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Welcome to XMR General, dedicated to the discussion of the world's leading privacy-coin!
Because Monero is secure, low-fee, and borderless, people can easily send money despite corrupt and broken governments or banks. This provides economic empowerment of individuals in oppressive countries or depressed economies.
Private financial history protects consumers and companies from price manipulation, supply chain exploitation, economic discrimination, or the like. Monero is the only cryptocurrency that has the features to serve as completely fungible, decentralized, electronic cash.
If you're new, feel free to ask any questions you like and a Monero Chad will be with you shortly.


< Full GUI wallet, for your PC
< A simple, phone friendly wallet

<Trade Bitcoin for Monero completely anonymously over Tor, decentralized. Slow but completely private!
<Trade Bitcoin for Monero through a centralized exchange built into the wallet!
<(Always look for vendors with lots of good reviews)
<Crypto ATM locations
<Exchanges and services with no KYC requirements
<A brief introduction to PoW Mining.

< Monero Daily Transactions

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No, I sold Monero for 0xMonero

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then you're a stupid shithead
0xmonero is still vaporware bullshit
just like the last hundred times you spammed it
shut up

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checked and pajeetpilled
based and moneropilled

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>24 Hour Trading Vol $528

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>xmr thread

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luv me monero tbqh

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Why is it going down tho? BTC seems a better hold atm

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it can't go any lower

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does any anon know what the "cents" or "satoshis" of Monero are called ? this just came in my head

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*we hope

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unknown amounts

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I hope it does. I’m not done buying.

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if Bitcoin climbs to 30k over the next few days the ratio will unfortunately go lower. We need a Bitcoin dump or a crab before we rally.

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is this a legit site?


is this the right one? how do I know?

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getmonero is the real one.
google it, you'll see.

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getmonero is the real one.
when downloading the software make sure to check the binaries.

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I like Monero but Piratechain is the future of privacy coins and currently very undervalued imho.

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hold the line?

Monero was in the $70 range a few months ago
This has been a meteoric rise; faster than I anticipated, and faster than I can buy in
It's screwing with my FOMO urges.
I wanted to buy a little here and there, but now I want to blow my wad and buy 200 XMR now
But fucking hell Kraken doesn't work with my bank for whatever reason (i forgot)

I wouldn't shed a tear if monero regressed a little, like back to the low $100's

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system requirements for a node wallet?

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We unfortunately dipped below 0.006 on the BTC ratio which was been held for 4 years. we quickly jumped back up but it still is unfortunate.
I do agree with you though that I would love lower Monero prices. I'm always down to accumulate more.
you need like 100gb of hard drive space or like 35 gb if you prune it

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Ok thanks but RAM CPU?
is 4 GB ok? is celeron ok etc?

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this is correct

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celeron is okay but you wont mine much with it, but you will be contributing to the network. 4gb is fine. your cpu is probably in this list somewhere.


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~/.bitmonero$ du -h
95G ./lmdb
95G .

so 100GB is cutting it too close IMO
even 120GB is too close once you include an OS
But 240GB SSDs are pretty cheap now, about $26

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you can host a node on pretty much anything. The only factor is how fast you sync to the blockchain.
yes this is correct

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If you can say that out loud and not cringe you're a better man than I... Imagine telling someone you hold something called PirateChain lmaooo

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in doubt that's always the right answer

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I'm not trying to mine I try to setup a wallet on an old PC a "Full node" or Local node but gui walle is always disconnected the pc is old

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Kraken works over wire. If your bank cant send and receive wires it’s probably not a real bank.

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>probably not a real bank.

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Are we ever gonna go back up over .03 bros?

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Yeah what's up with this lately?
Also thanks for running a node anon.
yes one day.

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so, this is killing me.

2020-12-27 18:33:41.463 [P2P0] INFO global src/cryptonote_protocol/cryptonote_protocol_handler.inl:2401 SYNCHRONIZED OK
2020-12-27 18:33:45.731 [P2P0] INFO global src/cryptonote_protocol/cryptonote_protocol_handler.inl:2401 SYNCHRONIZED OK
2020-12-27 18:54:51.917 [P2P7] INFO global src/cryptonote_protocol/cryptonote_protocol_handler.inl:2401 SYNCHRONIZED OK
2020-12-27 18:54:58.093 [P2P0] INFO global src/cryptonote_protocol/cryptonote_protocol_handler.inl:2401 SYNCHRONIZED OK
2020-12-27 19:11:06.381 [P2P9] INFO global src/cryptonote_protocol/cryptonote_protocol_handler.inl:2401 SYNCHRONIZED OK
2020-12-27 19:11:06.625 [P2P8] INFO global src/cryptonote_protocol/cryptonote_protocol_handler.inl:2401 SYNCHRONIZED OK
2020-12-27 19:11:06.650 [P2P9] INFO global src/cryptonote_protocol/cryptonote_protocol_handler.inl:2401 SYNCHRONIZED OK
2020-12-27 19:11:06.697 [P2P4] INFO global src/cryptonote_protocol/cryptonote_protocol_handler.inl:2401 SYNCHRONIZED OK
2020-12-27 19:11:06.976 [P2P4] INFO global src/cryptonote_protocol/cryptonote_protocol_handler.inl:2401 SYNCHRONIZED OK
2020-12-27 19:11:07.382 [P2P5] INFO global src/cryptonote_protocol/cryptonote_protocol_handler.inl:2401 SYNCHRONIZED OK
2020-12-27 19:11:16.408 [P2P0] INFO global src/cryptonote_protocol/cryptonote_protocol_handler.inl:2401 SYNCHRONIZED OK
2020-12-27 19:11:16.853 [P2P9] INFO global src/cryptonote_protocol/cryptonote_protocol_handler.inl:2401 SYNCHRONIZED OK

