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chinese ETH
>digital assets
>bancor partner
>parent company work with alipay
>approval of chinese government
>conference on 22nd detailing release 2,0
>microsoft speaking at conference



https://www.reddit.com/r/Antshares/comments/6i0cj8/translated_article_062217_smart_economy_antshares/ - See this for microsoft speakers


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waht the fk is happening

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Chinese are going to steal ants from weak hands tonight and then it's launch time in the AM

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it never dipped that low and stayed at those levels before

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>tfw could have sold and bought this dip

must resist urge to not get burned

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Yunbi is stable at ~7.7. WHY. Something fucky is going on.

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in the long run you'll be fine

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lower sir

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we're getting cucked boys. xiaolong changs are fucking our imaginary gfs and wives as we speak

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I missed out last night. How low are we expecting this to go tonight? Is it going to keep climbing steadily until the 22nd?

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their exchange is under maintenance

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its going past that rn

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184 BTC buy wall at 38k

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Do it pussy, I'm at 30k
You want lamboland or disneyland?
Make up your god damn mind.

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wales somewhere cashing in while they can. will be the same dudes who were pumping earlier today

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Dip of a lifetime boys, rippling 3.0? 3000% gains

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So what's going to happen? It keeps going to $12 then back to $10 on bittrex. Sell or buy?!?

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>buy in
>dips hard

someone should do the reverse of all my trades, they would make a killing

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well shit i'm in for the long hodl

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>Next two days
Its going to hit 25 dollars before the conference
10k SATs or .5 BTC
1 SAT or 1 BTC

There is no inbetween.

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Someone literally is. That's what "trade" means.

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anyone know at what time PST is the conference the 22nd?

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already rebounding again. Feel sorry for who lost the opportunity to buy

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I love this coin.

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What are you lads setting your buy orders at for the night?

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>made .1 ant after selling and buying back 1 ant

that will be worth 10 dollars in th future...

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Why BTFO? I meant that it will probably not dip bellow 38 due to the huge bw

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i bought in at 3.40 and i want to sell but bittrex keeps hovering around 10. yunbi it's 7.50. i'm gonna hold fuck it.

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the website says 2 days 4 hours and six mins from right now

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don't worry, the dips right now aren't that big of a deal anyway when this coin moons

just make sure you get as many ants as you can get, and to hodl at least until the 22. I had enough of holding bags and accepted my loss with Verge (-20%) and bought some ants, instantly made that money back. Buy some ants anon

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How badly did I fuck up by buying in at 440?

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picked up 7 total today shorting worth

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If anyone has 1 spare ant to help a poorlad would mean a lot :( and may good fortunes come your way

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I just meant the wall instantly got taken down real fast

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hodl to remain comfy

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probably a dump and then a pump later on

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Bought in a 500K sats, held past 530K, then it dipped. Still holding on. Any guesses as to if or when it might reach higher than 500K again?

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You are fine. Just be patience.

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sold at 40k
bought back at 39k


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Couple hours.

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Honestly you got in at a pretty low price relatively speaking. There are anons that bought in at 500k. In all honestly though everyone's gonna make it out on top here. It ain't stopping at $15

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just fucking hodl you weak pieces to shit, we going long on this one

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Hmm, buying high... Interesting strategy.

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Jesus guys this has been said AD infinitum, HOLD for GODS sake. Trying to time and short this market will fuck you, whales playing kid games. I lost 50 ants trying to short this shit, got burnt like those in london tower

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>Giving out 10-100$ handouts for nothing
>probably has a wallet of at least 20 ants anyway
Id rather fund a bum's drug habit

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made 60 ANS from the dip, sold at 42. guess i was due for a good one soon enough.

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within next 12. Hodl this coin is insane and hasn't peaked yet.

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I am holding and waiting. Reckon it'll hit 1 mil sats before the 22nd?

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decent chance, its been more than doubling per day and there's still two days left

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What other anons said, I bought at 435. First purchase, hope I'm not a bag holder but I believe.

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Please keep the price high while I slowly sell my stack

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What Did He Mean By This ?


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>mfw got in at $3 dollars.
Only gains are to be made. No L's.

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39k or 38k Doubt it will dip bellow that.

