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Bought GOEV Thursday before close. Here’s to hoping the stock doesn’t fag it up.

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Why does NACP beat SPY?

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Reminder that NEEs 5 year chart looks like this.

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Fuck anime

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what makes you think it will continue? biden?

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And FSLRs 5 year chart looks like this

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Imma fuck Miko tonight if you know what I mean

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A biden administration would accelerate that growth

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Based. Also fuck gook lovers, gooks, niggers, kikes, bobos, and jannies.

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Commodities haven't been as cheap as they are now since the 1970's. This seems to be applying to almost everything - agricultural products, oil, metals, the entire sector. If I believe in the thesis that commodities are radically undervalued compared to the current equities bubble, but don't have the confidence or knowledge to invest in specific stocks, what's a good commodities ETF to gain exposure?

I'm about 80% cash right now with 10% split between physical gold/silver and miners, 5% in steel, and 5% in clean energy. I'd like to put a sizable amount of my cash in commodity ETFs. I'm looking at the following:


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i wonder if this was what dotcom looked like before it crashed

EVs = website shit

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Reminder that NEE's expected rate of growth is 8% over the next 5 years; and they have a payout rate of 68% for a paltry 1.8% dividend

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How did they get this growth? Usually power generation is low growth because of all the regulations and limits on what you can charge for power.

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what are some good renewable energy ETFs?

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Just buy FSLR

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Speculation I bet.

t. stock genios

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By aggressively acquiring renewable energy companies until they are the world leader in renewable energy
1.8% safe dividend is great. NEE is also a dividend aristocrat. And as you can see from the posted charts, NEE has had much more consistent growth than any other green energy play. Especially something niche like FSLR

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TAN for solar it is nicely focused.

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Acquisitions. Now they're fully levered and pay out 68% in dividends, so any future acquisitions will probably dillute stockholders.

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I've been working so hard for the past 3 weeks (christmas included) that my workplace told me I wasn't allowed to work until Monday, could have made $400 today alone but now I get nothing. Why is this allowed?

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Makes sense, I don't really see power companies like this generating above average growth.

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There are more white people in anime than there are in media produced by white people

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This article explains your question perfectly

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>muh chart
You're ignoring literally any form of actual analysis in favor of a Robinhood chart. You're not even doing actual TA on it, you're entire thesis is "line go up". 1.8% dividends with an 8% rate of growth is pathetic, you might as well buy a REIT.

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>commodities are cheap
>steel, copper, among others are reaching near ATHs
ok anon

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"but muh chooorts" isn't an argument, especially when you don't actually know TA.

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>nooo it doesn’t count
Stay mad

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This is the equivalent of saying
>I hate trannies
on the comments of a Bailey Jay video.

This will be far worse than the DOTCOM crash.

Saying that, it won't happen until a good ol' fashion interest rate hike fears start creeping up. Fed WILL NOT allow a crash to happen before this virus is handled.

Current market conditions:
>Fundamentals, lol. WTF is that? Buying Tesla and Bitcoin. You mad bro?

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How will paypal work with bitcoin ?

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kinda looks like a bubble

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careful with commodities anon, that shit doesn't necessarily follow logic

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>ignore those chart showing consistent growth all while paying out an almost 2% dividend
>shill a solar stock thats been crabbing for years that pays no dividend

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Don’t care. Only watch sports and listen to white podcast anyways. I like adult shit like making money and being racist.

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Just to be clear, your entire argument is that one robinhood chart with no TA? And that actually looking at things like the CAGR or payout rate is less important than a phone screenshot? I don't want to misrepresent what a massive fucking moron you are.

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it will steal your coins because paypal is evil

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>BuT MuH ChOrT

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To be fair most non-shit stocks look like bubbles these days because the NASDAQ is bubbling.

Speaking of, when do you guys think the next crash will be? I know we can't predict it but it's still fun to daydream. Are you guys hedging?

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No I also posted links explaining NEEs beautiful growth.>>25197596
Stay incredibly mad that the king of clean energy is a better buy than FSLR

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Paypal in Q1 2021
>"So uhm.. yeah, there were like 2 transactions with our bitcoin token thingy so we'll just shut it down"

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it literally IS impossible to predict it depends on when they cut off the stimilus what happens to the tech sector. apple is looking strong dont care what anyone says they just whooped the shit out of facebook in the news

a rich investor would just back out now and buy a bunch of shit like gold mine stocks

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Well, okayy but as in holding something that gains like btc whats the problem

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I can't see a big crash until the Fed induced TINA ends or some big black swan swings it's dick around.

>The upset, to be fair, was more a result of theturmoil oil majors have facedduring the pandemic than any new moves by the Florida-based electric power provider
Do you even read the fucking articles you link? The last time you posted a gay ass AMP link it was proving NEE has no actual growth, with the CEO himself saying 8% is the high end through 2023.

Where do you think NEE will get the money to continue buying random shit? They're fully levered and have a 68% dividend payout rate. Either they stop growing or dilute stockholders. Read a fucking book, nigger. Not just headlines and Robinhood charts.

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5-10% panic dip in the next quarter or two. Bubble won't pop until the reflation afterwards, then only when you see women and blacks getting involved.

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So another day draws to a close. Wonder Woman 1984 wasn't to bad of a flick. Long film though but hey its all good. (Thanks torrent!). Red day Monday it's looking like due to the lack of a simple signature on the funding/stimulus bill. Govt runs outta money, $600 extra is up in smoke, people can legit get kicked outta their houses, and unemployment benefits expire. So be ready to strike for cheapies! So sad to be deprived of the $1200 but oh well at least I'll get cheap stocks to buy.