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are you running the banlist flag?

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straight up ./monerod no arguments, no config file

system has 8 cores (2 numa nodes)
and 64GB free disk space (total approx 160GB, 95GB used by monero databse)

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oh okay, the network is currently under a dos attack so you need to download the txt file with the adversary nodes and run the banlist flag.
go here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Monero/comments/kjrub1/in_honor_of_people_who_work_on_christmas_eve/ggyiids/
then open terminal:
./monerod --ban-list block.txt

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Anyone else getting stack traces in addition to these? I'm using one of the banlists, though I'm not sure which one is most recent.

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I have only experienced the synchronized ok output

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>support at 0.007, won't go lower
>just wait till btc crabs and we'll moon, ratio can't go any lower anyway
>hard support at 0.006, literally can't go below
>can't go any lower

see the pattern?

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so like... what do?

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No idea, I'm just saying that "can't go any lower" is nonsense

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Each file is larger than the previous, so I guess it makes sense to use the newest one

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Dropping below 0.006 is a surprise because we have held that for over four years. But we at least bounced right back up so it's not the end of the world.
DCA to protect yourself. We are in this for the long.
yeah use the latest one. Sorry I just overwrote the previous txt file with the new ip addresses

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Hope you all had a comfy Christmas!

Going to try and have some more cool animations made up.


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>12(out)+184(in) connections
jesus, I knew the network is under attack, but are there actually so few available nodes?

(yes, i'm running the banlist)

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there are around 1100 nodes running now. That's a pretty high number. Did you update the banlist?
dope anon!!!!

>> No.25220850

I did.
Is that 1100 including the malicious nodes?

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What do you guys think ? It broke the 6k sats resistance .. oh shit

>> No.25221005

I mean support # also I think it wil dump with rest of the market , I put all my money on fiat and waiting for February

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Fuggin feels like some autist is copy/paste -ing all the comments here
>monero is yet another pajeet scam

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hm that's a good question.
i just checked monero hash and it says there are 1195 visible nodes at the moment. No way of telling if those are attacking nodes.
I would assume that they are also utilizing the ban list so they wouldn't be reporting them is my guess.
I think Bitcoin is going to run out of steam soon and it will crab in the 20k area for a while, maybe even back to 15k.
I think your strategy is probably a smart choice however this market is irrational and you might be left fomoing in later.
Regarding Monero, we are decoupled from the market and our pumps come when they feel like it, so instead of timing anything I am just dcaing.

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>Reading charts

>> No.25221253

See Epic Cash

>> No.25221462

That's how the market bot work you are not alone alot of people take this shit seriously and the meme line gives a good indicator of how the majority thinks

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this is heartwarming, brightened my whole day

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What is a decent stack >20 >50 > 100 ?
> Inb4 unknown amount

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nice anon! tipped u for the cool animation, hope u got it

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50 is a comfy stack
200 is a make it stack

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So much good energy, most based community

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yeah man I love the OC. how did you make it and what else do you have?

>> No.25223097

thank you for the animation anon
have a comfy Christmas
spread the good word
sent you an unknown amount, albeit it's not much but still keep on stacking my brother!
got some storage for cheap today
gonna spin up a full node soon
stay strong
much love indeed

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can hear the laugh
>24 Hour Trading Vol $528
good to see you here

>> No.25223162

we keep on stacking

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yes it can.

>> No.25223510

do you have proof you made this

>> No.25223553

nice, like it

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I'm a monero autist and have seen every single rendition of monerochan, and this is the first time I'm seeing this.

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Full disclosure: I had it commissioned. For the monerochads who donated, it's going towards commissioning more. If anyone has any cool ideas for inspirational material, I'll always come back and share what gets created. I love you all

>> No.25223645

good on you for being straightforward about it
honesty is key my brother
based autistic anon

>> No.25223727

I'll take any type of OC monero chan to be honest. I love the gif, so maybe more of that?
We also need to get a thicc monero chan. We have booba monero waifu but we need a booty monero waifu really bad.

