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I failed the iq test.....

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get rekt

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this is the best $165 crab coin that exists

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Are you serious or just LARPing? Nobody is retarded enough to have actually bought BSV, it’s all wash trading, bots, and Pajeets that pumped the price. No real human being has ever touched that shitcoin. I don’t believe it.

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Sirs....my village near mumbai

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The thing is, for all it's shittyness, BSV has probably been the most entertaining thing in the entire crypto space. I remember the lore backed when it launched: Creg Sanjay, crypto brown pill, all that shit with Ayre, the bonded courier...
I would never touch it, but I'm glad it existed.

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Me too, anon. Me too.

Now I just play vidya gaems and watch my meager holdings do nothing but lose value in sats.

BTC has high fees though, r-right?

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cia side op to gather as much btc as possible

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you bet on the good guy. evil people always win anon, you should know this by now

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>people actually bought BSV
literally why

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he is unironically Satoshi though which is hilarious

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implying i bought BSV. i always bet on the evil people. of course the bilderberg kikes would win, why would an autistic aussie win over kikes and chinks?

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>Still CSW dickriding in 2020
Fucking pathetic desu

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I can never tell if these posts are ironic or not

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the bsv/bch chart points straight fucking down.
the bch/btc chart points straight fucking down.
bsv is the stupid prize you win, playing stupid games.

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BSV has never seen a bull market. Well now we know what it does during a bull market. Tank without stopping.

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>BTC has high fees though, r-right?
btc network transfers are fast and free

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You must be a republican

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>value investing

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>when bitcoin was proven to be turing complete and coreposters didnt care

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wow those are both super useful things to use a distributed ledger for

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lol you need to stop snorting crack nigger

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calvin, give up

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going to dispute the content or strawman it?
>turing complete smart contracts
>unlimited ancestor limit
>$0.0001 transaction fee for a p2sh tx
yes these are useful components of a distributed ledger.

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its all theater. i actually have some inside knowledge as i worked for an exchange in 19 doing sysadmin shit. it was all 100% wash trading.
the guy in accounting said they had run the numbers and from launch to 2019 there had never been a single USD depositor (wire) that then proceeded to buy bsv.
it is entertaining as shit tho.....

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You'll regret later

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>yfw the successor of the internet was discussed and you mocked it.

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a lesson in marketing really
cringe dragon logo
'satoshi's vision'

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you did

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assumption was only medium of exchange gives value. but in competition with MMT money printing gone mad, store value sells itself, immutability and deflation sell themselves. it'll come, its just been delayed 3 years.

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dont worry, the machines will care

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The last of the great episodes of biz.

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>side op
nice ESL

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I'll never forget how annoying BSV posters were in 2019. They deserve any misfortune the world brings their way.

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There's unironically a vishnu living on the blockchain

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>Nobody is retarded enough to have actually bought BSV, it’s all wash trading, bots, and Pajeets that pumped the price. No real human being has ever touched that shitcoin. I don’t believe it.

More lies.
This cold clown world is always killing truth and light

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redpill me on the bonded courier please. missed that one

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BSV will go from 145USD to 20.000USD. Screencap this.

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so $20 united states dollarinos? I would buy more there desu
>t.1000 BSV autist
>t.locking it in trust for my autistic son to inherit in 20 years
(((you))) will never get my BitCoins

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This will never happen. Even if Creg "wins" his lawsuits this is not on the table.

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Excuse me sirs how do you not know about the Bondage courier and the Tweety Birdbrain Donald Trump connection?

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As is every rich person on here

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It will, though. Just a matter of time. Could literally be 15 years but it's inevitable. Any price BTC touches (well, below 500k at least) BSV will also touch.

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BCH before the fork and BSV after the fork were the most memed and discussed coins on /biz/ besides LINK in late 2017 and practically all of 2018. Alot of the original LINK investors bought BSV. It's easy to make fun of them now but back then it was a real potential moonshot.

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They didn't hold any BSV, they were just paid to shill it.

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>Alot of the original LINK investors bought BSV
In 2017 I was 50% BCH, 50% LINK and held the BCH until 2019.
I would have already made it if I had just sold the BCH for LINK, but at least I managed to dump BSV at parity with BCH kek.

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MMT is a fucking meme. Central bankers backing the USD can only keep the musical going so long as they can export inflation. People who push MMT fail to understand this and think money printer can just go brr no matter the conditions.

The dollar will collapse and Austrians will be proven correct.

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Keep buying brainlet you deserve it

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>he is unironically Satoshi
Craig has serious narcissism issues. Back during the Bitcoin block size wars, not long after he proclaimed himself to be Satoshi, I was in a private Slack channel with him and a few other people and Craig started posting pictures of himself on a boat with some hookers and the guys he used to work for doing security for an offshore online gambling site. It was max cringe, and I think everyone but Craig realized that.

I am familiar with that personality type - someone who needs to boast to strangers about odd things, and while I know he was involved in Bitcoin early and had a lot of it, I don't think he wrote the Bitcoin white paper.

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After a year, BSV returned back to half the BCH price. Oof.

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Unironically this and it's happening now with central banks literally buying stocks to throw usd bags back into the street asap.

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Oof, indeed...

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Unironically might happen, literally

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My digits say BSV will flip Btc in 4 hours once the news is out

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yeah when btc hits $1mil

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I choose to take it literally that I deserve it and I will.

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No, most rich people here are interested in politics only insofar it affects them. You sad, pathetic retard.
If you are loyal to a party, you are cattle.

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i have no idea how anyone can take this lying aussie cunt seriously at this point, hes literally flip flopped, lied and contradicted himself so much. it boggles my mind people still fall for his bs

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You should thanks stupid retards who blackmail him about beeing Satoshi

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He literally all but won a defamation lawsuit proving he is Satoshi Nakamoto a few weeks ago. The defending party gave up after discovery and is quoted on Twitter saying Krog supplied "a lot of evidence."
But of course crypto Normies will only react once the news is "official" official. Typical clown world response. But to outright claim CSW is not SN requires literal borderline retardation levels of intelligence at this point.

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whatever happened to the bonded courier? smartphones for africa? fatal segwit flaw? rolling ice berg orders
craig could literally implement a 1mb block limit tomorrow and you dick riders would still defend him lmaoo

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Well if Krog was perfect there'd only be BSV and no 6,000 other coins.
Imagine being mad at the fact that the real Bitcoin is retardedly cheap and you have a second shot at a guaranteed thing, or as close as they come at least nowadays.

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lol so true

fuck bsv chink capturecoin

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imagine missing out on BTC going to the moon because you fellf or crogs horseshit lmao

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did you capitulate and buy btc at 25k?
oh anon....

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I dont care anymore
Im holding only BSV
If I lose I deserved it
Still have 100% profit in USD

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why go all in?
you could have at least kept a suicide stack in BTC
you could have listened... it didnt have to be like this

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obvious scams like BSV and XRP and all sorts of other faggotry is precisely why the SEC is going to btfo the shit out of these fucking bullshit crypto startups that only exist to scam mostly retarded investors of their paychecks.

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Why won't he just sign the genesis block on BTC to prove it? all he has to do is move X.XX from Satoshi's wallet. He could just send it back to himself.
If he cannot do this, he is NOT Satoshi. If he cannot sign it because he claims he has 'lost' keys, then he is a retard anyway so who cares.

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if BTC goes too high and inevitably crashes with no survivors Bitcoin (BSV) will not be touched for years.... I´d say >1 Trillion Mcap.

CSW, get your shit together, otherwise it will be (((MMT))) for the rest of time.

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