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>They're fully levered and have a 68% dividend payout rate

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>stopped actually replying to criticism and is now just dumping random investor presentation slides
lol ok?

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why are you making credit card transactions to buy stock lmao are you some kind of robin hood nigger?

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Holy fucking shit did you not even look up the stock on Finviz before you started shilling it?
>0.6 current ratio
>1.3 debt/equity
>68% payout rate
Did you really not do the most cursory fucking research into this stock?

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im so bubble proof i might not even check for 2 years

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you can buy it, but you can't withdraw or transact it. You don't really own bitcoin if you don't have the private key.

that being said they've been buying all of the mined supply. see itbit volume on nomics

you two have been comparing 150B mkt cap utility company to a 10B cap solar supplier. just fucking stop already
>t. NEE $90 C

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The article's about hedge funds pairing up with Paypal, Visa, and Mint type fintech in predicting consumer expenditures.

Just a creepier version of counting cars in satellite photos of mall parking lots.

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The anon who's been shilling NEE called it "literally the only good green energy investment" in the last thread which is fucking retarded so I'm taking him down point by point and line by line. NEE is fine for what it is, a Boomer utility company with a safe dividend.

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Now post FSLRs charts. NEE has consistsnt growth while also being a dividend aristocrat. FSLR pumps and dumps every year and pays 0 dividends. You can drop all the useless numbers you want. The only one that matters is the stock price history.

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>you can buy it, but you can't withdraw or transact it. You don't really own bitcoin if you don't have the private key.
>that being said they've been buying all of the mined supply. see itbit volume on nomics
Okay, how bullish is this for paypal in the long run? I mean they are buying the cryptos cheap now

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I'm not humoring "but muh choorts" any longer since you won't listen to basic financial information about the company you're investing in. At least learn to use something other the fucking Robinhood for charting, you're just embarrassing yourself.

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>cant read
>calling others nigger


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The largest renewable energy company in the world will always be a better green energy play than some random solar panel manufacturer that’s been crabbing for years.

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>nooooo you can’t use a popular app to showcase how one stock has consistent growth while outlying the crabbing nature of another

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30 minutes to movie night! Tonight's feature is The Nightmare Before Christmas (1994), somewhat ironical we watch it... after Christmas.
Apologia for not posting the dings today, I was installing 200 foot of ethernet cord in my parent's ceiling

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Is Santa going to reward my faith?

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>big is good
Big is objectively bad if you're trying to make actual returns.
>but muh choorts
You can't even fucking do TA nigger. You don't even know what TA is. Your entire thesis is what Robinhood shows you of the price history. You don't understand the concept of payout rates or leverage, you don't understand what growth is, your ENTIRE THESIS is one smartphone screenshot. What the fuck is wrong with you?

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A-a-am i gonna be safe from the bubble bros?

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a box spread is the only way to make money if you think there’s a crash coming, right? Since it absolutely prints in a crash and will not lose much under normal growth circumstances

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>Big is objectively bad if you're trying to make actual returns.
Nope. 200% gain over 5 years is great. Plus the near 2% dividend is great.

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Yeah I don't get it, I don't see how utilities ever get good returns, because like I said before there's too much regulation. I'm more interested in the technology behind the energy production.

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>Me after the elections
>Well, I missed the solar pump from the Biden victory.
>Oh well...it surely can't go up another 50% in a month...

Somewhere in 2022-2023 if there's no black-swan event.

>Wonder Woman 1984 wasn't to bad of a flick

>PayPal’s Bitcoin acts more like a derivative token, in that it holds the value of Bitcoin, but you can’t actually use the underlying cryptocurrency token itself.
The only negative.

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their customers "own" the bitcoin, paypal only acts as the custodian. it does mean a large amount of bitcoin is now being stored under one company, similar to coinbase. they make money on the vol, not on the amount they have.

imo pretty bullish. when square did the same thing they killed it on their next earnings. That was back in May. now the price is 26k...

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>200% over 5 years is great
>2% dividend is great
Holy shit this nigga gonna retire at 80
>gamestop has gone up more in 3 months than "the greatest renewable power play in the world" has in 5 years

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No, but you may get reindeer shit in your stocking.

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UUUU is the future. Invest in the future, not the past.

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NEE isn’t only a utility company. The utility portion feeds that beautiful dividend. The growth comes from acquiring companies in the renewable energy sector to capitalize on projected future reliance on renewables.

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Sure got fucking quiet on this topic after being provided a source for something you should have already known, huh?
>ask about leverage and payout
>get shown leverage and payout
>immediately resume choooooorting

>the growth comes from acquiring companies
Which they cannot continue to do without lowering the dividend, increasing debt, or diluting stockholders. They are fully levered and pay out 68% in dividends.

>> No.25198115

Sure. But the same can be said about MYT and KODK. Doesn’t mean they are good companies. Tons of retards lost money buying into GME. NEE is a safe bet. GME is not

>> No.25198135

>Which they cannot continue to do without lowering the dividend, increasing debt, or diluting stockholders. They are fully levered and pay out 68% in dividends.
Source? You keep saying this but you haven’t posted anything to back it up

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Uranium? I don't get it..

>> No.25198158

It’s have $200 in its it it’s off screen

>> No.25198181

I mean, or just straight up buying OTM puts.

>> No.25198201

when will you be selling. after 31?

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>their out of money I swear!

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to be fair theres a good chance of stockfags who care about that who have real ass portfolios with 400k in it

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Big gains await UUUU

>> No.25198221

Long Straddle

>> No.25198229

A crash could take years to come though, it would require so much money to keep a meaningful position I could be holding for a very long time

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Investing in UUUU is also one of the best current methods to fuck China. It's your patriotic duty, /smg/.