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>Tfw I will only start losing money if it drops below 4 dollars
Feels good to be SAFE

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Also, who can explain why MACD has been so useful for ANS.
In the past I haven't found it as helpful.

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It will be 25 tomorrow. Buy now.

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Make me rich little ants

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tfw gave friend $55 to buy me 4 ants before the dip.
tfw hes going to sleep soon and I can't buy anymore until I get an account setup tomorrow.

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I bought this when I saw it had a big volume increase and that it was a few dollars, because I think if a coin can reach that it can reach much higher.

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Why can't you set it up now?

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im in the same boat. 36 ant army reporting for duty

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Don't try to time the market for maximum profit man. Just take this dip as a blessing and buy in

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Is yunbi really down again? Could be a dip incoming.

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20 dollars within 24 hours, screencap it

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I've put in for 0.00385BTC
hope I don't regret it

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the trade volume is way too low there, it has to be down

>> No.2521245

installing ubuntu on a laptop right now. desktop has too much pirated shit to trust it with a wallet with any money in it.

>> No.2521251

where do i set up an account to start trading?

i have $700

>> No.2521255

Im all in on ANS. How fucked am I? Bought at 135 and 388

>> No.2521258

>Tfw only 52 ants
Must earn more.

>> No.2521259

So what happens if conference just adds more hype and is like best case scenario for a conference? Does it just go straight to the moon?

>> No.2521261

gemini, its going to take a while to get set up though

>> No.2521267

>tfw only 500 ANS
Oh well, still going to lamboland

>> No.2521270

It's over folks, move back to the maincoins now, trust me.

>> No.2521275

Localbitcoins.com and bittrex

I got started from nocoins in a matter of hours.

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>got in at 500k



>> No.2521281

is this the dip?
should I buy right now?

>> No.2521283

all depends on how china reacts imo. whether they pump or see longevity in it

>> No.2521284

ALWAYS sell the news, no matter what. Why? Because everyone always sells the news and everyone trades on this basis. What you can do is buy after the dip.

>> No.2521291

fuck dude send a poor fag a couple ants <3

>> No.2521294

you're rich anon

>> No.2521299

RIP, by the time you jump in you might have to just buy a used caddy.

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Just sold this chink shitcoin, all into BTC now t bh

>> No.2521302


oh not yet, youll know when it dips

>> No.2521307

Best case? It spikes to 2 Billion per ANS
Reasonable but still dream case? The price spikes to 100 over the course of 24 hours before dropping to 50.

Reasonable cases? It hits 25/30ish after the conference or dumps ass hard.

>> No.2521309


Thanks for dragging me into the biggest pump and dump in history you faggots

>> No.2521311

Same as I. I set a sell order for 1 mil sats, and am just holding. 2 days left to go, it could massively rise.

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leaked footage of the markets tonight

>> No.2521314

Hold it brother, we still have 2-3 days until the conference

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only 4 coins, i'll live and get in on the next moon mission.

>> No.2521318

When exactly to sell though? 1 hour before announcrment, 1 ,Minute, 1 Second?....

>> No.2521321


Do you think ETH was straight mooning all the time? Hold you fucker

>> No.2521324

omg guys this is mooning omg guys i just bought 2 ants omg my buddy told me tomorow they will be around $17.32 if i recall correctly but hes already made 100+ so he's not bullshitting guys

go ants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.2521328

100? 50? dollars?

>> No.2521329

Played these fools like a fiddle luls

>> No.2521333

Is 370k a good buy order for sleeping? Cmon anons help me out here

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>He doesn't own any ANS
>He thinks the largest volume trading on Brittrex right now is just a shilling pump 'n dump

>> No.2521351

as close as possible, just try not to get burned

>> No.2521353

Bought 325 at 130, Sold at 460, Bought back in at 390... Fuck this is a wild ride.

Does anyone know what the actual fees on Yunbi are? Considering the price is so low compared to Jubi.

>> No.2521355

this macd is a fucking yikes

might tank back to $7-8

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>> No.2521372


>> No.2521380

hold them on like your parachute

>> No.2521382

here comes the dip

>> No.2521387

buy now lol

>> No.2521392


I bought in at around $3. It has a long way to go before I start to care

>> No.2521394

Ah, ah!

