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whats the next 100x you fucking faggots?

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just lost a fuckton in muh digital oil. should i all in statera bros>>25163513

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I'm biased. I can't give you a neutral answer. DYOR fren.

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dumbass, always hodl yer oil lad!

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SENT. There's threads about is usually with good info. DYOR you nigger.

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COIN maybe.

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Unironically ZIL.

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Wood(caskets) , polyester(Mc Donald's uniforms) , rope and kneepads.

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From 0.01$ in a few days to 1$ in 2021.

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100x is an easy target for XED. exeedme will hook the whole gaming sector. don't be fool and don't miss the train

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anything else is a meme

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ethereum's dapp space is a garbage without L2 solutions. it will born again with new L2 GEMs like tokamak network. didn't you fill your bags with TON yet??

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Where do you get SENT tho

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have a look into ROT
will pump cause a few updates soon

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Getting my **** airdrop soon, will also be buying more **** at public sale.

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Akash network.

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SENT is a pnd imo, I found this yesterday and looks interesting. Coin released 2 days ago and is very low at the moment. https://rocki.app/about

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Tfuel... Never had any down

Shit is Literally gold

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Look into Rose.
Reef.Finance is listing on binance in a few days.
Zil's actually growing kinda nuts.
GRT looks good for the long term but try to buy in around 25c it should hold that price.
That's all I've got rn, others include OCEAN, DREAM, STAT.

If I'm wrong please lecture me

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There won't be another 100x any time soon.

Within 4-5 years, maybe, just maybe LINK is your best bet. But in the immediate future you arent going to get 100x gains on any coin. The market is too stable.

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BTC. It is unironically invincible and all criticism for it has amounted to nothing

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social rocket