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Wish they would bring this back.

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Can someone put this God tier data in the sticky holy fuck look at the data they have for TA

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>Reports to the CCP
No hard feelings anon.

>> No.25198281

Better link for the less attentive


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Selling half after 31st then stop loss through earnings on rest

>> No.25198323

You're barely buying any quantity of shares or have the potential for any decent return with only 5k Invested, spread that thin. Go all in or get more and more capital

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Come get me, I'll be right here.

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Holy shit, what happened in this thread and who let Pajeet shill NEE. I literally made a image yesterday explaining it.
It's just a good utility with tailwinds.

>> No.25198431

Thanks anon. I’m new at investing and in pretty heavy student debt from a law degree that’s not providing a good roi.

I spend about 2k a month on student loans a month so I don’t have a lot of liquid cash to invest into.

Since trades are free, isn’t any amount of profit acceptable? It seems like investing into a few stocks would be too risky

Or am I just smolbrain?

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Movie night movie night! Get in here! Tonite's feature is The Nightmare Before Christmas (1994) (after christmas)

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>given source
>ignore it and get mad
>link a Google AMP version of a Motley Fool puff piece
I don't lose anything from you keeping your 4 digit portfolio in a boring ass glorified REIT. Just stop trying to shill it to anons who don't know better.

The guy I'm replying to doesn't even use candlesticks lmao, if he posted even basic TA I'd be willing to entertain it but his entire argument is a Robinhood screenshot

>> No.25198480

Aren’t they on deferral rn?

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if monday is red,im dead

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A single look at even the shitterhood chart shows a good stock. Come on now son.

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>$85 DECISIVELY rejected
>future growth prospects weak

>> No.25198575

They are, but I’m trying to pay down the interest that racked up during school and a period after where I wasn’t finding work. I tried running my own firm doing support services for other attorneys for a while and it was successful it basically shut down overnight when covid happened.

>tfw the federal public defender of San Francisco tells you he doesn’t want you to work for him after passing two phone interviews and meeting in person because he thought I was black for some reason

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Reduce your risk by Investing in things heavily researched and hold. Deposit here and there and take large positions.

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>$85 DECISIVELY rejected
No shit, on what planet do utilities stocks fly above the a short term moving average like the 8ema in a sustainable way.
>>future growth prospects weak
sustained uptrend over the past few years. Sticks say yea.

>> No.25198649

management says 8% CAGR as an upside target

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Only solution.

Use the hardship clause to your advantage.

>> No.25198720

Cheap EV / battery meme stocks?

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So /smg/, who got "that gift" for christmas?

>> No.25198729

31st is earnings, no?

>> No.25198740

More along the lines of 7% EPS forward looking. 6% is sector average. Dividend growth above sector average as well.

Don't let Pajeet fool you into thinking this is remarkable. It's great, but it's a large cap utility not a hot little tech company and his delusions of frictionless, productive acquisitions without dilution are hilarious. If you have any actual questions about the company or most other utilities I can answer them.

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im getting bored of holding oil

>> No.25198757

Let's discuss.

You have $10k to play.

What do you buy to make the most?

>> No.25198761

Student loans aren’t dischargeable unfortunately or else I would have

Also, even if loans are deferred the interest is capitalized onto the principle every time you apply for a deferment. If you just never pay and you default the loans are eventually discharged but it’s counted as income on your taxes so the irs gets to fuck you

>> No.25198799

I'm getting bored of holding natgas friend. Can we cry together?

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I love Uranium
I love cunny
But most of all...!

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I got a pair of sonic the hedgehog socks.
>I like them.

>> No.25198829

should i start putting all my money into drying , smoking and feezing salmon and eels?

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>> No.25198835

For ten thousand fuckin dollars, yo?

>> No.25198848

If you don't go all-in Gullible Corporation next week you might as well throw your money off a bridge.

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(YOU) too.

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Hardship clause (Only US)

>How does your bankruptcy court decide whether or not a student loan causes you a hardship?

How bad does a hardship need to be to qualify as an undue hardship?

In most parts of the country “undue hardship” requires you to establish all three of the following:

1. You currently cannot maintain even a minimal standard of living (for yourself and any dependents) if you pay the student loan.

2. This present financial situation is realistically anticipated to continue through the loan’s term of repayment.

3. You have acted responsibly in the past regarding the student loan, by making a serious effort to pay it and/or to attempt to qualify for any of the available programs to reduce or manage the loan.


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>> No.25198879

Sounds comfy for winter occasions.

>> No.25198893

What happened in august?

>> No.25198913

>law degree not providing roi
wtf happened man
did you attend a top 25 law school? Im very interested in law school, just got my BA and im losing hope though. 2k a month is rough.
Whats the total damage from your SL debt? im in 15k to old uncle sammy.

>> No.25198928

I agree NEE is a good fixed income play. But unless someone explicitly asks for a fixed income play on /smg/ that's usually not what posters here are looking for. The idea that any other green energy play is "wrong" because NEE exists triggered my autism. Kind regards and Merry Christmas.

>> No.25198949

Its a utilities stock, are you expecting startup-tier growth?

>> No.25198956

Lmao fellow bay area nigga, out here tryna make shit work. Fuck that faggot ass public defender

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cool. Did you do this/ know anyone who actually pulled it off? im guessing it tanks your credit like bankruptcy

>> No.25198969

maybe 2 people have ever gotten that, and it was EXTREME
I'm talking parapalegic extreme

>> No.25198972

My mistake, meant stop loss on other half past earnings to see how high it goes

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>> No.25198997

Either the news from the patent pending side of the company or the UVC deal

>> No.25199015

I'm not going to lie, it's hard to get it pulled off.