>> No.2521398

>tfw super poor fag

>> No.2521404

coin rising at Yuni

>> No.2521408

sent :^)

>> No.2521410

I'll see you boys in a couple hours. This dip is making me paranoid. I need to work out or something.

>> No.2521413

pumping back up on chink market

>> No.2521415

Fuck, Im so inexperienced with this stuff...but I guess I will follow the advice. A quick google search basically comfirmed this too. Hope the chink event is not an exceptiom to this rule...

>> No.2521416


>> No.2521419

just made 50 ans

buy now, it's going to be a short dip, already up at yunbi

>> No.2521429

>Made another .1 ant

heh..... another 10 dollars....

>> No.2521430

>Yunboooo rising fast
>Bittrex crashing

u w0t mate
I know bittrex is behind, but cmon

>> No.2521432

Guys dont short this shit if you wanna fuck mad pussy in the future and wipe your ass with benjis

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really makes you chink

>> No.2521438

gooks are waking up


>> No.2521439

They will catch up trust me

>> No.2521441

BUY ASAP!! its going up on chinese exchangesss

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>> No.2521447

sent ;)

>> No.2521451

this is where my life ends

>> No.2521457

Going up in China. The prices are levelling. This is the dip. BUY!

>> No.2521458

>Going up on Chinese exchanges
>Everyone on Bittrex panic selling

You fucking morons

>> No.2521460

Bagholders united, hope you folks didn't really drop 40k into this chinkcoin

>> No.2521467

help out a 6ant poorfag? i'll write you a theme song for mooning

>> No.2521468

was lying just bought back in thanks bois

>> No.2521470

i hope you stupid faggots arent selling right now

its going to fucking pluto in the morning

>> No.2521472

China pumping

>> No.2521475

who the fuck knows. just have the lube ready

>> No.2521476

What I'm really salty about is a sold at 252 and bought back in at 249 because I thought that was where the dip ended.

Next dip I'm going to wait it out a bit.

>> No.2521478

Sell faggots I want your cheap ants

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File: 830 KB, 808x805, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2521482

>babby's very first pump and dump
buy high, sell low.

>> No.2521483




>> No.2521491

I’ve seen quite a few “Are Antshares a scam?”, “Antshares are the Chinese Ethereum!” and “WARNING ANTSHARES ARE THE CHINESE GOVERNMENt!!” threads, as well as what are pretty clearly shill posts. As a Westerner with a degreee in Asian Studies focussing on China and Chinese Politics, as well as having lived there for two years and speaking the language half-decently, I wanted to offer my two cents.
Firstly, I don’t think there’s a culture on this planet that is more fad-driven than middle and upper-class China. Technology, food, fashion, anything that can have a flavour of the month does, and it gets picked up in a big way. Every generation, from Grandparents to toddlers, will be influenced by these fads. They’ll go crazy over popcorn, or everyone will be carrying bags and wearing hats with Angry Birds all over them. If using Antshares picks up even a small amount of steam in mainstream Chinese culture it has the potential to blow up in a big way. If it gets integrated into Weixin, Weibo, or Alipay then I expect it will boom. One similar trend that occurred a few years ago was the sudden obsession with iTunes cards. Chinese expats in Western countries were buying huge numbers of iTunes cards for resale in China because of the restrictions on the Chinese version of the cards, so there’s a precedent for putting massive amounts of money into fairly abstract technologies.

>> No.2521492

The selling on bittrex is outrageous

>> No.2521506

check your wallet ;)

>> No.2521507

thanks for the lambo weak handed faggots

>> No.2521513

Secondly, the Chinese government doesn’t like to be seen to fail, and drives nationalist sentiment as much as it possibly can. People are concerned that the Chinese government is involved in Antshares, while I’m hoping they’re so tied up in it that every member of the Politburo has an Antshares wallet. Look into things like the the 2012 anti-Japanese riots, or China’s activities regarding the Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands or what they’re doing in the South-China Sea. Some of this is about energy security, but a lot if it is about sustaining national pride. When you rule the way the CCP does, you deliver or you suffer revolt. If they back Antshares in any big way I can’t see it going belly-up in a hurry.
I do have a couple of concerns, the main one being how easy it makes moving money around the world. Moving money out of China is fairly heavily restricted, and the government might not like that aspect of crypto being sold to the masses.
Final note: DO NOT BUY ANTSHARES BECAUSE OF THIS POST! Or any other post for that matter. Do your research, verify what I've said, and make an informed decision. This might well be a pump and dump. From a technical standpoint (from my layman’s perspective) there's nothing special about Antshares as a currency. The fundamentals, the Dev team, being “backed by Microsoft” aren't unique to Antshares. It's the cultural and social aspects that give it potential.