>> No.25223765

you'll get banned for that
damn it jannies lemme post some pics!
I didn't post any but my IP range got flagged

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what's up lads
why we dumpin

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Hardcore videos with a beautiful woman cosplaying Monero Chan.

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one of my buddies likes to draw commissions ever since one anon asked him once, since then he keeps asking me if there are new commissions but the thread obviously got archived so almost every week he asks for commissions, is there a way you guys would give him commissions, so he finally stops bothering me?
he doesnt know shit about crypto and i'd like to get him interested in it so it would be pretty cool, he doesn't care about money so he'll also be extraordinarily cheap, like a few cents cheap.

should i ask him? pic related is his style

>> No.25223850

the images don't have to be nudes, I just want a real thicc monero chan really bad kek
Bitcoin cucked us
I want to meme this into reality so god damn bad

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Linear USD chart

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Log XMR USD chart. The upside potential is absurd.

>> No.25223989

you'll have to moneropill him so he makes art for free so he can jump on the monero waifu meme

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need to cryptopill him, today he seemed more interested in it than usually, might be a good sign
not sure if he wants to draw waifus thought..

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blessed monero waifu

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the only reason i invested in Monero

>> No.25224198

now look at the XMR/BTC chart, it's extremely bearish short term.

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I don't get why Monero is a good idea at all
I mean, the thing that I dont' like about privacy coins is that

1. they're worthless if cracked
2. they're super easy to FUD

why not diversify your privacy coins
there's like
Beam, ZRX, Litecoin(MW extension block) avaliable

or just don't hodl privacy coins at all, hold coins that are storage of value and trade for privacy coins when you need to do transactions

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>> No.25224279

I like the fud, gives me time to accumulate.
>Why not diversify
XMR is the best by miles

>> No.25224380

eventually it will happen, the jews will infiltrate the core devs like BlockStream has infiltrated Bitcoin, and they will put in bugs to make it subverted. the lead monero dev fluffypony has left the team

>XMR best
technically Beam is the best, but it's just so volatile in price, it dumps when everything pumps donno why

>> No.25224494

lol no beam is not the best.
But your concerns about infiltration are echoed by many of us, this is true.

>> No.25224610

when is it going to be our time in the sun monero bros? why is the night so long?

>> No.25224647

>beam not the best
MimbleWimble has no amount or address to speak of
Beam max privacy transactions has 64k anonymity set even if MW is monitored like Grin
you can build smart contracts on Beam
easy to use mobile lite wallet

>> No.25225539

lol fuck off with your isreali shitcoin

>> No.25225645

Isn't LTC new privacy feature bad for monero ? Want to buy some but I getting discouraged especially the Dev is a known person so he can be targeted unlock satoshi and his myth

>> No.25225763

litecoin has a transparent ledger. do you realize how many attack vectors are open because of that?
also these privacy features are optional, which means nobody will use them.

>> No.25225851

Buy the Dev is known I mean when shit hit the fan and any hard regulations comes they can easily lock the Devs up and killing the project at least stoping it's updated tech

>> No.25225913

>when shit hit the fan and any hard regulations comes t
gay FUD
there is no legal precedent for banning Monero.

>> No.25226147

You blind dude , there are regulations comming for it especially because it can't be tracked also you have the CIA putting a bounty on it. Which means they can make it illegal to buy it which is bullish bit then the Dev would be criminal because they are building something against the law and can easily be thrown in prison

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Monero miner bro here again
Thanks frens for all the help you've given today.

I have a question about RPC:
I want to run a full node as I have a system on a 1Gbps fiber link, and a beefy(ish) VM with 8cores, and 32GB RAM.

I've already forwarded ports 18080-18082, and 18089 to my VM
Netstat shows that I'm listening on ports 18080-18082

here's the command I'm running:
./monerod --limit-rate-up 368640 --limit-rate-down 368640 --ban-list banlist.txt

should I make any changes to be a full node?
Is ZMQ a good idea?

any other recommendations?

>> No.25226337

so what are the chances they pass regulation against monero and other coins?

>> No.25226576
File: 159 KB, 845x694, wes-borland-6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm starting to think that they would have already done it by now if they were going to do it at all.

most people don't have cryptos
the (((elite))) who are tied in to the ruling class probably do
which is why we are seeing so much money printing
they don't care if the dollar becomes worthless, they are already situated
possibly in crypto among other instruments
so they don't want to kneecap themselves
and monero especially since the revelations of epstein, weinstein, and others.

back in 2015 it sort of looked like they might clamp down on cryptos, which is one of the main reasons I didn't jump in deep back then.
but now, I think the (((elite))) want it as it's just another tool of the haves vs have-nots

>> No.25226963

i must appreciate retards like these for delaying the inevitable 4 digits

>> No.25226983

>possibly in crypto among other instruments
Yeah, but they probably have BTC and other shit.