

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As opposed to being left wing

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can you please stop reddit spacing after every paragraph? it makes a your shitty post half the size of the page. checked

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They support whatever benefits them the most, not because it's necessarily what's best for everyone (not that I blame them). Your post is similar to saying "XRP is run by Jews and they're really smart so I should invest". They got rich by being the ones selling XRP, just like democrats are getting rich by giving everyone false promises of socialist policies.

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>checks the ceo of a company
>he's not jewish
>call up my friend schlomo goldberg
>"it's time, the goyim must die"
>he dies of a massive fatal coronary event
>pure coincidence
>I am now CEO of that company
slaughter the goyim, drown the world in their blood

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Lol this entire post is basically "It's all a Jewish conspiracy!" with not a shred of evidence, reason or logic to back it up.
Jews have higher IQs. That's it. Their average IQ is almost a full standard deviation above white people's.

You know what you sound like right now? Just like black people have an 85 average IQ and they blame some "evil white supremacist conspiracy" for their failures, when we all know that's not true.
It's the same thing for you right now. You're being a white nigger, whining about "muh evil Jewish supremacist conspiracy" because people with an on-average 15 point higher IQ than yours are doing better than you.

It's literally the exact same scenario. 15 points between whites and niggers. 15 points between Jews and whites.
IDK. Learn to deal with it and stop bitching about "muh Jews" cuz you just sound weak, pathetic and defeated.

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I have no idea what you're talking about. I didn't say any of the things you just pretended I said.

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There are more 115+ IQ whites than all Jews put together. Yet we have so many Jews is positions of power than you would expect. It's obviously nepotism

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Bluepill: Da joos control the world and are ruining it
Redpill: The jews control the world and are saving it

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You implied that Jews are high IQ, therefore being secular socialists like them is a good thing.

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>he doesn't know

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Tell me more about how Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are Jews. If you are serious about making it then you find a way. If you aren’t then you stand on the sidelines complaining about the people who made it.

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>with not a shred of evidence, reason or logic to back it up.

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Jews do not have a 115 average IQ, the data that claim is based on is severely flawed. Stop spreading misinformation.

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Thats because of the hasidic jews pulling down the score.

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There are more white CEOs than Jewish CEOs. That's just a fact. Even on /pol/ they will admit that.
It's just that MAGA are trailerpark people and are so fucking smelly and dumb, and rotten, and everyone can see it except them. Then you look at a group of people who genuinely have their act together, like the ashkenazi Jew, and you see they vote Democrat. They believe in socialism or socialist policies. They're trying to undo all of the fuck-ups that poor white and middle class Americans have foisted on the world through Republican, right-wing economic policies.

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You are just jealous because you lack the IQ and familial relations necessary to pull off a successful business. Too antisocial to work together and too large of an ego to be content in life.

Learn your place and you'll be happier.

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They are mentally jewish. Being jewish is a state of being, anyone can join The Chosen if they are willing to leave humanity behind and embrace the race to Godhood.

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you are severely retarded and your words and pretty much everything you touch is trash.

hope this post was worth the five cents you got for it and you will never be a woman

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It's not flawed. Ashkenazi Jews, who are the people we're talking about who occupy so many positions of power, have an average IQ of 115 in the USA.
Actually the fact that non Ashkenazi Jews don't occupy so many positions of absolute power in the USA sort of shows that it's not a "jewish nepotistic conspiracy" because the lower-IQ Jews don't overperform.

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Ban usury
Destroy the Jewish power base
Call out the Jews by name
Expose them to the light of Christ

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I don't care if you question the holocaust or not. I just think you're dumb to think "EVERYTHING IS A JEWISH CONSPIRACY" when IRL it's just that ashkenazi Jews have an average IQ a full standard deviation higher than white people, which is obviously why they're "winning".

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ashenazi > israeli
Israel is a doomed nation

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those are lots of words talking about nothing

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>it's just that MAGA are trailerpark people and are so fucking smelly and dumb, and rotten, and everyone can see it except them.

Your post makes sense if you replace "MAGA" with "blacks". The only reason you don't see more Ashkenazis openly supporting Trump is because the left is extremely intolerant of anyone with opposing views. There's no benefit for me to share my political views with the average person when it could cost me my job.

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right. left. all that matters is money.

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It has nothing to do with IQ and everything to do with nepotism s d a lack of morality you fucking kike

Most people aren’t willing to lie, cheat, swindle and promote degeneracy for money but Jews are and do.