>> No.2521514

That sell wall is about to get demolished. KEK

>> No.2521515

I put all my crypto on it, only 100€ but its ok

>Set order at 510k goto take dinner, see this shit
>Muh 3 days gains over
>Still bagholding for some reason

>> No.2521518

Absolutely amazing.

>> No.2521519

already rebounding

>> No.2521521


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you guys ready for another one

>> No.2521536

Now its at 360, settle down buddy. ANS is a solid bet. It will keep going up till the 22nd, but the 22nd will probably be the antpocalypse

>> No.2521537

That was too close.

>> No.2521539

Alright gents, sold my XVG bags just for this moment.

Engage thrusters.

>> No.2521547

>1 minute charts

That shit's useless

>> No.2521549

the chart on bittrex doesnt look healthy. i dont have a good feeling about this

>> No.2521551

Already bought the dip at 320k

>> No.2521553

Those people who bought at 550k must be a bit nervous right now...

>> No.2521555
File: 9 KB, 273x200, what could have been.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I could have bought more, I want free money

>> No.2521556

on a more serious note, are we the group of fags that might actually be in lamboland for once? HUGS ALL AROUND

>> No.2521566

Only 730 here. No lamboland for me.

>> No.2521567




>> No.2521569

Just bought some. I hope it's the dip guys.

>> No.2521572

I can only pretend to be in lambo land saying I was somebody with ant shares once

>> No.2521575

cell wall incomingggggg

>> No.2521577

honda odyssey land

>> No.2521580

So if this is mass adopted are we talking about a surge to a 200B market cap over the course of a year?

>> No.2521581

its ok bby u can still get a nice BMW

>> No.2521583

thank you :^)

>> No.2521588

I could have made so much money selling high and buying low. Oh well. As long as this doesn't totally crash I am up bigly.

>> No.2521590

Not unless I can get a lambo for $300.

>> No.2521591

pls donate, Coinbase locked me out my account, trying to get back in to transfer BTC to ANT


>> No.2521593
File: 50 KB, 1106x553, 1470705538713.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Weird, it's dipping so hard right now, but I feel nothing, not even worried because I'm sure it'll go right back up

Is this normal? Is my faith in this coin too high?

>> No.2521597

Fuck I want to eat, but don't want to leave the PC

>> No.2521601

Okay so what limits is everyone setting for the night? I expect another dip tonight.

>> No.2521609
File: 660 KB, 1106x1012, fuck.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm now a bag holder.

>> No.2521611

fuck me i have to work tomorrow how can you guys do this my heart

>> No.2521614

I remain unshaken. Bought at 435k and I'm just counting down to launch. You're just fine.

>> No.2521617
File: 24 KB, 400x400, yWRigl6B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

at least youre an antholder

>tfw cfi bagholder

>> No.2521624

It's just a matter of pattern desu, coin dipped hard and went back up over and over again, it stops having so much effect after a while

>> No.2521626

>ANS bagholder
What's wrong with that?

>> No.2521632

Just bought 300 CFI an hour ago and sold it for a nice 10% profit.

>> No.2521633

Underrated post

>> No.2521635
File: 60 KB, 640x480, 0jG2Ymf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

WHO /waiting for plugin.sosobtc.com/ HERE ?

>> No.2521644

coin is clearly under accumulation from chinese whales, they're trying not to drive the price up too hard and shaking out weak hands

>> No.2521645

There is no way it will go under chinese exchange price, they need us to dump their gains there, anyway im preeetry sure they are just scaring the fuck out in bittrex, not really big movements on chinese exchange

>> No.2521648


I came soooo close to being a CFI bagholder. I hope these ants aren't too heavy.

>> No.2521661


any tips? like should i use an email address not tied to my identity or something?

