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Why do you not like money biz?

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get cleaned up

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This is gonna dump so hard once normies realize it's not discount bitcoin

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Normies will never realize that they only see price and buy in

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No it's not going to. Normies do think like /biz/tards (you).

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Biz doesn't like decentralized cryptos they only like centralized scams, and things that aren't crypto currency.

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Half the country voted for trump and you expect them to understand what a blockchain is

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But I love LTC. They've made me more dosh than BTC ever will.

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Unironically because LTC does nothing and it's pumped 3x despite this purely on normalfaggot "it must be digital silver" idiocy. Might as well buy some fucking RLC 'digital oil' if you're going to be like that.

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Except RLC is an ICO and token is distributed in a centralized fashion. Vs ltc which is decentralized everything, also eth is oil not some shitcoin name rlc

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You will never be a woman

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Except RLC is a shitcoin that nobody knows about. Is in ZERO atms, isn't being bought up by Paypal. Wasn't one of the original cryptocurrencies. Enjoy your RLC bags.

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RLC is a shitcoin that promises it will "do something", LTC is a shitcoin that does literally nothing. Both are shitcoins pumped by meming retards then dumped by chads who bought the bottom and sold the top. Deal with it, digital dipshit. BTC IS KING.

>eth is oil

Kek Eth is dogshit, enjoy paying 50 dollars for gas to buy shitcoins on unishart you fucking idiot.

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>he fell for the bulltrap

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>he thinks I bought digital dogshit
>he thinks normiepal is a good thing

Oh no sweatie, I'm saying your do-nothing shitcoin is about as worthless as RLC.

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>LTC is a shitcoin that does literally nothing
so... bitcoin?

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No sweatie, BTC is unironic digital gold because people actually value it. People don't value Litecoin, they're just dumbfucks that get tricked by baghodlers like you into the digital silver meme.

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people do actually value litecoin, thats why its at 200% the last 12 months and 120usd and rising :)

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>he thinks i care

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So it does fucking nothing but people value it anyway. Same thing with LTC. Digital gold and silver isn't just a meme

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>People don't value Litecoin
current price says differently

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Bought at 121 and sold at 124,finally I did something right. Still isn't covering my 1inch losses

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if you wanna do something right, buy in again at 100-110 and hold hold hold. 2021 is gonna be a fantastic year for crypto.

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People do value Litecoin, brainlet. That's literally what the market cap of any liquid assets represents.
And Litecoin IS being used for its intended use. Tons of money is being transferred on the LTC network. And has been for a long time. Unlike 99%+ of other altcoins, Litecoin is actually being used.

You have no clue what you're talking about.

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i dumped all my LTC for LINK in 2017
fuck charlie lee

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now dump your link for btc

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The dump btc for xrp

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but it is discount bitcoin. Its the same protocol as bitcoin. If I wanted the functionality of bitcoin for the price of litecoin, then you go for litecoin.

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not to mention, transaction fees begone. realistically fees wont go up until the network hits 99% mined in what 2130 lol
litecoin is the usable bitcoin, even if litecoin price hits 1k we can still have sub 1 cent transactions.

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So..../biz/ stands for Business and Finance, right? Why is this board 100% crypto gambling? What does that have to do with business? Wouldn’t you be more interested in trying to figure out business opportunities to take advantage of speculation market?

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off topic.
why would anyone invest in a business with effort when you can invest in a buseiness without effort.
we have stockmarket generals too.

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it's not gambling if you're not retarded and can time obvious pumps

Just ignore the pathetic bagholder threads full of people who thought flavor of the month shitcoin that nobody cares about would be the next bitcoin

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w-what are you saying i wont be a millionaire by daytrading shitcoins

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I told you /biz/
why didn't you listen?