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What is this reddit tier shit

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jews have such an ingroup preference that they'll defend the child predators among them

>> No.25230696

loving niggers will NEVER make you virtuous
weird how all the atheists try to be "good bois" so they can get into heaven

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Oy vey delete this anti semetic propagaNDA now goy

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>Jews are high IQ
>allow themselves to get genocided throughout history on a regular basis

But it has nothing to do with Jewish behavior in host nations...

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Jews are have been kicked out of every country they've been in. Jews are simple brained assholes indoctrinated by media and vain pursuits of wealth. Really often pedophiles and extremely arrogant turtle bug looking fuckers. Atleast half of y'all. Like half of you cunts, and probably you on this one, are Cain blood, the other Able.

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Sounds like you're just a failure who lost fairly to someone objectively better and more capable than you, and now you're whining "YOU CHEATED!"
Lol everyone has an ingroup preference. That's just normal. Nothing specific to Jews.
>They'll defend child predators among them
OK that's just right-wing propaganda you made up, but hey, go into some conservative safe space and point out Trump's numerous connections to Jeffrey Epstein, see how they react!

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What about native americans. Did they rule the world through a shady conspiracy, too?
What about blacks? Since they were enslaved.
Yes through history racism and tribalism has been the defacto norm. Good observation. That doesn't justify it. Unless you want to start talking about re-enslaving blacks, all of Africa, and genociding what's left of the Natives.

>> No.25230822

>everyone has an ingroup preference
have you seen whites lately? lmao

>> No.25230845

>Most people aren’t willing to lie, cheat, swindle and promote degeneracy for money but Jews are and do.
you have to go outside sometimes

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I don't believe the Jew IQ bit. I just think they're closed circled and very materialistic vain people. They make alot of money but their lives are miserable.

And it's almost like half are evil as fuck. Half are great. So many of the big Jewish elites are involved in pedophilia. And I know a few personally. Which being in Appalachia the ratio is pretty high. Not many Jews up here.

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>Unless you want to start talking about re-enslaving blacks, all of Africa, and genociding what's left of the Natives.

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I have a decent job, a wife and a kid on the way. I didn’t lose. But I don’t enjoy Jews subverting my country abs using the media to provoke gullible niggers into starting a race war to make Georgia the new Wakanda

Go read Mein Kampf, Hitler was a hero for what he did in preWW2 Germany. For My Legionnaires is another great one talking about how evil the Jews were in Romania

Your behavior caused this

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This is what democrat propaganda does to whites. It makes them hate themselves.

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Its true. The Jews have finally brought peace to Europe after thousands of years of war and saved it. If you look at what nationalists want most it is to continue war in Europe.

>> No.25230926

Yeah I am white and I see that we elected the biggest failure demagogue of a cocksucker president all because he pandered to white identitarianism.......
Which he never paid any dividends for, by the way, becuase the entire right-wing is about service to your masters and superiors, not actually doing anything to help people or care for the needs or desires of the people.

That's what whites in the USA always did though since the boomer generation. Voted for the right-wing because the right-wing panders to all of their hatred and bigotry. Led to Nixon. Led to Reagan. Led to the present fucked up, right-wing US economy that only makes the rich richer. And the funny part is that when the country is run for the benefit of the rich, as the right-wing makes it, the rich only want more immigration because it means more profits.

You unironically would have had your "white ethnostate" + a small black population in the USA if you had just stayed with the extremely-restrained capitalism policies of the post FDR 20th century in the USA.

But nope, you went right-wing and you got fucked. You get what you deserve. Now your entire race is going extinct. That is from your OWN selfishness, greed and narcissism.

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Jesus christ the absolute newfaggotry on display. Most of you will not make it because it's obvious you don't DYOR

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They don't hate themselves bubba. They hate you.

>> No.25230983

Your entire race is dying BECAUE of the USA's swing to right-wing economics.
That's the thing about white people, they can't get it together.
What would a white person do if he didn't have a capitalist master to serve? he would be so lost.
You all crave it.
Someone says to you "be free. have your freedom. you don't need to be a capitalist slave"
That is white people.
So surprise surprise when your own children hate you so much that they don't want to defend white people in the USA anymore because at least the nonwhites will vote for economic leftism.

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Individuals sure but a collective group which thinks they are superior to others and can own them like cattle through debt slavery...no that’s different

Christ killers get no sympathy.