>> No.2521665
File: 597 KB, 480x291, 1487353749450.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So friends, while we're waiting for Ans to dip. What coin do you think it will be the next moon? I've a lot of faith in Blocknets due to low marketcap and circulating supply.

>> No.2521669

Well I'm a poor as fuck loser.

>> No.2521679

Higher on yunbi than it was when bittrex was at 13. it's all psychological... chinese been fucking with western markets since the bitcoin's early hype

>> No.2521684

Not to dip, to moon*

fuck my head

>> No.2521689

the mace looks good, look at it, it's the same as yesterday ( look at 30 mins and an hour, other are useless right now) So HODLE gents and buy more if you can

>> No.2521690

>waiting for it to dip
it just did, buy now or you'll miss out on your lambos when this thing moons

>> No.2521691

do it goy

>> No.2521693

First time im invested in an altcoin. Is this volatility (especially in this short time frame) an exception or the norm?

>> No.2521697

To beat the chink you must think like one.

>> No.2521710

* MACD, not mace lol

>> No.2521716

alts are volatility, but not THIS much.
Seems like we've to start eating some dogs

>> No.2521719

same, and yes this is an exception from what ive seen. chinese people are fucking with the american market.

>> No.2521727

>what do you guys percieve the next ATL to be
>what will the price be in 2 days
>do i put 20 grand in this

>> No.2521728

yunbi having trouble

>> No.2521731

>>ANS bagholder
> What's wrong with that?
>Anonymous (ID: vjZ5ywXZ) 06/19/17(Mon)20:52:21 No.2521632▶
> >>2521617
CFI was fucking beautiful tonight. Made 40% over 4 transactions. I have no idea what it's going to do now though, so I'm out of it. Wish I had put more than $100 in when I found it tho famalam.

>> No.2521734



>> No.2521735

Set buys for 280, go to bed

>> No.2521744
File: 3 KB, 343x543, 1460093813522.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

who certified Bagholder™ here

>> No.2521748

waiting for 500k/

how long is this gonna take?

>> No.2521751

I don't think they want foreign devils holding too many.

>> No.2521764

To all the fags in this thread, not every coin will give you instant gratification, have patience.

>> No.2521765

Probably not going that high again.

>> No.2521767
File: 68 KB, 681x754, 1490965976535.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pleaes help an ant collector, every ant sent will be cared for with much love and sugar. Godbless


>> No.2521776

probably not until the chinks go to bed
they're still at 305 on their exchange and right now they're probably trying to stabilize it on both so you can expect it to drop to 320 on bittrex I think

>> No.2521780

>Chinese nationalists get cucked out of their own coin
Would be funny and a payback for them essentially owning bitcoin.

>> No.2521782


>> No.2521785

sent ;^)

>> No.2521792

sent ;)

>> No.2521798

will it go 500k

>> No.2521800

Nah you'll be fine. It's just cryptocurrency, it's not illegal.

>> No.2521804

What you guys setting your sell orders at before you go to bed?

>> No.2521808

>alts are volatility, but not THIS much.

Look how much it's gone up in the last 24 hours overall. It was due for a major correction eventually

>> No.2521815


>> No.2521832

you think it will go that high? when?

>> No.2521835

low of ~150k

>> No.2521843


>> No.2521846

>you think it will go that high?
I actually think it will go higher than that, I'm just trying not to be too greedy.
That my friend, is the million dollar question

>> No.2521859

>Back down to $4

I don't think that's even possible without having major whales scoop everything up

>> No.2521860

The 22nd is the best bet because of the conference.

If the hype picks up you might see it go higher than 500. If it doesn't then a lot of people will be holding bags for a LONG time.

>> No.2521864 [DELETED] 


ants pls to help a poorfag and to have many good fortunes to come your way ;)

>> No.2521870

Shit is crashing, I'm selling, don't feel comfortable with this nemore.

>> No.2521871


It went that high today and the event is getting closer so why wouldn't it?

>> No.2521876


Anon don't do it man

>> No.2521882

Haha weak hands

>> No.2521893

I bet your wife holds your hand, not the other way around.

