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*Moons violently*

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I just saw that
about fucking time. going nowhere for years

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Bout to take over ripple mc

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holy shit i'm so happy i don't listen to /biz/ i'm gonna double the btc i spent on ltc

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I told the retards to get into litecoin it was absurdly cheap for months. They rather gamble on pajeet and scam coin garbage like ripple lmao

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I sold at 130 and now I’m scared.

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My market analysis suggests this will be $1300 by 2022

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Yeah, thought it would dip so I could get more, but that’s a dangerous game not worth the risk. Should I fomo back in at a 2% loss?

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i have 5 LTC am i gonna make it?

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Day trade it to 10

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>b-but he said ltc is useless!!!!

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It mooned more last year

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Since when Crypto bullrun lasts more than a year?

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People always doubting the boomer coin.

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Litecoin is bitcoins younger brother it follows bitcoin, and sometimes lags behind enough to predict what it will do.

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>My market analysis suggests this will be $1300 by 2022

>1500 EoY (who still has the moby dick picture of that or was it the angry walking wale?)

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Whalebro will post here soon. Don't worry

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>moby's dick
>sperm whale
Why do I see inuendos in this?

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I own none of this garbage but I don't have to tell you what's going to happen next. Sell sell sell.

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Boomer coin go brrrrrrrr

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>its just a testnet bro

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magical crypto said the best thing to do is simply to hodl. lol

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you’re not wrong but fuck off

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The first dip after the very first spike on that chart is where its at right now. Yea, go ahead and sell lol. Youl kill yourself in a year.

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litecoin is a scam too, it only mooned and continues to go up because of random event: paypal listing. It's the cheapest coin there.
It was already out of top 10 before that.

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Why does everyone on /biz/ hate RH?

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>It was already out of top 10 before that.
LTC has been in the top 10 basically its entire existence

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It goes the other way though, LTC had segwit before BTC and is often the rest bed for other things. If mimblewimble is successful in LTC us could very well be implemented into BTC at some point

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it's trash that was dying, but now it's pumped by dumb paypal money. Probably someone at paypal had ltc bags.
This is the last crypto bubble in which ltc is even relevant, as there's nothing more that can happen to it.

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Oh, in price... yeah but I would say it is lagging behind pretty badly still

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cope harder, be sure to post suicide video

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cope with what, I wasn't shorting ltc.
I didn't think about it at all, like almost everyone already in crypto in September.

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will trade 50,000 MOONCOINS for 1000 LTC. It's gonna mooon