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be brutally honest /biz/ how many asian shemale/asian escorts are you going to bareback and coom inside when you make it in SEA ?

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ugly whore, would not bang

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..... . ...

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At least two a week. I will be PREPping up and going in raw

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>using a girdle to look thinner
>basically taunting you "it's not real you dumbfuck gweilo"

Ughhh imagine her just stealing your kidneys and leaving you to die after she gives you a night of fuckysucky.

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shemales/ ladyboys too ? raw ?

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none desu but I wouldn't mind investing in a cute natural female waifu

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>ugly whore, would not bang

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Low-test OP detected
Asian women are only better than literal niggers and Pajeets

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That's called a corset...

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Id rather go on a sexcapade thru Thailand desu

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wtf i want to bleach some insectoids now

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thats a man

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thats a man

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No. But if that's your thing, PREP helps with that too, reducing risk of contracting HIV by 90+%. You might just wake up with a sore butthole. Not my thing

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lets see what your hot gf looks like then

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cumming inside as many as i can until the hooker budget is spent then using the rest of my life's savings to pay the hottest nurse i can find to euthanize me during sex

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I've barebacked 3 Thai women. One of them got pregnant in December 2019 but thank god she miscarried weeks later. I really only want one gf to coom in regularly. I'll make sure she uses birth control and I'll use a condom with other women that I secretly see on the side.

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When she's cutting you open without anesthesia after you came inside her so she can get your semen and your kidneys, does it really matter what it's called as she smiles and says "I had a nice time, ghostface, now die" and dumps your body in an alley out back in the filth and muck.

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I am however going to bareback every teen hooker that I can afford

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reminder that fucking trannies is being a faggot

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I don't know if you realize this but her neck is impossibly thin, she's clearly using digital manipulation. So yes, ugly whore and would not bang.

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You go first, post your hot gook gf

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ok incel

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I'm going to bareback an asian shemale then pull out and cum inside an asian escorts pussy. It's not gay if you cum in pussy.

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>When she's cutting you open
>without anesthesia
>after you came inside her

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This doesn’t happen. Hookers are lazy and opportunistic. As soon as she’s done fucking you it’s back to the street/club ASAP to find the next sucker.

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Bros how do you avoid STDs when fucking whores? I'm tempted but STDs always scare me away

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women go down in value like XRP after 20 years of age
wouldnt spend a dime on them

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Stop being a pussy. Most are treatable and for HIV you can take prep before you fuck and lower your risk a lot. Worst case scenario you die from the clap. Well, tough. At least you'd die happy balls deep in a whore rather than browsing /biz/

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Wear a condom during vaginal or anal penetration. If you want to be really careful, wear it while she sucks your dick. Are you a virgin?

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SEA looks miserable. The tourists are pathetic and the gook whores disgusting. Dreaming of that is pretty sad.

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only go for the more expensive/high class ones and use a condom
you could also meet regular people

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That's a man

A lot

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doesnt matter had sex

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How does being expensive or high class protect against HIV

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Expensive hookers use protection, if they were HIV+ they would be cheap hookers.

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I'll pay the family so I can make their 18 yo daughters pregnant, perhaps even the mother and move on to the next one

I want to have at least 100 offspring before I end myself

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shemales will cum inside me
not the contrary

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only fags get AIDS

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It's not a man, she's an instathot named Sabrina Lynn.

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How much do you need for a Japanese whore?

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yakuza don’t let gaijin into whorehouses

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unless you know them
being a shameless weeb can have its merits

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i'm going to build a saltwater pond and fill it with stingrays, then bowfish stingrays from a raft. maybe i'll buy a cow or two and make my own butter. fried stingray with butter is damn good. if i'm feeling energetic i might build a replica of balmora with rammed earth.

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yakuza are notorious race traitors. they will happily sell a jap girl to anyone with money, including africans. the primary customer of yakuza whore houses are black americans.

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they will, just not the premium ones