Jews support in America
>Middle East wars
>degenerate music
>anti white sentiment among blacks
>non white invasion of a brown serf class

The list goes on

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please go back

>> No.25231005

i have 0 hope for whites who tear each other apart for something as simple as a fucking pronoun and as i say this as a white guy. ironically, id say white male voters are even worse than white women.
spew your left v right spiel to someone who gives a fuck

>> No.25231006

lmao youre completely decoupled from reality

>> No.25231015

You’re an incel. Please go back to r*ddit, faggit

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No I’m not I’m 100% correct. Read a book and learn about the past.

>> No.25231078

Most of those things are healthy and help move society forward.

>> No.25231091

Lol white people don't make posts like that. I wish you guys would quit lying about this shit.

>> No.25231097

Have sex incel

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>> No.25231104

>I'm not like the other whites! P-please notice me kike senpai!

>> No.25231148

With them, you lose

>> No.25231151

It is flawed, the sample was from a private elite jewish school in NYC for fuck's sake, it doesn't apply to all jews.

>> No.25231183

if the jews didn't someone else would have especially since there is money to be made in all of it

>> No.25231193

By that logic high earners would not be republican but they are... even with less education they thrieve.

>> No.25231219

Nah, no other group is smart or creative enough to do that.

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File: 563 KB, 750x842, 04547819-3F8E-4470-BF1D-4B6FA79F59D6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kike cope fuck you. God is watching what your people are doing.

>> No.25231234

Taking the losing side in a war that happened 80 years ago is beyond pathetic.

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[x] Doubt. My boss is white he's an absolute prick. Good try though some will believe you

>> No.25231301

Your god is Jewish. Not an argument.

>> No.25231303

truth doesn't matter in the real world.Too bad hollywood made you believe in everyone life is precious and that truth will make a difference
Jesus was a jew too

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File: 270 KB, 942x1920, 7B4533BD-9FD3-44D4-8BE6-6303BCE8AA93.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not all Jews engage in subversion but there is a clear coordinated effort among Jews to subvert white Christian culture. It’s clear to see. Are all Jews bad people? No obviously not but those aren’t the Jews pulling the strings are running porn psyops like blacked to ruin white women and demoralize white men

Wake up

>> No.25231413

Christ taught the goyim to love themselves. Before that they could only hate one another as animals.

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File: 37 KB, 500x426, 0E60DA01-A617-405F-A70A-6996E64A13F4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Cope faggot

>> No.25231458

Jesus came from the line of the Jews but made Judaism irrelevant after the resurrection. Jews had the best chance to convert but they rejected him abs by their rejection of God (who is truth and goodness) became evil

Every human has a soul and every human has the opportunity to be saved

>> No.25231459

You really need to stay off /pol/

>> No.25231460

In a free market, the obvious solution is to start a porn company where white men fuck Jewish women.

>> No.25231461

No other group is as subversive as them. Its literally hard wired in their genetics to undermine cultures

>> No.25231483

They lower jews will pay the price of the upper jews crimes as it has always been. You wanna meet a real piece of shit? Go meet some russian jews.

>> No.25231490

Well at least they do not see racism and sexism in every film.

>> No.25231496

The solution is to kill pornographers

>> No.25231536

based. stack their bodies on top of the journalists.

>> No.25231549

Murder is illegal.

>> No.25231569

Take up your own cross.

>> No.25231570

are you implying that jews are not white? lol
come check the color of my skin you mong

>> No.25231591

Dude you need to fuck a jewish woman. Freaks like you wouldn’t believe. Idk why anyone would want to exterminate such good pussy

>> No.25231612

You're not european and never will be. Your roots are in the middle east.

>> No.25231614

Most Jews seem to not consider themselves white. In the same sense that most people wouldn't consider an albino african white.

>> No.25231616

same thing Vatican did

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File: 226 KB, 1080x1278, 20201110_134051.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Jews dont identify with white gentiles

>> No.25231623

Which is why people don’t do this but that would be the solution.

Jews push civilizations to collapse and then act surprised when whites chimp out and do absurd shit. Rich Jews will poke the bear for fun and then flee to another country before shit goes down.

>> No.25231648

The non violent solution to the jewish problem is to sterilize every jewish woman.

>> No.25231651

Jews only act white when it benefits them. When it doesn’t they play the Jew card like snakes. Truly a cowardly race of demon worshipers

>> No.25231693

I think you don’t quite get what a “free market” is. If white people are viewing blacked and somehow getting demoralized, it’s because they sought out that experience. No one is forcing you to visit www.blacked.com

>> No.25231750

How can you be so naive

>> No.25231757

It's kind of like selling heroin to a kid. Yeah you could say it's his fault but he's not smart enough to protect himself.

