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How the fuck can anyone convince themselves that this thing is a good store of value? It's far too volatile.

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cope harder, nocoiner faggot

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I'm not even coping, Bitcoin as a technology has been a net positive for the world. Some Argentinian family isn't going to put their life savings into Bitcoin if it might dump 30% though.

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focus on the tops ignore the bottoms

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put money in, money gets more if you hold longer than 3 years.
now tell me, can you say the same about stocks, gold, anything?

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>be gay niggerfag
>do nothing 12 years
>miss out

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good point, they'd rather keep it in their local currency that can be completely worthless the next day

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If you put money into either stocks (actually good ones, not the boomer equivalent of shitcoins) or gold you would be in profit right now, yes.

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>goes up 360% annually
>oh no it can dump 40% any time for a few weeks!!

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I hate when my stored value goes up 100x because of volatility.

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great point

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Lol everything is better than peso argentino.

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Btc was lower than that in 2020 you absolute cretin

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look at monthly close lows my nigga ignore the wicks for a hodler the mean nothing

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This, it was like 3.8k or some shit

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The main reason for thevolatility is speculation and price discovery. If/ when Bitcoin becomes a well-established store of value volatility (and speculation) will decrease.

If gold was an entirely new concept/ asset class (nothing like it in the past) and was "released" today it would be insanely volatile too.

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You had 11 years to dyor


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how did this dude get so many bitcoins?

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back when they were cheap they sold bags like that at the dollar store
feel like a real idiot not stocking up on those

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fucken hell, I had to pay $24000 each for mine to big steve. Also those look shiny and new, mine are brown and have some pubes stuck to them

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>focus on the tops ignore the bottoms
hahaha I agree. but I thought this was /biz/ not /lgbt/?

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and which one is that? i'm not well versed in your subculture.