>> No.2521901

>yes i bought high
who cares, man? even if it stabilizes the pump and dump is essentially over. these happen fast but it's fun.

yes i know it's "just like ETH" every pnd was hyped lol.

>> No.2521904

Fucking KEK. Anon is prob a digibitch

>> No.2521906

Fuck it, Ill beg too. Please?


>> No.2521910


>> No.2521913


But I bought low

>> No.2521931 [DELETED] 


donate ants or it won't rise over $15 your choice

>> No.2521934

>tfw all the whales in on this
>don't even have a whole ANS, can't even get it out of bittrex if I wanted to because of the fee alone

>> No.2521944
File: 158 KB, 319x445, 1490380452017.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Coin is being pumped for 3 straight days
>Volume is almost 30k BTC
>top 20 on marketcap

>> No.2521945


>> No.2521948
File: 279 KB, 399x388, 1427442160229.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's not dead right? the event is still 2 days away...

>> No.2521953

fuck me in my bags

>> No.2521963

Guys I went all in at 4400 sat. Am I seriously fukt?

>> No.2521965





>> No.2521967

It's dead jim, get out while you still can. ETH and BTC starting a rally

>> No.2521973

Proud owner of 6.79650523 ants bought at 520.
I'm a fucking idiot so if someone is feeling generous please send me an ant or BTC.
ant: AG2xdHVmR1mdfW6LFA3cj7fe5rFo38Z7aY
btc: 1AvZe2ofABtR9aL2JXU8AhNGZeQAxWVh4U

>> No.2521976
File: 12 KB, 225x224, 1480742597952.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]





>> No.2521984

Please, do fucking sell your bags so that I can buy them. You have to keep the buy high sell low meme alive.

>> No.2521988


>> No.2521991
File: 510 KB, 825x619, stonks.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No weak hands allowed


>> No.2521992
File: 22 KB, 128x120, 305375963649146881.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

keep calm and buy.

>> No.2521995
File: 332 KB, 832x1200, 1492127134875.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Go back to five so I can buy more already

>> No.2521997

just enjoy the ride, guys. please don't invest more than you can afford to lose on these memes

>> No.2522003


sent ;)

>> No.2522007

Ten minutes later, it's on its way back up again...

Slightly volatile, but there's promise in this trend.

>> No.2522010

so glad I bought in at $4 so I can laugh at all you weak hands fucking faggot NIGGERS

>> No.2522015

You guys have and were just given an opportunity to go back in time yesterday and buy this coin. Why are you freaking out?

>> No.2522033

is the current plan?

>wait for dip
>sell at conf

>> No.2522037

wait what?
is this an ANS begging thread?


>> No.2522043

Btw, you have to start worrying when the volume decrease. It's still at 28k and coin is barely moving.

Doesn't need to be a genius to figure out what's happening.

>> No.2522047



>> No.2522051

sent ;)

>> No.2522053

nope, go away

>> No.2522059


>> No.2522062

bittrex stole two ants from me please help me find my ants help me find my beautiful babies


>> No.2522063

the plan is to buy at 500k and sell at 320k

>> No.2522067

Wait whoops I keep forgetting about that 40 BTC fucker a little farther up

>> No.2522076

Me to fuck this

This shit won't go over 10 bucks

>> No.2522079

Lol it's dipping bank down again, nice try ant fags :^)

>> No.2522080

Go make more shill threads and I might give you something.

>> No.2522091

meant to >>2522037

>> No.2522099

Go buy ETH, right now looks PRIME

>> No.2522103

sell me your shit on the next dip lil nigga

>> No.2522108

It just did. Enjoy suicide.

>> No.2522111

wow 3 whole days

then you got half of the equation correct. anything can happen including another pump and/or a selloff after the conference, but i'm sure you understand why nobody would actually value a coin 1000-5000% higher in a matter of days BEFORE anything happens with it.

>> No.2522114

I've been watching ANS all damn day and I've doubled my money on it once already.
This shit is crazy, the volume means it breaks walls so fast it's hard to react in time.

>> No.2522119

Up up up bois!!!

>> No.2522121

sent ;)

>> No.2522127

Here we go again

>> No.2522136

>wow 3 whole days
>I don't know what PnD means
Besides, it has been growing a long time before this pump.