You're going to need a good lawyer and a decent case.

I looked into it when I was in a rough patch. Didn't see myself getting it though.

I would talk to a couple of lawyers at the very least. Worst case, thye'll just say no.

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>Im very interested in law school
>just got my BA

Fuck, that's a good one.

>> No.25199054

I want to invest in a company that does show massive growth but NEE shill insists that's "wrong"

>> No.25199061

no u buy BFT, GHIV

>> No.25199081

I did not have the grades for a top 25 and did not perform as I thought I would 1L. I also did not go into law with a clear objective or understanding of what being a lawyer was like. It was during a recession so I was encouraged by my family to go back to school and pursue a law degree. Obama also made school money easy to get so it seemed like a good idea.

I spent my first two summers working for a large ip firm in Japan and by the end of the second semester I was sick of ip and living in Japan as a filthy gaijin. When I returned to California I decided to go all in and go into the freshly legalized cannabis market to offer legal/start up services, but at the time the industry had more need of criminal defense services than MA, so I ended up working for a well known cannabis lawyer that did mostly criminal defense. He was an addict and crazy, so I left. I’ve been doing criminal defense since and it’s not very lucrative for the amount of work/stress.

My loan is over 150k and the interest is roughly $20 a day.

Law can be lucrative if you aren’t a retard like I was.

>> No.25199094

if he's got a 3.9 and gets a full ride at a T1/T2 law school its an excellent investment.
I got a full ride at a T25 MBA and I don't regret it at all
if you are willing to go down a notch the cost sinks due to schollies (since you boost their ranking)

>> No.25199108

redpill me on SPACS

>> No.25199114

I think you basically have to be a vegetable or maimed to get this

>> No.25199119

yes I got memed, too late to regret it now. invest in yourself a little.
The worst part is im actually paying for it unlike most people i know whos parents paid it off. You can laugh at me for being dumb.I wont be poor for long m8,

>> No.25199126

Figured as much. My plan is the same, best of luck.

>> No.25199128

it's a publicly traded pile of money (NAV) created to buy out a company and make it public

>> No.25199129

oof that was the absolute worst time to become a lawyer since there was a flood of them in 2010, and previously they were a great investment. Sorry anon

>> No.25199141

>ride 20-40%
>sell if you want, or dont idc
just never sell on green days , always buy on red days

>> No.25199143

Basically this

>> No.25199146
File: 322 KB, 1599x1037, 45067557401_dd981eafc5_h.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ok the guy is a little obsessed with price history and ignorant of TA, but what about $30 bil in green cap-ex?

>> No.25199148

How is that any better than an IPO?

>> No.25199151

>I want to invest in a company that does show massive growth
Well shit, might as well just invest in a SaaS company then.

>> No.25199163

Ok, ok, I shouldn't laugh. Law school *does* work for those couple thousand people in the country that describes.

>> No.25199171
File: 49 KB, 800x800, 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Shows up to courtroom with neck brace
>Gets student loans cleared
>Profit $$$

That's how to do it, right?

>> No.25199172

It’s ok; I met my fiancé and she’s the granddaughter of a former head of nasa that retired to launch satellites for Lockheed, so even if I lost it all tomorrow I wouldn’t starve

>she does threaten to force me onto only fans if I don’t pay rent tho

>> No.25199199

I wish; if there is anyway for the court to say “take a deferment you can pay it back later” they will.

>> No.25199206

>relying on a woman
well youre going to end up homeless

>> No.25199219

Any reccomendations? I'm open to SaaS but none of them look cheap right now. Regret selling NET at $53.

>> No.25199234

>How is getting in at NAV of a bunch of bonds better than buying an IPO that opens 1000% above the announced price?

>> No.25199242

How good do i have to do on the LSAT to receive a full ride anywhere?
I aced all my logic classes and find it relatively fun and easy. took a few practice tests and did well.

Biden please bail me out im a lazy zoomer :') I dont wanna pay!

>> No.25199244
File: 118 KB, 531x659, 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Court case where person had a string of bad luck and ended up getting his loans cleared from a judge.

I would talk to a bankruptcy attorney. Again, you don't have anything to lose except a bit of your time.

>> No.25199247
File: 62 KB, 976x850, D212C051-4023-4D02-AF15-1931194FE54C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

7/10 girl ive hooked up regularly in the past who makes 150k/y just texted me again. i wish i could get over my high standards

>> No.25199255
File: 261 KB, 888x894, 1603591995799.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>she does threaten to force me onto only fans

I thought I was the only one with this fetish.

>> No.25199263

>one dude
>so amazing Forbes covered it

>> No.25199286
File: 53 KB, 600x800, 614.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>max out your roth ira

>> No.25199289
File: 52 KB, 459x633, 1908743746857.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You gotta do the wheel chair bid
>your honor
>my client is mentally retarded
>case closed
>loan cleared and free gov bux all round

>> No.25199294

>Double major statistics and economics, top 10 Canadian School
Have I fucked up anons?

>> No.25199301

electric cars

>> No.25199307
File: 24 KB, 255x160, be94e8b9-9874-477f-b359-154f56fc7320soyjak-tier-list.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>its tax free when youre 59 1/2

>> No.25199312
File: 906 KB, 2544x4000, lefroggyman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>top 10 canadian school

>> No.25199315
File: 302 KB, 935x759, 1604027179568.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mark out your (0% match) 401k

>> No.25199321

not sure. depends on diversity, gpa, and lsat. You should aim to be well above their averages, obviously. They publish top 25% and bottom 25% lsat/gpa stats, you want to be above both if you can.

>> No.25199329

McGill if it makes a difference

>> No.25199331
File: 382 KB, 485x720, chloeshock.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>lives in leafland
Yes. I don't know how you got there, but you should leave and never look back.