>> No.25231763

Pornography was illegal in the USA before the 60s.

It’s a form of social control and engineering. The Jews took over parts of Palestine and immediately started playing porn on TV. It’s a weapon and a society destroyer.

>> No.25231789

Pornographers are artists. Typical of a fascist incel to feel threatened by naked images of the human form and images of the act of child making. You hate pornography because you hate life.

>> No.25231817


Hugh hefner and Larry Flint were white

>> No.25231833

it is used to control people how germans in WW2 made soldiers have gay sex in training to bond together more strongly during difficult times

>> No.25231836

refer to
Anything can be weaponized. Jews were clever enough to weaponize pornography. You can blame the weak will of the people consuming pornography but don't call pornographers artists.

>> No.25231853

They spend all their money on shit books

>> No.25231854

>Poe’s Law strikes again. Can’t tell if this is satire or for real.

>> No.25231871
File: 87 KB, 1024x648, 29823210-9F40-4DA3-B27C-B32DCF48F6DB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You are a disgusting abomination defending evil like that.

No child comes from porn you stupid fuck. It causes people to jerk off, neglect their spouse or have sex on the pill or with a rubber...which is just madturbation

I love life and I value it. Which is why I hate abortion. But I bet you support that to?

>> No.25231900

While I have a neutral stance on porn I do think it should be freely available. Trying to stop it is like trying to stop the drug war, it is impossible and just leads to a black market.
It is really silly for a police officer to be able to arrest you for watching 2 chimps fuck but I guess some people want that.

>> No.25231924


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File: 51 KB, 383x367, 3497B335-FCCD-4761-A939-1893FF28DDA6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Libertarians are gay and cringe

Let society collapse just don’t tax me bro

>> No.25231945

ah, how convenient

>> No.25231956

I support abortion only because it disproportionately affects minorities

>> No.25231964

You have every reason to feel threatened by the celebration of human love because you have devoted your lifestyle to hatred of the human form.

>> No.25231980

That’s flawed because our descendants wouldn’t be able to brag to their bros about the fire kike puss/anal they got (they always want anal)

>> No.25232004
File: 191 KB, 1228x1150, Annoyed pepe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>human love

>> No.25232011

Well...that’s evil and anti Christian. Which is another reason why pure white nationalism has its limits

>> No.25232040

Classic doublespeak. The reason pornography is encouraged by elites is because it helps make the population complacent and satiated.

>> No.25232051

Sex is meant for married couples to make babies inside marriage. This I love and support.

You support degeneracy because Judaism has corrupted your mind. Not even Moses would agree with you

I spit on you

>> No.25232065
File: 315 KB, 750x646, 5trillion.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

People like you are why Africa has a population explosion resulting in hundreds of millions of people incapable of feeding themselves.

>> No.25232086

You are just angry because you do not control female bodies and the bodies of POC.

Pornography reminds you of your former power as a slaver and wifebeater.

That is why pornography is a necessity.

>> No.25232089 [DELETED] 

I like taxes though, just not people enforcing what I can or can’t jack off to. I think there are more pressing issues like advancing technology and not blowing up the planet than these cultural squabbles.

>> No.25232114

It’s because Africa hasn’t been given a chance to develop native industry. They are kept poor on purpose.

Instead of giving them welfare we should leave them alone and teach them how to start a native textile industry

>> No.25232167
File: 89 KB, 1280x720, 465B8F1C-A2A5-4D62-805D-1888C1AD5196.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This satire is insane

No one from the Old Testament would agree with your ideas. Your are a parody. I will pray for you goodnight

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File: 454 KB, 474x1306, white_farmers.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>just teach them to start their own industry bro
white people's biggest flaw is their assumption that every other race is just as competent and empathetic as they are

>> No.25232267

what are these cringe new sources.If it's not
Al Jazeera i am not believing them

>> No.25232311

No they don't. Those IQ tests studies are shams. The jewish sample size is always smaller than all of the other demographic groups. It's almost as if they specifically selected a small select group of high IQ jews to rig the results.

>> No.25232313

niggers are too dumb to unlock the wealth of their nation. their poverty is the fault of their own.

>> No.25232331

>A lot of CEOs are Pajeet though
CEOs are a solid tier below VC tier and founders though.

Sergey Brin net worth: 74.4 billion USD

Sundar Pichai: $600 million net worth - $100 million income

They're about the same age.

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File: 381 KB, 799x896, 1604097256047.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

was it goldstein medical company?

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