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Make sure to have your ducks in a row. That's all I'm allowed to say.

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You’re gonna post more though and we all know it.

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i had my ducks in row for 3 years you piece of shit they are the point of starving and freezing to death because i keep telling them to keep standing in proper row

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then you went 100x...

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Fuck off sergey. I'm not going to buy one of your weekly dumps.

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*tink tink tink*

Attention KIKES, CHINKS, and JEETS

I will NEVER, ever sell my Linkies. LINK at $5.00? Didnt sell.
LINK at $0.01? Didnt sell.
LINK at 10? 50?... 100? 200? 500?

Not selling.

IF you filthy kikes ever want to see these linkies again, you are going to have to pump the price to AT LEAST $2000 per LINK... At which point, AGAIN, you filthy kikes, I AM NOT SELLING

The richest man in Costco. Praise Sergey

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yes but i need x10000

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99.999% of biz advice will fuck you up. 2021 is the Golden Bull Run of the King and queen. Shitcoins will always be serfs.

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Nothing ever happens
OP is a faggot

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yesterday you said mid january. you are a faggot pedophile.

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checked and based

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based stinky

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I've been holdi g since pre ICO and am still waiting to make it.
It's all so tiresome.

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Checked but larp

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>only 106 nodes in a private KYC network
>out of those, 83 have ran 0 jobs (!)
>only 22% of the network is used

>only 255 data feed available after years of development
>99% are all price feeds
>out of those, only 10% have been used in the last hour, 90% of which were just a bulk update across

Do you think a coin with these metrics after 2 years on mainnet should be in top 10 with a 13 billion dollar valuation with a founding team that still holds 60%+ and does dumps on a weekly basis?

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Chinese invasion of Taiwan?

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they won't risk it like that, they need to completely overshadow America first.

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I think they may have done so already. And I say that as a true lover of freedom and original American values.

I made a lengthy writeup for myself yesterday about what I think might happen over the course of the next year and how it might result in massive wealth for crypto investors but I'm not sure anyone will care enough to read it. But Taiwan is the key to all this.

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When btc hits 14k your about to get reketed

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I can't even read; won't sell.

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Personally I'd love to read it

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You said too much already. Let the weak hands die off, we'll need them later , to get back in at a loss

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Checked. Post it, would be interested in reading

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Discord: sZgRHBMH

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Lets read it anon

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the gods have blessed you with the dubs of truth.
post this anon

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Share with us anon, it sound like bollocks but whatever. Show me.

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I needed a 200x

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Alright, the full length version is like 10k words and counting so I'm gonna try and make it brief. Also bear in mind that this is based on my working knowledge of geopolitics which is incomplete and ever changing so commentary is welcome.

> US dollar is backed by gold officially but the truth is that US military strength is the true integrity of the dollar.
> last 70 years have been unprecedented in terms of relative world peace + border stability, due to America's dominance, in turn due to US being the only power spared destruction post world wars. fall of the soviet union strengthened this
> basically the world was happy to allow the US and the dollar to be dominant in exchange for US military preventing major international wars. even historical empires comparable to the US were never had such a stabilizing effect globally so this is unprecedented
> PLA conducting beaching drills, reunification talks no longer branded as "peaceful". Little doubt that China wants to "take back" taiwan and soon, they now have the influence and economic strength to do it and have to go for it before 1-child policy's ripple effect reduces their fighting age male population in a few years
> communist regimes HATE ethnically similar, successful democrat neighbors (korea case in point, also why China has been fucking hong kong so hard lately)
> So Chinese invasion of Taiwan will be the first major test of the current world order (see US military stabilizing effect above) and I'm not confident that they will pass
> china has been very successful in infiltration American institutions and demoralizing us lately. See Thousand Talents program in universities, Eric Swalwell-Fang Fang fuck scandal, etc. But the biggest leverage they have is Hunter Biden's laptop scandal over Joe Biden

Part 2 coming up, sorry for the delay

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>every nitwit /biz/ and /pol/ take rolled into one
>isolated points no continuous analysis
can't wait for part 2

