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there fucking better be an alt run in 2021

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Not true, retail will fomo into corn and alts next year. The current BTC run is almost entirely due to institutions.

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Why does everyone just accept narratives without any actual facts. I've seen models of Bitcoins price going to 250k around 2021 since 2016. No mention of needing muh institutional money. Of course as an asset gains acceptance then it goes more mainstream as a financial asset. But institutional money could buy fucking basedbeans if they wanted. There are bigger economic factors in play. The fact is every pajeet in every tg is now a btc maximalist and is buying btc. So guess what...that pushes the price up. Institutional buying does not make an asset go up. They can buy the shit out of btc and it could still crab for a year or even drop hard..

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Why does Pepe have half a penis to his left?

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It's possible.

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