>> No.2522137

>36 btc wall got eaten like butter
Nothing stops this train

>> No.2522139

Should I sell some at 42? I think it's going to go back down at that price.

>> No.2522141

down down down

>> No.2522143


Good job man. I watched it hover between 11 and 9 all day and could have doubled up but I was afraid of it not dipping.

How wrong I was.

>> No.2522144

I cant take this roller coaster ride of emotion anymore fampai

>> No.2522163

we have to convince the chinks to invest in this theyve all been brainwashed to be extremely patriotic we could use that to our advantage

>> No.2522167

there was literally another ~100% pump and dump a month ago for this coin. are you on drugs?

>> No.2522169

Shit is fucking stressful but I hope I can double up again before this ride is over.

>> No.2522170

My antfarm is empty, please help this poor anon :(


>> No.2522174
File: 66 KB, 640x640, f4gxKj9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

wew the ants are hungry again for those walls

>> No.2522194

Chinese are literally buying on yunbi and dumping at like 25% profit

fuck that, i'm getting out till this shit gets a lot less volatile

>> No.2522205

Again with that word. Look kid, having a correction after a big pump isn't pump and dump, it's market 101. PnD is a coordinated effort to artificially drive the price of a coin up and then dump everything. Normally a PnD implies that the price will also have a much bigger dip than what we're currently seeing.

>> No.2522209


I mean every time it hit the higher end I was like "feels good I doubled up on my initial investment!"

Then it would dip.. And I'd just wait white knuckled for it to go back up and then be like "nice.."

You in discord? I need some camaraderie to bite the short bullet

>> No.2522215

Is it a good idea to buy now? or is it over?

>> No.2522220

sent ;)

>> No.2522230

whens next dip?

>> No.2522235

Buy now and hold. Sell at end of year and wake up to sloppy blowjobs by 10/10 model. SRS anons

>> No.2522236

Buy under 400k before its too late. No telling if it will be this low again.

>> No.2522241


Honestly you're either a believer in this or you're not. Anything now could be a good time to buy if you believe it it going to explode, like many of us do.

>> No.2522254

Reminder that literally the same thing happened yesterday.

>> No.2522255

but it did just explode

>> No.2522286


>> No.2522289

Man, I always miss out. Worth a shot. <3


>> No.2522292

its 3 words and you're out of your element.

the hype is over the news, not due to careful evaluation of some new feature or service. a 30% drop is not a "correction" and i already admitted to "anything can happen, but it's unlikely to do anything special."

this shit happens 3 or 5 times every week. enjoy your gains, find something that isn't currently being shredded to dip your toes in.

>> No.2522300


It was at 11.50 a few hours ago on bittrex man.

>> No.2522319


What? There is as ecret announcemnt at tethe conference anon

wut u talkin bout man

this is going to triple digits

>> No.2522325

>Spiked to 160 a few days ago and then crashed to 120
>Spiked to 240 yesterday and then crashed to 170
>Spiked to 540 and then crashed to 330

Just be ready for tomorrow when it happens again.

>> No.2522336

the fucking shillers FUDDING on this gem are making me fuggin KEK anons. wtf is with these people who are saltier than fritos

>> No.2522346

a 30% drop is a correction when the coin just tripled its price. What you're saying is irrelevant because 99% of investors in this market buy hype, not solid projects and ''careful evaluation''. Price will likely keep increasing until the conference and then a dip will happen, as it's generally the case.

Also, literally the same thing happened at a similar time frame yesterday. Volume is increasing and price isn't going down, any retard can figure out that accumulation is taking place.

But sure, go invest on your promised coins. Just don't come crying when FOMO hits

>> No.2522350

just had a friend set $50 worth at $8 buy wall.


>> No.2522360

Either retards who bought at ath or people salty they didn't get in before.

>> No.2522367

If anyone's bags are getting too heavy, I can take some of your pesky ants off from you!


>> No.2522380

Can u kill urself already? Also sent ;)

>> No.2522381

When is the conference?
Any links maybe?

>> No.2522387

See >>2522080

>> No.2522402

Oh look, WHO would have thought that the price would go up again...

