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Few know, and understand. Undervalued by a factor of 100. The original altcoin.

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This will be a shitshow without comparison. Ltc is the definition of a dead shitcoin, and a few normalus will fall for it, pump it to 200 just for it to go back to sub 10

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FUD is for the smooth brained. You didn't buy at 4 last time nor at 10. And this time you FUD at 30. You will buy at 1k.

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Definition of shitcoin. No development, no use, just another bitcoin fork that will die slowly. Of course it pumps

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The SEC won't fuck it. Ethereum and all eth20 shitcoins including LINK though...

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Pfff. The only time I held this clone shit was when charlie donated them in the troll box

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When we hit $400 i hope you come back here and cry about it. When we hit $1k u can rope.

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This FUD just makes me more bullish. It's like XRP schizos. Completely out of tune with reality.

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>MILF id

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Charlie Lee sold the top and made you his bitch. Merry Christmas

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Yet you're the only one constantly thinking about Charlie Lee, faggot.

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