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This shitcoin just keeps going up. I am seriously about to FOMO in and just say fuck it.

I thought that charlie lee selling was the nail in the coffin but for some reason he just keeps coming back and shilling the coin. He made it but he is still working on the project. Why?

What the fuck is he hiding from us? There has to be institutional money going into this otherwise it makes no sense this isn't at 1 dollar.

I don't care that it's cheap transactions

I don't care if it's fast

I don't care if it's the most popular cheap coin on exchanges and widelt available

I don't care if it's the bitcoin silver

I don't care if it's the dominant coin used to transfer between exchanges

I don't care if it's the highest volume per coin to exchange ratio

I don't care if mimblewimble will solve security and privacy issues once it's released next year

I don't care if it's on paypal, venmo, and cash app

Please..please...just let this shitcoin die. There are other coins that deserve this spot.

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>What the fuck is he hiding from us
he still owns coins privately. it's ridiculously undervalued.

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It's either that, or pajeet-stinky-scam-pump-once-dump-forever-coomer-toy-exchange-defi-homosexual coin.

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Why isn’t OMG going up? I don’t understand why it dumped so much

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gook scam

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the founders and lead devs quit this year why are you still holding

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this is going to be your face when you miss out on gains.
also fucking kill yourself for posting wojaks you soulless pathetic fuck.
yeah you will reply to this with a wojak too, how original.

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>Please..please...just let this shitcoin die.
lol no

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I'm so mad I thought this too but apparently they took main git tell private and have been working on the mimblewimble release thats going to be released next year.

I was told this project was dead by everyone here but the founder is still working on this

I just don't think I can FUD this coin anymore.