This can't be real, must be the work of PnDs

>> No.2522404


>> No.2522410

Someone make a new thread I am too lazy

>> No.2522412

Try actually reading the OP you lazy fuck

>> No.2522418

I'm afraid to go out and smoke for 5 mins, this shit moves too fast for humans.
I have my limit and stop loss but I'm looking for the opportunity to buy more if it dips again.

>> No.2522433

That was the correction boys and girls. Hope you filled your bags to the brim with ants becuase we have lift off in t-minus 30 min

>> No.2522448
File: 47 KB, 1078x530, ants.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

loaded up 1k ants at 0039 feelin good

>> No.2522453

What sell point for overnight? .007? It has to be stupid high right?

>> No.2522465
File: 828 KB, 200x189, kramerholyshit.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

that guy just bought 7000 ants holy

>> No.2522468

Hard to know, I'd say that it will probably gonna hit that by tomorrow afternoon, but don't know about tonight.

>> No.2522485

Here we go. Someone mke a new threat

>> No.2522489

fucking chinese whales man

>> No.2522493

>tfw was actually considering selling at a loss less than 20 minutes ago
glad i held

>> No.2522503

lmao me too

>> No.2522504




>> No.2522506

the chinks know how to shake out weak hands

>> No.2522507

Don't become part of the meme anon.

>> No.2522520

sold @42, can it dip now?

>> No.2522533

the price of this fucking coin. Kek.

>> No.2522539
File: 19 KB, 346x346, youjustdont.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

that was the dip, dingus. someone just spent a lot of money to break .004 wall thats the floor now

>> No.2522541

LOL that 45->40k sell waves then back up to 44k. This is INSANE.

>> No.2522547

Well, I do think that's gonna hit 0.054 tonight, but wouldn't count on 4 being the floor. HIGH volaility going on

>> No.2522607

those gooks sure know how to shake weak hands. Mine are stronger than a negro in the 1850s

>> No.2522614

sent ;)

>> No.2522630

This market literally teaches you the hard you way to have strong hands. I'm not selling this shit before at least the 54k sats mark.

>> No.2522631

sent ;)

>> No.2522671

Make my ant farm dreams turn into ant pile realities pls


>> No.2522702



>> No.2522714

Ok ANS anons hitting the hay ,About to say my prayers to kek for this glorious bounty, hope to wake up to 7500 SAT

>> No.2522715

worker ant checking in

>> No.2522719

drone ant checking in

>> No.2522723
File: 58 KB, 785x441, ran.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2522750
File: 808 KB, 1280x720, 1497574433286.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>7500 SAT
I want to believe

>> No.2522772

should i sell my 5.75 litecoin to buy more ant? i already have 60 ant.......but i feel like thats not shit. i want 1000...should i say fuck litecoin..will probably be at 50 for awhile right?

>> No.2522784

i want 1000 ants as well :(

>> No.2522795

we arnt going to make it are we?

>> No.2522796

$7 next month

>> No.2522797

i want 1 ant

>> No.2522809

litecoin or ans? why would either go to $7 elaborate. I could see ANS going there I guess since its a reasonable resistance after this insane gain.

>> No.2522813

LTC won't increase that much for a while, it will likely moon BTC implements segwit2x, but that might take a while.

>> No.2522818

sent ;)

>> No.2522819

how r u niggas this poor to not even own 1 ant

if it spikes to 25 dollars
id put 20 grand in it right now

>> No.2522821
File: 42 KB, 629x315, forwhatpurpose.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why do people do this..?

>> No.2522826

i fucking would my G but these god damn nigger fucking coin base limits got me fucked dude.

>> No.2522832


>> No.2522833

whoops forgot to erase the epic meme reply numbers.

>> No.2522856

probably a bot

>> No.2522964
File: 199 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170620-003257.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

spooky hourly ...or great buy opp

>> No.2522983
File: 31 KB, 1224x514, ans.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Look at the whole picture, nothing out of the ordinary

>> No.2523002

Also, volume is increasing. Just got to 30k

>> No.2523061


>> No.2523075

I'm planning to hold this since I bought in at 480 and I think this thing will still gain over the long term, but I've still been obsessively checking it... And there's just no rhyme or reason to any of what's happened. My best guess is that the chinks are pumping and dumping for the day trade gains. Hopefully it'll trend up as the conference approaches

>> No.2523472


>> No.2523727