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High liquidity & on every exchange

2nd most used on ATM's

350m @PayPal users

$104m @Grayscale LTCN trust

99% Scrypt hashrate dominance

MWEB fungibility/privacy (privacy addendum coming next year)

Low fees & fast txns

$500b+ value transferred

9+ years w/ zero downtime

"Cheapest" coin on paypal and cash app for new investors.

Used as a cheap and fast btc conversion on most exchanges

No creator holding coins or concerns about supply like other shitcoins with XLM, ADA, XRP, VET

Charlie Lee sold all his coins in 2017 and is still active on the project

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Literally the only coin that hasn't boomer in 3 days tho

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2017 era shitcoin. Will be out of the top 10 eventually. Literally just a meme coin.

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Why do you have to make those extra spaces though? Are you from Reddit by any chance?

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I love ltc. just simple and perfect

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the only altcoin still aiming for the moon

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that fucking redditspacing tho

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Can someone tell me why LTC isn't just bitcoin 2: electric boogaloo and why I shouldn't just stick all my money in BTC instead?

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ltc/btc swings nicely
other then that there's some ltc skitzos with somewhat valid points but zoomers & coomers are too busy shouting it down to see its $making potential