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I fell for the FUD and sold at 80

Fuck all of you

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Lesson one learned: You NEVER sell your LTC. Ever. Lesson two: buy back in before it goes to $200.

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The FUD was not out of line. This is a fluke pump on a pointless shitcoin. Anyone with a brain would have sold this shit long ago.

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Don’t worry my friend I purchased your lite coins and are keeping them very safe for you. You may have them back at a 1:1 market rate whenever you wish

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Lots of faggots looking for fundamentals and use cases in a coin. They're gonna stay poor.

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Is it so insane to think that normies don’t want to go ALL IN on something and still only have like .4274853 of a coin? Normies like nice round numbers.

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I entered crypto by mining a single LTC block. Sold at somewhere above $40 in the first huge pump.

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LTC is getting privacy features. Look it up.

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The multiplier effect is also nice. Someone with .42 BTC gets 42 cents if it goes up a dollar. Or they can buy a couple of litecoin for the price of a penny of bitcoin and get two dollars if it goes up a dollar. Way more upside on chikun eggs.

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This "pointless shitcoin" is one of the very few that are actually widely used for all kind of shit. Privacy features coming 2021. Normies can even buy it on PayPal. It was always the porr man's bitcoin, and it is free of the amount of schizo idiocy that surrounds utter shit like XRP and LINK, which scares most people away at first sight. What is precious Chainlink used for? Oh, I know, Sirgay Batraymoto dumping millions of tokens on you retards every month. Otherwise the token is not needed. You can't do shit with it except hoping to do a Sirgay at one point and dump your overprized bags on some poor retard at ATH. That's all that you wish for, don't you?

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I bought back in at 130

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Show me the trading volume of the shitcoins you're holding.
>inb4 xrp

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Haha that sucks. I had a 50x leveraged long at $70 but my stop loss triggered at $71

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I sold at 121 and I want to kill myself

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God bless LTC singlehandedly saving my portfolio in this negative alt season

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>tfw bought years ago when it was around this price
>spent two years watching it stay around 1/3 of what it was and now I'm broke even

Strong hands save lives

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Litecoin is actually used as a currancy.

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don’t be an idiot who take part in these shitty tokens
don’t make a headache and trade with 0.2$ price difference
just use $$$$ top MTLX and make x5 for a month

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could you say that again but in English?

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Street shitter

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Failed the IQ test

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Jokes on you, i bought at 350

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litecoin is dumping..

too many bagholders trying to cash out all the way up to $375...

better to put it all in bitcoin

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I'm sorry OP. I legit thought this project was dead. Sorry for shitting on you so hard.