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Mooning $710+

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We'll establish support at $700, then we pump to $800. Past that it's a moon mission.

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$800 is fud we are going to $1200-1500

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>BTC way past ATH
>ETH still 30%

wat does god mean by this?????

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$800 by end of month

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We are going to the moon bitches

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This! DeFi is going to be huge, 2.0 will safe us. Eth is like a ETF on most crypto projects

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I never said we'll stop at $800. We'll surpass ATH and after that we could pump to back to the average BTC to ETH valuation as it was in 2017.

> BTC was £13,000
> ETH was £1,000

So if BTC is £20,000
ETH could easily hit around £1.5k-£2k

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Should I sell and rebuy at the dip?

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fucking retard

yep all eth has to do is prove that eth 2.0 will be good in practice and not just on paper, let us hope eth 2 will successfully launch and wont have problems. if so eth will be like investing in btc 2012. keep a stack of link too because link is heavily involved in defi

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I sold everything and I'm coming next year for the new dip, bye.

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I think you would be right but btc has just fucked up the traditional rules and patterns, it has made the past look so ridiculous, for all we know we could be establishing a support for eth at 1k even imo, we'll see

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Link is going to get raped by the SEC... there's a fucking reason is dumping

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you had three years

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>up 22% today

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theyll be fomoing back in at $900

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I sold at 600 what do I do
>inb4 kys

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why would you sell eth sub 5000 wtf is wrong with you

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it broke below a year long trend line on ETH/BTC but because this shitcoin BTC went up now ETH goes up in USD even though it's lower in sats than it was in 2016 wtf is this nigger market

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it's over.

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you sold the accumulation phase?

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Buy back at 900.

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Lol I sold half my stack at the big 570 dip. Thank god I put it into BTC though

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>it broke below a year long trend line
lmao btc broke all fucking kinds of trends

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Hahahaha what a shitcoin. Pathetic pump.

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>Thank god I put it into BTC though

uh no, ETH is going to outperform btc in the coming days, you did the reverse

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I sold when it broke under the year long trend line like 5 days ago and it did go down to like 560 but I didn't buy back, I thought it had to come down to at least 540.

I was thinking that even if BTC goes to 23500 I will get ETH at a cheaper price than I sold. But this cancer coin keeps pumping more and more, no end in sight, absolutely disgusted by BTC desu

you nigger I sold before it did that

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bitcorn just bled but this thing held on pretty well. daresay i'm impressed and b-b-b-b-bullish

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avalanche will kill eth, these are ethereums top times in terms of use and price.

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They doubted us...

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Avax coming for Eth. 700 nothing pajeets

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Forgot what eth is when I started collecting avax

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Of course i'm still giving up btc and eth for avax you should too

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Yeah and so is FTM, Cardano bla bla bla
Eat a dick my man

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Yeah 650 to 700 so much profitz, wait until you see avax pump up from 3 to double digits. Now that's some real profitz $$$

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look at these fucking shills theyre not even hiding it

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Avalanche is very fast,scalable and low transaction costs.With the integrated ethereum in it will definitely help the future development of crypto assets.

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>totally organic

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eth already approved by SEC

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get the fuck out pajeet.

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and BTC is a fucking outdated dinosaur, what's your point here?

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I'm waiting Avax $10. Fk Eth..

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disgusting pajeet

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NOOOOOoooooooooooOO SUB 700

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oh for fucks sake its fucking dumping again sub 690 i cant believe i didnt sell at $710 and now BTC is continuing its pump again LMAO im such a retard jesus christ i want to die

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Cardano will tho, Eth 2.0 is playing catch up now and is honestly featureless when compared. People may not like haskel but what you'll be able to code in any language and deploy onto the cardano network and run flawlessly. There's already people jumping ship and Cardano isn't even fully up and running. The guy who invented haskel works on ADA was also part of inventing Java. There's some seriously top guys on this. Why do you think eth is switching to PoS? Og eth founders left because it was going in the wrong direction. Now we have Polkadot and Cardano created by guys who worked on eth saying it's a shit show and can't work and only now they do something about it. Can you even run side chains with eth?

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fuck off with your roach coin

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