>> No.25199334
File: 868 KB, 552x605, BE714D44-76A3-4011-A054-6DBBBE638DB3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

didn't even think canada had enough schools for a top 10 kek

>> No.25199336

now you can do exactly the same meme stock plays as /smg/, but understand them slightly better and actually manage risk

>> No.25199338
File: 86 KB, 454x520, 1578944911576.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.25199341
File: 7 KB, 194x259, download (2).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>if you wouldnt invest in it for 10 years dont even think about investing in it for 1 minute

>> No.25199357
File: 146 KB, 900x1261, TK_Poster.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dude owes 150k. I would scrape the barrel for anyway to get that cleared. That's too much fucking money, especially after interest.

Imagine 150k in your favorite stock right now. That's some lifechanging money right there.

Classic strategy.

This will especially work if you're black.

>> No.25199366

This may help to abate your confusion: https://www.investopedia.com/terms/s/sepp.asp

>> No.25199370

Ok anon you convinced me; I have very little faith in the courts after working with them for a few years but it’s worth a shot

>> No.25199373
File: 5 KB, 201x250, download (3).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>just invest in the sp500 index and pull it out when youre 65

>> No.25199391

You haven't been reading these threads long, have ya, son?

>> No.25199394

IPO'S light
buyem N dumpem

>> No.25199398
File: 7 KB, 250x147, images (2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>The amount you withdraw every year is determined by formulas set out by the IRS.

>> No.25199406

Well you're a smart cookie if you got into McGill, hopefully you're not too autistic and get some networking done.

>> No.25199412
File: 2.91 MB, 1280x612, marinesmack.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anon, name your downloads.

>> No.25199427
File: 513 KB, 640x480, cd7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This one hit too close to home -.-
>This strategy for 8 years...

>> No.25199436

booomer advice
not sayin its wrong
booomer advice

>> No.25199437

those are some hot anime tummies

>> No.25199442

Don't look for validation on this website my nigga. Keep doin you. Your long term earnings in life are going to be higher than some NEET faggot who couldn't pass high school geometry

>> No.25199449

Like the other anon said it depends on your grades, race, and other diversity factors. There are some websites that aggregate admission data. Also, lower tier institutions will be more willing to give you more money, and if you are confident in your ability to successfully get into the top 15% after your first year you can always transfer up and get good ocis

>> No.25199462

Try 2 to 3 attorneys. Just like every service occupation, your results vary. Least you can say you gave it a shot and put it to bed.

>> No.25199464

it is wrong though, if you know what you're actually getting into
case in point, GME lol

>> No.25199475

I’ve paid off 30k in interest so far and have not even touched the principle.

It’s largely due to my own damn fault for not finding paying work during school but holy shit it’s hard to imagine that the govt would allow such a thing to be legal

>> No.25199485

Don't get cunty with me, wagie. I'm helping you cope with your obvious meltdown.

>> No.25199495


>> No.25199505

california is the only state where you have humans rights tho lmao

>> No.25199509

MARA gang MARA gang MARA gang MARA gang, spent three racks on a new blockchain.

>> No.25199516

>none of the ones worth their salt are cheap right now.
Bro they're not going to get cheaper unless there's a big market correction.
If you want some reading material...

>> No.25199525
File: 12 KB, 222x227, download (15).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.25199530

DO you know this chunky bitch with a fat ass named Marielle that goes there?

>> No.25199543

lobbyists GOV lobbyists

most degrees are...well, nvermine

>> No.25199585

>but holy shit it’s hard to imagine that the govt would allow such a thing to be legal

found the black SJW , im starting to think you may even actually be a woman



Fuck man wish i was a nigger. Where d i find this info??? My gpa was shit average 3.2 but got a 2.4 freshman year and worked my ass off (kinda) to raise it.

>> No.25199586
File: 1.92 MB, 640x426, giphy (1).gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The student loan mess will solve itself, one way or another.

The way it's going, it's not sustainable.

I'll stop before /pol/

You tease. Why?

>> No.25199594
File: 96 KB, 720x718, 1627ED26-76C5-4FEB-91CF-2D63462C1EDB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Gets car broken into
>bricks thrown through the window of house
>clear plastic backpacks are mandatory because kids keep bringing guns and knives to school
>weekly gang shootings

>> No.25199600
File: 40 KB, 663x590, c3.ai 20201226.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When is C3.AI going to price correct below IPO?
It IPO at $42 and never traded below $90
Obviously it's pumped all to hell or whoever did their IPO seriously fucked up.

>> No.25199624

>holy shit it’s hard to imagine that the govt would allow such a thing to be legal
Everything permitted is as it was intended. Stop seeing yourself as a human being in the eyes of the government/culture. You are an economic unit, nothing more. Some economic units produce/consume more than others, some are saddled with debt to pay off loans for things they never really fully use. You're nothing, I'm nothing, we're all a statistic, greasing the wheels as it were. Maybe you're still young enough to not have the idealism stamped out of you, bless your soul.

>> No.25199651

>holy shit it’s hard to imagine that the govt would allow such a thing to be legal
You lawyers better work on overturning Griggs v. Duke Power then. Thanks to those naive civil rights fucks, companies can't administer skills tests and have to rely on those 4-years-of-bullshit signifiers to filter out idiots.

>> No.25199687

just apply to a wide spread of schools, obviously your GPA isn't great but if law is what you want to do go for that splitter life and chase it

>> No.25199719

This whole experience also opened my eyes to (((them))) so don’t worry; for those inside the movement no explanation is needed

>> No.25199753
File: 347 KB, 600x800, 500_1000.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>You are an economic unit, nothing more
I say this to women I'm flirting with.

