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Now that bitcoin is going to 100k and we are all clearly going to make it let me see your make it car

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I won't have a car as there is no reason to leave my house after quitting my job and being able to afford delivery for everything.

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911, but only when it's around 5% of my net

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I dont own any btc

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hire some Asian huneys

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I’m so sorry for your loss. Please exit and report to r/buttcoin

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gonna buy a horse and shoot it

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a cheap good car, it's all I need

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90s Honda/Acura NSX
, but also only when its like 10% of my net

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literally a sandnigger/poorfag car

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I could get 4 of these right now
that would be dumb timing though

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Honestly ill probably just get a chevy impala or something

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I'm going to convert all my gains right back into fiat

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Almost nobody here is actually in BTC. Most people are loaded with shitcoins like LINK and are making absolutely no profits right now.

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>making it


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i would never again buy a car

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some of us have 6 figure portfolios already poorfag

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u only have 1? lol

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The absolute chad of a car.

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beautuful, absolutely gorgeous

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Yes, that's a fucking beast, and you'll be rich enough to keep it functional, lol
I unironically want an old style Fiat Chroma, I used to have one, it wasn't in good condition but driving it was in a different league to all the other shitheaps I owned and it wasn't even a sporty model
But I'll probably end up with a random toyata anway

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I have a 6 figure portfolio too
If I include the decimal point and the small number after it

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based, + 037 and delta s4

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I have watched this YouTube video so many times... Love crayon...

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a man of taste

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>Love crayon...

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Pop top 79 series Landcruiser troop carrier camper.

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huge sell signal

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Send me some?

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send me all ur btc and ill send back double

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I trust this guy, he's on the internet

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>Lexus rx 350

Not the techy looking one. Just the round booty one.

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Got one of these right now. It’s perfect. Honestly can’t imagine a better car, or what I’d replace it with.

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good choice nigga

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>Making it


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my car will be in this garage

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only hodling here. Getting some DDX and hodling that too

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me like this

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I’m a link marines. Can’t even afford a bus pass.

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Unironically no time for adult toys. Only time for some more BOND knowledge.
>say after me, high yielding smart contracts

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based, the choice of a true gentleman

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Say after me: OVER 50% CRASH

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Ultra based. Hire A+ escorts and upload to biz.

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When I buy my 911 I will make sure my vanity plates read: "Tower7" just to piss off normies, kikes and boomers

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Rate me.

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we have housewives on /biz/?

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Holding 20k GRT

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A used 1999 Honda Civic is going to be 10k usd when bitcoin hits 100,000k

Bitcoin isn’t going just because you want it too

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For me it's the Audi RS6 Avant
basado. just accumulating or did you lever up?

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I'm going full nigger

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V8 wildtrak when it comes out

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Not buying an unreliable shit from USA or Europe

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Bravo. But I’m getting the nismo

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