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fuck me imagine if i'd gotten trips. anyway:
> rule of thumb, for every bit of deep political scandal that reaches public ears, there's at least 10x more that hasn't (yet). For example if you think Lewinsky was the only chick Clinton boned in office you're a fool
> Hunter literally flew on Air Force 2 to China on business, there's no way he didn't bang some questionably young hookers in a hotel room rigged with cameras
> basically joe biden will refuse to prevent the invasion of taiwan for fear of more hunter leaks. other compromised politicians will likely stay quiet. hell, even scandal-proof trump pulled a carrier strike group out of the south china sea when he realized china has the tech to blow em all up, biden won't do it with that AND leaks possible
> when the US fails to intervene, the dollar immediately plummets. I think there's a solid chance for weimar style hyperinflation. Dollar loses value, the EU and the west in general will band together MUCH tighter than ever before when they realize the US is too weak to, say, stop Putin from rolling across Europe. They'll stop acting as a US client
> biden knows that total inaction will be too damaging. he'll use backdoor channels to arrange for token "security patrols" in the south china sea. Both he + Xi will know that these are only an act
> but here's the big point of divergence : mistakes happen a LOT in war and it's very hard to micromanage your admirals and captains and shit when you're trying to keep up a facade. one false radar signal, one warning shot that accidentally hits the mark - once american blood is drawn we're looking at a hot war. shit like this happens all the time in history
> when biden fails to "pay the chinese back" or whatever public opinion will turn against him majorly. he'll be in a very awkward position. i think this would actually be the perfect time for him to conveniently fall ill and kamala harris to take over (if he dies before then we just skip to this point)

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Here's a comparative analysis on left right structure and use of violence since the 1970s for reference. This is solid analysis fren.

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I'm trying to be as dispassionate and objective as I can (I know it's a bit doomer but still). but i'd love to hear your critique
> ironically kamala will be more appropriate as a leader here since she can't appear to be a "weak woman"
> also complicating things is her indian heritage, china has been fucking india lately by damming their water supplies and they've already skirmished on the border. if this gets any hotter it might be too awkward for her to leave india, a US ally, hanging out to dry
> so kamala will course correct by bowing to pressure and beginning proper military intervention. there are alternatives, i.e. if this takes four years she might simply be voted out, but it can all happen with her in office anyway
> so if this happens soon enough and the old US military order is reestablished quickly enough the dollar might actually stabilize and climb back. the period in between this is the time when your previous cryptos will reach maximum value, sell just before the dollar makes a comeback for maxx profitz
> as for the course of the war, hard to say. The US and Taiwan together are definitely capable of slowing China down to the point where they'll call off the invasion for economic strain reasons. also if they lose too many men it could multiply their coming age gap problem like WW1 france or the war of the triple entente.

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> however if the conflict drags on too long it could end up being a vietnam / afghanistan situation where we end up fucking the natives and pulling out because public favor for war has limits. asian population of the US is tiny and the number of americans who give a fuck about little taiwan won't be enough for the war to survive an election cycle or two. democrat commies won't want to keep fighting the CCP and a conservative republican could easily campaign on a platform of "bringing our troops home" just like trump, so whether or not Taiwan ends up a part of the PRC is up in the air. If it does get annexed I expect the dollar will take another dip, but only temporarily - as long as the US world order appears to restabilize, the loss of taiwan to the ccp won't concern the world enough for them to resist returning to the old system. just look at how much shit Russia and China get away with being part of the UN (invading crimea, hong kong, concentration camps, etc.) every time this happens they get away with a little more. but the world won't give a fuck.
> alternatively the successful defense of taiwan means a quicker return for the dollar. the world WANTS to see the US fighting those types of defensive wars.
> anyway, in conclusion that period between US military inaction and eventual intervention will be the time when cryptos peak. after that we continue the current US - China cold war. With a little luck the invasion will create enough civil unrest in China for a popular revolt (difficult but not unprecedented) and if it's successful (If the CIA finally do something useful and support it) we can cross china off our list of problems. but don't count on it.

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ducks are so pretty

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Intersting read and lots of hard truths and facts in there. That said I still believe that radical leftists cannot win in a major culture war or civil war. communism has never succeeded in a stable, first world country because the communist ideology demands a radical restructuring of society, and stable first world countries have large middle class populations who are perfectly content with their current way of life and don't want the status quo changed. america practically invented the middle class and all of the people living safely in the burbs aren't going to go along with FULL COMMUNISM NOOOOOW. this is also why democratic policies tend to discreetly nudge blacks and other minorities to remain poor and uneducated. allow them to become middle class, and they'll stop listening to radicals.

that said, the left can still do serious long term damage by subverting values and shifting the overton window which is what we really need to be afraid of.

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Chinks, US intelligence and Biden admin were all in on this virus scam as a means to get rid of Trump. Without Trump, all those groups benefit.

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Thanks for writing it down. Got a medium account?

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no. can i make money off of it

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The US President is only a face.
You think fthe US powers won’t out Biden to save the the mighty dollar?

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i think they'll do exactly that with kamala.

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