But it never works out.

Sheesh, life is unfair.

>> No.25199758
File: 87 KB, 1200x675, Gigachad_on_the_computer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Post chill trading music

>> No.25199759


haha i know her

>> No.25199760

fuck off i would cut my balls off not to live in a rural hell

>> No.25199775


There's the article. Might help you out.

>> No.25199796

>Gigachad trades stocks when even all futures market are closed

>> No.25199800

>caliboo wants to cut his balls off
goes with the territory I suppose

>> No.25199841

My school lied about job prospects and took a shit ton of govt backed money

I also lost my scholarship for having a 3.1 after my first semester due to failure to perform.

This wouldn’t have been so bad if a female Latina student told me that the school increased her scholarship after the same thing happened since the school said the grade dip reflected that “she needed the help”

>> No.25199843
File: 743 KB, 1024x667, sm3_chad.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>calls female broker
>at midnight on a Saturday
>I want 5 000 000 shares of RTX at market price
>b-but sir–
>hangs up
>comes over
>fucks female broker

>> No.25199855
File: 285 KB, 444x440, 56B9A246-70C0-4C98-8334-15DF77F026BA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>cannot survive without constant spoonfeeding of takeout food, movie theatres, and normie friends
You have to go back.

>> No.25199858

No, the idealism is all gone and

>> No.25199860


9: Night Hawk 16:50

>> No.25199866

Bro, women hate the truth, that's why you gotta lie to them, all the time. Come on man, get with the program. Just ghost them as soon as their value hits break even and go onto the next one.

>> No.25199882

Thanks Anon

>> No.25199884

more like drugs money and thots

>> No.25199887
File: 97 KB, 720x526, download (58).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anons is RAD (Rite Aid) gonna moon? Any RAD holders in here? Posting for max comfs.

>> No.25199909

>Cums on her face
>"I'm not paying any commission"
How does he get away with it?

>> No.25199942

I feel like I’ve gotten into an argument with you in the past
Weird feeling

>> No.25199945
File: 51 KB, 649x606, 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sounds like sage advice. I'll do as you say.

I would sell RAD if you hold it.

>> No.25199970

Now that China has removed the veil of trying to cooperate with the world and wants to impose its vision on us, I'm super happy all the degenerate waste people will finally get what's coming to them and the world economy will be booming.

>> No.25199988

Ok thanks. The only thing thats stoping me is thinking it might hit $20 or go over $20. Anyone see any chances of that happening?

>> No.25199992

Personally I just want to see what kind of memes the Chinese are hiding behind that firewall of theirs.

>> No.25200032


>> No.25200036


>> No.25200056

be honest and tell us how old you are

>> No.25200069

Eh whatever mayne I'll build our chink overlords a fucking overpriced cedar deck if it means Chang pay up on time. I ain't budging on the price though. Canada is already a chinese colony, it'll probably be a smooth transition anyways.

>> No.25200075

Is the 6k cap on IRAs a giant scam to ensure normalfags can't cash out before 60? I get the feeling that a bunch of faggots in a room in the mid atlantic region figured that the average normoid can save 6k a year by being frugal, and they want to ensure that they don't invest their way out of the rat race by dumping all their surplus money into locked retirement funds

>> No.25200105

bro they can literally just come here and never work again

>> No.25200106
File: 669 KB, 160x160, laugh 2.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.25200112
File: 591 KB, 2048x1390, merlin_168565488_6547051e-2ae7-4ed9-ab19-abc9326ce74f-superJumbo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nvm I'm holding that shit

>> No.25200114
File: 1.07 MB, 1200x800, nhbjkhgkl.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What the fuck was the deal with the boomers regarding NKLA?

It's like they switched mindsets with the millennial's who didn't want to touch that stock with a ten foot pole.

>> No.25200126

How do I trade on the american stock market from australia? Is it as simple as transferring fund and letting my bank convert them or do I need to watch out for some legal shit?

>> No.25200129
File: 49 KB, 158x194, 1589202750933.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

kinda based

>> No.25200142

its garbage dude buy some options in volatile stocks

>> No.25200163

I think this site has a partially undeserved superiority complex but yeah this is the direction I'm leaning towards

>> No.25200168

is there a chance that apple crashes back down to 1t?

is it possible apple becomes a cisco?

>> No.25200173

IRA or not, normalfags wouldn't save up or invest responsibly enough to cash out before 60. Hell, that's why Social Security exists in the first place.

>> No.25200198

It's geared toward a Boomer approach, but have you read the Bogleheads page on 'straya? https://www.bogleheads.org/wiki/Investing_from_Australia

>> No.25200223
File: 105 KB, 665x461, 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Only thing the FED can't stop

>> No.25200226
File: 209 KB, 1200x900, jeff-kardashians.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.25200238

It’s soijack poster - of course you have gotten in an argument with him before, as he lurks here 12 hours a day everyday shitposting responses and picking fights. He’s /smg/‘s resident troll. Just filter him

>> No.25200253

i hate everyone here

>> No.25200254

Cheers from Mara gang

>> No.25200270

>soijack poster is a rural tranny who desperately wishes he was a homeless street shitter in SF or LA

>> No.25200283

That's for investing within australia but not taking advantage of the american exchanges. Aus markets are shit for day trading.

>> No.25200292

im not him i just find it fucking funny

>> No.25200302

In a manner of a Christmas weekend....BTC went from 23 to an impending 27k....

50k coming soon.

>> No.25200312

>below the 8ema
>below the 50sma
>strong downtrend
>thinks it might go over 20 despite strong short term resistance at 19.50
>longer term resistance at around 18.50
Don't tell me you bought calls. If you did, are they at least longer term calls.

