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This shitcoin just keeps going up. I am seriously about to FOMO in and just say fuck it.

I thought that charlie lee selling was the nail in the coffin but for some reason he just keeps coming back and shilling the coin. He made it but he is still working on the project. Why?

What the fuck is he hiding from us? There has to be institutional money going into this otherwise it makes no sense this isn't at 1 dollar.

I don't care that it's cheap transactions

I don't care if it's fast

I don't care if it's the most popular cheap coin on exchanges and widelt available

I don't care if it's the bitcoin silver

I don't care if it's the dominant coin used to transfer between exchanges

I don't care if it's the highest volume per coin to exchange ratio

I don't care if mimblewimble will solve security and privacy issues once it's released next year

I don't care if it's on paypal, venmo, and cash app

Please..please...just let this shitcoin die. There are other coins that deserve this spot.

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Why not just buy actual silver

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fucking redditard. when ltc goes to 300, sell your btc.

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Your post is my sell signal, thanks.

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There will be no alt season only boomer coin season

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go back to plebbit

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hi charlie

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That's not exactly what I'd call "going up" fren

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>t. Baggs Holdginton

Honestly want to sell all 15 LTC I own right now.

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Compare to every other alt coin INCLUDING ETHEREUM against Bitcoin, LTC is looking pretty damn good... every other BTC pairing is just a big red line going down the entire time

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Check SNX and THETA

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Let me explain this to you fucking retards. I've been in the LTC game since 2017. All your fucking altcoins that aren't back by miners will have their pumps and they will fail eventually. The only thing keeping things like BTC and LTC afloat are the fucking miners and their massive power cost. Nothing in the real world is worth shit without work and the miners power costs are the actual worth of a coin. You may get rich on a pump here and there or some promising shit that seems like a great idea but nothing will back a coin like thousands of hours of miners paying power costs. Every good currency is backed with something that costs money. If you are gonna hodl in the longrun pick something that has real technology, aka a physical device, not something you loli jackers think is a good idea because some words you read.