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This shitcoin just keeps going up. I am seriously about to FOMO in and just say fuck it.

I thought that charlie lee selling was the nail in the coffin but for some reason he just keeps coming back and shilling the coin. He made it but he is still working on the project. Why?

What the fuck is he hiding from us? There has to be institutional money going into this otherwise it makes no sense this isn't at 1 dollar.

I don't care that it's cheap transactions

I don't care if it's fast

I don't care if it's the most popular cheap coin on exchanges and widelt available

I don't care if it's the bitcoin silver

I don't care if it's the dominant coin used to transfer between exchanges

I don't care if it's the highest volume per coin to exchange ratio

I don't care if mimblewimble will solve security and privacy issues once it's released next year

I don't care if it's on paypal, venmo, and cash app

Please..please...just let this shitcoin die. There are other coins that deserve this spot.

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The only thing litecoin had going for it is that is decentralized and Charlie Lee dumped his stack because he was the point of failure he was the satoshi that didn't fuck off.
He got a fucking clue after a free years tho.
Litecoin will unironically go to 1k once bitcorn goes on a parabolic rise that sends it to 50k , it will leave normies salivating, literally foming out of their mouths, and they'll buy the cheaper bitcoin.

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Litecoin is returning to #2

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LTC and BCH will outperform BTC

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LTC Hodlers have the strongest hands in the county
Together we will usurp ETH and later BTC at the rate we are going

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Considering the amount of litecoiners who are just trying to swing it to require BTC I'd say there's a 0% chance.

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*acquire BTC

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Bought the recent dip. People severely underestimate this coin. Sure, it really isn’t anything special but it is easy to understand and will absorb a heckin‘ chunk of the boomer wealth pouring in.

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Nah, holding both ltc and btc.

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>>25144568 - BCH

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I see LTC hitting 300 in January

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I like LTC but it will be lucky to remain above $100 until then

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I can't believe I didn't buy the dip yesterday
I probably shouldn't FOMO in now right? There will be another dip?

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Retard alert

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Seeing as it barely dipped in face of SEC fud + KYC fud, it‘s pretty safe to say that it’s only going up from here, with minor pull backs along the way. this based anon >>25144978
has a pretty good prediction.

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Hi there, Charlie, how's it going?

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BTC is ATH. LTC & BCH have all long way to recover from the last bull run. Stay poor

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It is unironically the silver to bitcoin's gold