>> No.25200313
File: 193 KB, 1200x856, download (59).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is AMC completely fucked. I know as of late everyone says it's fucked but just wondering. It's a shame since it would be a comfy stock to have for mooning.

>> No.25200335

Understandable. Well in your situation I'd check out Interactive Brokers, seems like they operate in Australia and should let you trade US shit.

>> No.25200347

yea? duh. technology is going to kill a LOT of shit off. might even see cloud gaming kill consoles and pcs

>> No.25200353

AMC is a lot closer to Hertz than Party City

>> No.25200359

>Vaccine and lockdown dynamics mean you need to research biotech and monitor mutation news when investing in a fucking movie theater
Wild fucking times.

>> No.25200377

The only place that didn't open up all year in my area was the movie theatre. Its a big one too, from what I remember it had at least 16 screens in it. It was comfy af but its gonna go. Way too large of a real estate parcel to pass up for condominium development. I think theatres are shaping up to be the real blockbuster of our time, not fucking gamestop.

>> No.25200384

Only complete technological illiterates and non-gamers fall for the cloud gaming meme. There's simply no way around the unacceptable input lag inherent to remote compute. Maybe if you have data centers on every block like some 5G meme it could work, but at that point why not just...have consoles?

>> No.25200399

Nice post

>> No.25200402

yeah but nobody is lining up to buy theaters.

>> No.25200409

might even see cloud gaming kill consoles and pcs
Look up google stadia, le cloud is still a far way away from fucking up hardware.

>> No.25200427

well just 10 years ago we had fucking flip phones with a 2 mp camera and couldnt even browse facebook now i have a fucking iphone with wireless headphones and moves as fast as my laptop with a fingerprint scanner on it

who knows what will happen i can see normies going to buy a tiny plastic brick that runs every game in the world if it gets as good as computers and playstations

>> No.25200431
File: 57 KB, 700x512, 1608554339912.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

y-you too

>> No.25200446

oh you cheecky fellar

>> No.25200452

google stadia is garbage but microsoft sony apple google all have billions they can invest in it. i didnt say it would happen soon

>> No.25200490

>dude, who knows! PROGRESS my dude!
You can't techmeme your way around speed of light delay. Any time you're running a game on a computer that's far away, you'll start noticing the distance as input lag. 10ms is noticeable, 20ms is unacceptable, 30ms is unplayable. You can't get around that without moving the computer closer. And the closest place a computer can be is right beside your TV or on your desk.

>> No.25200497

Eli the tech guy says the future is data centers in orbit.

The idea is that Netflix would transfer data to storage in low earth orbit then beam it down directly to you.

Gaming streaming could work that way.

>> No.25200507

wanna tell me the school? i think you said cali and youre really going to listen to jonny tornado?

what are you trying to say? the amount of lawyers in 3-4 years will be disgusting, as to why im second guessing

>> No.25200516

What's the nashville explosion done for T? is it going to $1?

>> No.25200536

That's viable with Starlink. If you could figure out a way to seamlessly transfer application data between Starlink satellites you might be able to pull off cloud gaming. Massive swarms of LEO data satellites is about the only way you can get the latency low enough.

>> No.25200559

so a comet can knock internet out?

>> No.25200581

Don't bother arguing your points, there are some crazy people here that are hell bent on not seeing gaming change ever even though it will because corporations are looking to maximize profits and don't care about die hard gamers. There was a huge argument a while back about this as well.

>> No.25200589

Especially with the Intel rulers where you can fit 1 petabyte on a single 1u rack. You probably could fit all Steam games on a single 1u rack.

>> No.25200597

a comet can knock out just about anything

>> No.25200609

You mean solar flare? You'll be to busy eating zoo animals.

>> No.25200622

Unless hardware gets prohibitively expensive to use in consoles and whatnot I doubt they're going invest that much R&D into THE CLOUD for gaming unless some serious catalysts come up to improve the prerequisites for using THE CLOUD to stream vidya. Will it happen? Yeah, probably, but when? Not for a while methinks.

>> No.25200631

>arguing your points
>literally just "but muh prooooogress" and no actual argument
yeah, some crazy people here are fucking retarded

The problem would be switching which satellite is actually running the application every couple minutes. In order to get playable latency, you would need only the satellite directly overhead (or within one or two hops) to be running the game. And the satellites are moving at 7km per second.

>> No.25200639

probably when first earnings come up, usually the rugpull for any IPO

wouldn't touch any IPO until a few earnings, even CHWY dumped like -50% from its IPO day high ($40)

>> No.25200642

>I want to enjoy the benefits and living standards that the free market and economic growth have afforded the USA
>I would prefer easy access to said benefits compared to having to create shelter for myself/live off the land/travel long distances as people did 200 years ago

Truly a crime against humanity

>> No.25200657

Last I'd heard the dude blew himself up so it's a one-off service disruption, nothing consequential.

>> No.25200659

isnt elon musk trying to start some new internet shit thats like super internet thats unnecessarily fast?

>> No.25200673

This was posted on /smg/ before. I feel its still appropriate.

>> No.25200675

>doesn't want to travel long distances
>lives in a massive, mostly rural country
Why are hivecity bugmen so distinctly subhuman? Is it the city, or is it the bugman?

>> No.25200697
File: 97 KB, 1024x766, cool-home-theater-ideas-cinema-design-best-small_home-elements-and-style.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Any SNDL holders in here?

>> No.25200714

He also wanted to make super fast transport tunnels but I guess that was nixed because his lines probably went through US governments DUMBs. Once he gets those satellites up I'll entertain the possibilities. For now its as close as flying cars are.

