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Remember when the SEC charged Elon with Fraud. Yeah that totally destroyed Tesla didn't it. You cucks will rue the day you missed this golden dip. XRP will live forever and prosper bigly in 2021. Mark my post.

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XRP is dead dude

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>You cucks will rue the day
Doesn't sound like coping with losses at all

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cope harder. Elon wasn't dumping tsla every day of the year unlike xrp and link.

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Sure, one thing is just like the other.

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You’re probably right but I’m still not buying Jew bank coin

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not buying your bags at any price schizo. You made your bed, now lie in it

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NPC detected. Post something else.

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How about this?
Ripple is dumping copious amounts on retail investors, manipulates the market, nobody is using its products without being paid to do so, those paid to use XRPL immediately dump their XRP, the chad winklevii wants nothing to do with XRP despite being offered $1M just to consider it, none of the users of ODL are banks, use cases should really be called "use" cases, the overwhelming majority of ripple's revenue comes from selling XRP, ODL is more expensive than traditional alternatives, ripple sells XRP at 30% below market rate to institutions with no stipulations that they do not market dump immediately, the privately stated goal of ripple was to increase speculation, ODL volume is basically a sham to fool retail investors, ripple themselves said it's not a currency because you can't buy shit with it, ripple's internal policies treat XRP as a security, the CEO was paid by ripple to achieve a specific price target for XRP, ripple believes dumping XRP "according to liquidity" is part of their fiduciary responsibility to shareholders, and last but not least


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Lol the SEC fud changes nothing about the underlying fact that XRP is a shitcoin anyway.

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the criplet has no response to this

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this but it doesnt mean it wont make you money

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Checked, WAGMI, well except for the rotten shorties and fudders and trannies.

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extra hopium

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social rocket. not a financial advice

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Hahaha coping faggot

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Comparing Elon musk and xrp.. Just wow

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>H-how dare you compare our god Elon
>Just wow

Kys faggot daddy musk wont give you any money get over it

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Take notice anons, no cripple has or will ever respond to this because they know damn well it's true and it's impossible to refute.
The people shilling XRP at this point are desperate cucks who are too low iq to just buy bitcoin. Even the glowniggers have stopped trying, they literally just make bots post for them now. The only thing left are bagholders. Any one with even a small semblance of a working brain sold the airdrop pump.

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This post was brought to you by an anti-American chinese communist fudder discord tranny

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People are waking up. XRP is up 5% since i made this thread.

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Totally destroyed the argument with cold hard facts

Congrats on this

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>le Russia and China boogeyman
the cold war ended decades ago old man

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Ey faggot, I'm not idolizing musk. If it wasn't for the massive QEs on QEs and other clown world monetary policies I would be short on tsla. Xrp is a centralized premined shitcoin. It's bitconnect-tier, and even after this dump its more overvalued than tsla. Your only hope short term is that deluded xrp bagholders double down with their stimulus money and buy more xrp. At which point you might see a slight pump where you can exit your position on what is probably the worst project in crypto. Imagine giving money for something created out of thin air. Just end it already you fucking cuck

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XRP is going to zero and we told you for years. LINK is next.

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Cripplets weren't aware of any of this and have no response.

Cripplet's literally believed the marketing like stupid, retail cattle that they are.

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Says the man supporting an Israeli invention.

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Honestly anons I was just shitposting based off my experiences in their shit general whenever I point out how this coin is a scam

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>He thinks we're not in a cold war with China right now
I'd like to see your face when it goes hot

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based Gemini

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All of that may be true, what stops XRP from going up in price?
All this entire fucking space is, is belief in the medium
Just like fiat

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Being forced to operate as a registered security would completely fuck up Jeb's business model since it's dependant on dumping his shitcoin on poorfags and niggers.
Nice cope though OP, really showing off how braindead xrp holders are as per usual.