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Is he actually a good guy that gives most of his wealth to charity or is it just a PR stunt and he makes billions out of it?

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>good guy

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Nonprofits are just another level of power.

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>thinking billionaires still care about money
Don't be naive, even if he tried he could never spend it all.
It goes much deeper.

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Imagine if he's actually a philanthropic idealist who wants to do as much good as he can with his wealth, and everyone just says "fuck off, satan". it would suck.

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He strong armed the global cabal to push through mRNA vaccine development by manufacturing a pandemic. He's an altruistic consequentialist, yes, and a narcissist.

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American charities are 99.9% a scam.

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>imagine believing this

He set back open-source software development by a decade

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Pretty much this. The conspiracy theorists are hysterical.

>Gates and Soros are part of the deep state satanic illuminati!!!! REEEEEEE

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have you even seen one (1) person who was benefited of all these "charities"?
if the answer is no, its probably a scam
we have some charities who actually helped people, but most of them are just for tax cuts

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He's the only one of means doing anything about the population problem
Which means btw the only one doing anything to stop the flood of immigrant hordes from wartorn 3rd world countries for the next 100 years

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How is that even legal? Lmfao.

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There is actually a billionaire like that (probably 70% as wealthy as Gates but no one knows him). Real heroes don't reveal their identity.

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He's evil

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He is a misanthropic Neo-Malthusian who thinks lowering global population through mass sterilization fake pandemic economic collapse and faulty vaccines is the Good Guy move.

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nonprofits are advance level power plays

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Lowering population is pretty based though.

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Everybody at the top is corrupt. That's how its always been.

I'm pretty sure he's fucked over plenty business partners in the past for his own success.

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a wonderful man, he's in it for purely altruistic reasons

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A well trained dog, I see...good for you. There's comfort in that

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anon you need to watch this years Corbett Report documentary on Gates

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>Everybody at the top is corrupt. That's how its always been.
Can you give some examples

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It’s lowering itself in European and East Asian countries. The rest of the world is propped up by the European countries. He should use his considerable power to put an end to the ME and Africa.

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If acts of charity are not anonymous is not charity, but marketing

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>Is he actually a good guy that gives most of his wealth to charity or is it just a PR stunt and he makes billions out of it?
>Have a shitload of money
>IRS - "Hi, can we please have 40% of that"
>Establish a 'non-profit' and dump all your money there
>IRS - "Ohhh, OK no problem"
>Buy whatever you want through the 'non-profit'
That's my thinking, anyway. If you earned $50m and put it all in a non-profit dog shelter, and the headquarters happened to be a $45m mansion, and maybe there was only 1 dog at the shelter... but that 1 dog had expensive taste and needed a Veyron to get to the vet regularly... hmmm

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>Can you give some examples

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Oh, my mistake. Let me get my "news" from schizo sites and twitter posts to be enlightened.

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Biden is just a politician though? He is more a like a puppet

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He’s a sick fuck that will burn in hell

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clearly you havent even touched the Surface then.

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Cool proportionality bias, bro.

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You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inert, so hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it

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I'd say an evil piece of excrement

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it would be pretty based if he sterilized all of africa with vaccines so he could mine all the rare earths himself

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This. He is top 3 most hated people in all I.T. Microsoft’s ruthless exploitation and power grabs has destroyed many things that wouldbe helped many people, far more than his non profit bullshit

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He gives a lot away but at a certain point wealth moves on from money to influence and contacts. You can live a life never spending any money at all, you're always at some meeting, holidaying with notable people, working with an NGO. At no point would you even need a credit card on you let alone use it.

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Being plugged into whatever the Youtube algorithm tells you to watch is not being unplugged anon.

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non profits don't pay tax. think about it

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Recolonize it and call it "New America"

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based bond villain Gates

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I don't get my news off the MSM or watch jewtube, except if i'm looking for something. Haven't watched tv for a long time either. You should try it, it's freeing

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The alternative news sources you watch are still programming you. The only way out is to not watch any form of news.

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he killed my man Terry A. Davis
never gonna forgive that nigga

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The culture you live in programs you, it's inescapable, but can take a step back and analyze it, both the culture and the effect it has on you.

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he is a demon cultist who experiments on poor children

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Look into his vaccine trials in India. dyor

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Did Terry work with him?