>> No.25200723
File: 226 KB, 916x1924, EnCT7zmW4AI4ZH2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You have essentially every detail wrong but the general idea right, which is impressive. Elon is making low latency, low orbit satellite internet with over 9000 satellites. The constellation is currently being built with Falcon rocket launches, but the real fun begins when Starship starts launching 500 satellites at a time.

>> No.25200728
File: 188 KB, 1024x768, 1BTY0b8zCTkmhVABuNXT4rVCSAxekyPOhBeVkuGQNq4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Net interest payments on the debt are estimated to total $393.5 billion this fiscal year, or 8.7% of all federal outlays. (The government projects it will pay out a total of $593.1 billion in interest in fiscal 2019, which ends Sept.

A few decades ago we were getting an 8 percent savings interest rate. Now you're lucky to get a half percent.

If we were to push for 8 percent savings interest then wouldn't we be spending close to 2 trillion dollars a year on interest to maintain the debt?

>> No.25200744

Starlink already has over 900 operational satellites, most of which were launched this year.

>> No.25200745

But I've heard their servers and data were destroyed.

>> No.25200751

Not a faggot having butt sex so don't care, let the faggots reap the consequences of that law.
>lives in a massive, mostly rural country
And yet millions of people center their lives and economic activity around population centers, with this trend oh-so-coincidentally occurring in conjunction with the economic growth and technological advancement of society as a whole

>> No.25200765
File: 2.66 MB, 3112x3968, gfhfghfg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Old space boomer management are going to lose their heads pretty soon once musk starts producing these like 747s.

>> No.25200783

reminds me of the IRS basement fire.

>> No.25200785
File: 194 KB, 2048x1152, EqMtqZyU8AEfMta.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Driving massive moral and social degradation, you forgot the endemic moral and social degradation.

[Laughs in Boca Chica Shipyard]

>> No.25200792

And yet here I am still forced to pay $55 canadian per month pesos for 75mbps down/10 mbps up in the biggest city of this frozen shithole.

>> No.25200793

no way MARA doesnt open near $15 on monday if BTC maintains or exceeds its current price come monday. $27k accepted just now btw

>> No.25200806

>muh degeneracy
/pol/tards need to go back

>> No.25200815

*canadian pesos per month

>> No.25200828



>> No.25200829

i would rather have a broken down motel room with bars on the window and spanish writing outside in LA then have a fucking mega mansion in rural america with a fucking 3 mile long property rolls royce and a benz and a lamborghini in my 13 car garage with a fucking parade of strippers dancing naked on poles every time i get home with a bridge connected outdoors to my second house that i use for gaming and jerking off and have a private driver to drive me down my 1 mile driveways

thats how much i hate rural areas. THATS how much i hate fucking rural areas. at least i dont have some fucking poorfag lunatic with a gun and no purpose in life pulling me out of my car for smoking weed with a gun to my head

my fucking GOD do i hate rural areas

>> No.25200832
File: 773 KB, 333x358, 1608168990362.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>/pol/tards need to go back

>> No.25200855

Imagine being the CEO of Lockmart or Boeing that has to go onto investor share holder meeting stage after SpaceX beats them to the moon.

Imagine the hostile boomer investors who would be in front of him.

"Hey hey hey, Space Connect!"

>> No.25200861

>at least i dont have some fucking poorfag lunatic with a gun and no purpose in life pulling me out of my car for smoking weed with a gun to my head
sounds like LA to me. Ok maybe not weed but PCP.

>> No.25200882

Or WTC 7 collapsing just before it had to release the DOD black budgets sheets.
Or Comet Pizza's HD being destroyed by a bouncing magic bullet just before the local cops investigation.

>> No.25200897

Never mentioned fucking kids once, solid projection faggot. Guess if I enjoy a drink or a smoke now and then i must want to fuck kids. Q boomers can't die soon enough

>> No.25200910

>sold amrs at a 5 dollar gain right before it went up like crazy
>sold aqb at a 10 dollar loss
>sold mara at a 90 dollar loss
>am now buying back mara due to bitcoin major increase

>> No.25200916

then stay in the cities you sound like an unpleasant hive dwelling bugman

>at least i dont have some fucking poorfag lunatic with a gun and no purpose in life pulling me out of my car for smoking weed with a gun to my head
you literally described CHAZ except the guy with the gun is high and is stealing both your car and your weed

>> No.25200971

you would fucking kill yourself if you actually got trapped in a rural area with nothing but loneliness like i have.

my friends uncle had a giant property and a nice house out here and he looked fucking miserable. not a person for miles he just gets piss drunk and snaps on people, he ruined his job getting multiple duis and got fired, i think he went to jail for it, his kids are fucked in the head for having nothing outside but woods and grass

>> No.25200986

Nah faggot, I'll visit my rural out of state property a few months out of the year and there's nothing you can fucking do about it. Half of you faggots are transplants to "muh country live" and will never know of the crushing depression that exists in rural areas because fox news told you "lol poor man poop on street in city"

>> No.25201000

>a drink or a smoke once in a while
You know damn fucking well that's not the degenerate bullshit California gets shit on for.
>Big Mouth
>Pride hedonism
>public sex
>public shitting
>the entirety of Hollywood

>> No.25201032

theyre schizo and want to be 5 miles away from people in a dark room

>> No.25201051

do you think stocks just go up and you'll never go red after buying??

>> No.25201108

Okay cool faggot. As if that shit only happens in California and not the rest of the 3rd world shit hole that is America. I still don't take part in any of it besides the occasional Hollywood movie, so I don't give a fuck.
>muh degeneracy
Is not an argument against being able to enjoy the benefits of economic growth

>> No.25201455


>> No.25201841
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