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This was never supposed to go up anymore
I could have bought a suicide stack for $300
I feel bad

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Fucking dabbing on the non-believers. Merry Christmas idiot.

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Funny. I just sold 5 ETH worth for breakeven after holding for months. Feels like a huge relief. This NIGGER SCAM will never recover. Everyone fucking hates it and for a good reason. CASTRATE

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It's still extremely undervalued. You'll want to rope even more when it explodes in the upcoming months

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Not buying this absolute fucking tranny scam. No chance!

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How does it feel to lose in life being so low intelligence to want to buy this scheme. Give up shiller bitch

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Unironically take your meds and get help
>shiller bitch
Rajj, that you?

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OP I FOMOd today and you should too. It's clearly picked up momentum again.

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I will simply keep buying

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Sup with the fudders always being so toxic?

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that escalated quickly
take your meds

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Hop in while you still can anon

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Great team, backers & is ridiculously undervalued.
Price is super low b/c some dumping/profit taking.
Its a steal at this price!

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k rakesh. just bought 1mil

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>iq nob9
yeah, alright faggot

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IQkcNoB9 is Satoshi. Extremely Bullish for Statera.

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