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I’ve lurked this board for 4 years and never made an investment in anything because I’m too scared

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not even haircomb? I find that hard to believe

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Wise full of scammers here.

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are you me?

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are you not scared of losing all your money to inflation?

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stay poor i guess

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imagine being part of the 60% of normie society too scared to invest anything. sad

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you should be more scared that your dollars are losing value every day

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Come on. Bonds are not so risky unless you think America will cease being a nation over night.

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I was in the same boat fren. Take it easy and do it like the boomers. DCA and diversify your Portfolio. Don’t go all in and don’t sell everything at once. It’s much less scarier that way. You will make it fren

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this is literally me lol. Not that I have the money either, I wasted all the 400-900 bucks I earned a month on my part time jobs within like 2 months after getting paid. Fuck

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Weak, I made my first investment after 4 hours of lurking

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This. Only hold the cash you need for 6 months. Invest the rest in order to protect it from inflation.

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I put 10 bucks on Ethereum, so far so good. Might buy more shitcoins next year

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DCA into SPY at the bare minimum, if
you want a decent shot at beating inflation. Just a paltry 1000 a month would go a long way, but you should really be investing more like 3000 to 5000 monthly

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>put $10 in BTC @ 10,200 before the crash
>cashed out yesterday for ~2x
>now have around $20
Start small. Cryptofags may not be impressed but it's hard to get 2x in less than a year by investing in conventional securities.

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buy link faggot

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not even DCA?
that's practically a system designed for bobos like you.

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Wow... another weak beta male thread.

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Don't be scared Anon, jump into the water!

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>dahmp id
btw the Dollar is deflating

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No its not, didnt you pay attention to the stock market this year?

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Is it even worth buying and entering the market at this point? Or should I just wait until it‘s cheaper again if that even happens

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have you at least collected airdrops? ffs, you can get a starter stack from coinbase earn alone. I put in about $5k of my own money over the last 4 years, but during that time I also collected airdrops that totaled about $15k at the time I sold them. 6k of that was from the uni airdrop jus the other month..... stop being a faggot and get some coins anon

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buy some amount now just so you can have skin in the game and stop being scared

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Black Swan event.