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Charitable foundations are one of the ways the 0.01% satisfy their wants. It's inexplicable to most poorfags, especially ones on biz that are still stuck on the bottom rung of the heirarchy of needs, desiring base things like lambos, mansions and prostitutes.

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Most open source projects are ran by trannies (FOSS TRANNYDOM). I thought 4chan hated trannies? What gives?

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I can personally confirm Bill is a good man, although "Bill Gates" is probably a pseudonym/character. He is pathologically benevolent to the point of self-endangerment. From my brief experience, I would die for him without thinking twice.

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Non Profits are used to launder money legally.. At my last company - Our parent company was a non profit whjle we were a for profit company. They literally paid us every month to host software for them that they used to sell to other non profits. However on the books, the parent company took ownership to us so they were able to write off whatever money they paid us..

Both companies were owned by the same Bloomberg daughter. If you see a rich person with a non profit, assume theres shady shit going on.

t. someone who worked at a "secret" tech company owned by one of bloomberg daughters non profits.

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So does this mean that Warren Buffet is doing some (((shady))) shit?

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Most likely. I cannot think of the website atm but there is a search aggregator that allows you to search all non profits tax records by fields (Name of Owners, Donations, etc). The best thing about non profits in america is that all of their tax records are public record. You can find some really damning stuff if you take the time to follow the trails of money. One thing youll notice is that the money always ends up back in the hands of the owner of the non profit, one way or another. A big thing to look at is "consulting fees" paid by the non profit. Usually those fees are paid to companies owned by the owner of the non profit or someone or another business that's closely related.

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>The best thing about non profits in america is that all of their tax records are public record. You can find some really damning stuff if you take the time to follow the trails of money.
Why aren't people going to jail then? Nonprofits scream shady.

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Are you fucking joking

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He is unironically based and redpilled and the only one person brave enough to fight the way too high birth rate of black people.
he will reduce the birthrate of black people below replacement level.
Gates is more based than Hitler ever was.

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I never saw one person with covid, so covid does not exist? Your IQ is subhuman

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No, Bill is convinced that humanity will go extinct unless we come together as one to prepare against ELEs and other cataclysms. From his purely rational perspective, he has no choice but to do this in order to save us. It also provides an excuse to implement basic income and free humanity from servitude.
Hitler was a literal actor, and genocide doesn't help anyone. The answer to the Jewish question is technological advancement. There is no incentive to steal in a post-scarcity environment.

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Something is morally good of people should do it even if they don't want to do it. Outside religion there exists no reason why any action should have that property. He is doing it to satisfy something, not because he believes that it is morally good.

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based and Microsoftpilled

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I live in one of the least corrupt countries in the world

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thats a dark way to see it

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>or is it just a PR stunt and he makes billions out of it?

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oof, anon

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"Open source software" is a tranny field. Make up your mind.

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Hrs not the first one to have tried.
He will FAIL !!!

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sup faggots I am a gates millennium scholar who directly benefitted from da ebul (((bill gates))) i got his money so i really don't give a fuck
very little debt (<17K student loans) with a 40K starter job right out of (((college)))
what do you nerds want to know??

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He is a good guy, how much have you ever given anon?

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lol this.

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You still obviously subscribe to an ideology that didn't originate in your own mind. You're basically parroting schizo poltard memes verbatim.

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I want to know why you think 40k is a flex

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>40k started job
>17k in debt
guess it didn't work out too well

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cuz I live in a hodank town. detach yourself from material goods and the vain need to impress others like seriously who gives a fuck??
it really didn't but 2-5 years max paying it off but let's be real, we're going to be zimbabwe the way things are going so not really worried

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Well how much richer has he became since becoming a philanthropist? Hint: it's a lot.

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If he wanted to, he literally has the resources to make his own throne world. It's not about money. The guy is genuinely a good dude

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WTF are you smoking op?

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there was a talk about this on sam harris's podcast a couple of weeks ago. obv he's a reknowned atheist, and the talk was on living a good life. think he's donating 10% of his gross earnings to charity every year, there's a foundation for it or something. i'm an atheist and i do nice things for people when i can, so there is, i think a more fundamental driver than just gates of heaven stuff

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It was before the trannies, when developers were unhinged.

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He’s literally so fucking based and is going to become pseudo emperor of the west within the next decade once the great reset is fully initiated

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Who do you think writes the laws

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If i were them I'd eliminate the lower class whites first, the only potential future competition and remaining the true white upperclass. The shitskins are easily dealt with if you apply a but of force

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