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He's right, isn't he.

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>BTC worth 9k a few months ago
>Check in on it months later
>It's 23k

Is it too late to drop some money on btc?

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I have €4k available right now to put into crypto
I tried playing around with shitcoins lately but didn't take profits quick enough
Is there any reason not to put it all in BTC at this moment

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it's never too late fren

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thats it, dropping 5k in it now, i will only have .21 btc but im not missing out

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Every idiot will tell you to put it all in right now. It's cheap advice, sure, but it ends up becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy for everyone in crypto to the point where, yeah, bitcoin has become the de facto gold standard for crypto so you need to have a sizeable amount of your portfolio allocated there or suffer the consequences.

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>doesn’t know gold flakes or even 1/10oz

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Sell (not all) little before you think you should, anon. What you are feeling is FOMO. It's a legitimate tool, but will turn to greed and keep you from realizing gains if you aren't careful. Speaking from experience from 2017. Don't sell it all, but set a percentage-- even 15 percent is something-- you plan to sell, set a price you plan to sell it at, and follow through. Avoid regret and hedge your risk this way. Good luck, anon.

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It's like buying gold in the early 1900s, except it's digital, trust-less, automated, indestructible, finite, and unable to be stolen.

By not buying Bitcoin, you're unironically betting against the inevitable future.

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Kek cherry picked criteria

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Gold is divisible by the gram. I even own gold bullion bars that are 1 gram and 5 grams. Its price goes by the troy ounce, due to historical reasons. So that chart is retarded.

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Once alchemists learn how to create gold, Bitcoin will truly ascend.

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Reddit is that way

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ok poorfag

imagine calling 1 gram of gold a 'bar' kek. it must look like a SIM card

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$5 max

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i'm pretty sure gold is divisible well under grams
it has a theoretical limit at 1 gold atom but we could never reach that. still nanogramms are a possibility.

and even better if your gold is only a thin holo etched foil in a clear plastic chip there is no way to forge it, a simple nir scan tells you how pure the gold foil is and it's impractical (impossibly expensive) to try to do an insert on such a thin membrane and even then x-ray scans would tell you.

that all said gold is retarded as money. it's just simply stupid. not for technical reasons. engineers can overcome any technical difficulty.

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Gold bugs are not your enemy and the closest people of understanding. Not sure why the newfags attack them

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This, gold is old Bitcoin. Anyone who hates on precious metals doesn't understand the crypto space. We are all banking on supply restrictions for appreciation.

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I also own 50 gram bars. I also own bitcoin. Also 160 ounces of silver. Owning a small gold bar doesn't make you poor.

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More likely to go back down to 18 k for quite a while

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i only hate precious metals because of their abysmal performance.
i feel like i have been lied to and cheated by (((them))) because despite the promises it did not keep it's value.

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No one nows whether it's only up from here or a bit of a retrace. However if you play the long game it won't really matter except waiting for the next couple of years

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tldr just dca
long term you will be more than fine

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hi altcoin daily

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That's just part of it. The real drive is the fact it's immune to government intervention, is easily stored, and easily transferred for low fees. Supply is just the cherry on top at that point.

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>The real drive is the fact it's immune to government intervention, is easily stored, and easily transferred for low fees. Supply is just the cherry on top at that point.

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fiat is crashing with inflation. if Biden gets in btc is almost guaranteed 100k and more

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It went to 24 so every single normie wants to buy cheaper cause he knows its gonna be 24 real soon again. Thats why it wont go under 20 for some time and then only VERY shortly so normies cant catch it

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Yea, trump might still pul thru, its actually why btc is at current price, trump is literaly holding it down with possibility of still winning

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But Trump is guaranteed to leave?

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watch War Room with Steve Bannon

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I mean if u only watch main stream media then yea thats what u think

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nothing could be more uncertain than right now. what have you been listening to?

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kek still betting on a dead horse after the race ended i see.

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You think im stupid because "im maga trumper that thinks trump will win".. im just saying there is still fight goin on right now.. anyone that says "its over" is the stupid one - on both sides

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just cos most people don't have the attention span of a fish doesn't mean it's not still ongoing

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But Trump lost and it's been confirmed that Biden won even after re-counting the votes. Where is the uncertainty coming from?

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That means litecoin is going up too, isn’t it?

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bruh, the whistle hasn't blown, but it's just passed the two minute warning in the 4th and trump is down by at least 21 pts.
it's over.

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rofl you guys are hilarious

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The same can be said of Ethereum, or Dogecoin. Except maybe the market cap. But for the market cap I can create my shitcoin with 1 trillion coins issued as cap, and sell one to my daughter for 1 quarter, so the market cap is 250B

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If bitcoin goes up to $100k ($20k x5)
Litecoin willl x5 too ($400-$500) and might even go higher (up to $1000/coin) because of lower transaction fees

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jesus your fucking cuck leader lost you delusional cunt get it through your fucking spasmoid head

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who pissed in your weetabix?

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Fellas u cant time the markets if you dont know whats happening in the world. Im from eastern europe, im not your "trumper". I wont argue with you if bidens goin to be 100% president for 100% mega sure but if he will be then btc will fly up like crazy

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you cant reason with idiots

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Kek fren, i guess its true what they say, only jews and antisemites understand markets

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Not sure where you got that pic, but amazing album nonetheless

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i know it's not over yet 100% but trump has less chance of winning than what is worth mention. just deal with it.

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Sage and baste

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Was it too late in early 2017?

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Got it from the album, I like your taste anon :)

Merry Christmas

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u sure about that? then y not bet on biden u can still get free 7-10% roi.

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At what point do the whales cash in (again)? 25k?

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I dont have to "deal with it", because again, its not my fight. Adam Schiff just got arrested, who knows knows.

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Bitcoin and tesla are this Generations literal only chance to get in and load up. Here's my portfolio allocation. 50% Bitcoin 50% Tesla.

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any relation to peter schiff?

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Are u from usa?

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They're both from the tribe

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Damn why the hell im arguing with u then. Where u from?

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aren't they like 12 tribes or something?

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jews understand the market
antisemites understand the jews
makes sense

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What happens when alchemist learn how to create bitcoin

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Why would it go past $50K now? It's not happening. Either way, if you think this will happen, ALTS will do 10x more. I'm just gonna continue mining Safex.

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We're no more than 40 years away from gold alchemy. Probably less desu, we're already proficient at making diamonds in the lab.

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The 12 tribes refer to the 12 signs of the zodiac

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>btc will never hit $1k
Yeah yeah, you keep saying that but then you change the numbers after it blows past it. Don't you ever get tired of being wrong all the time?

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kek. this motherfucker lives in eastern europe and thinks he's know more about what's happening in america than actual americans.
>your brain on /pol/

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Oh damn, let me go watch cbs and find out whats happenin in usa

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you're even more retarded than I thought

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Missing the point idiot: "go turn on tv and tell me if you have good idea about what happenin in usa".. internet is where the information is, besides, i lived in america

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this makes me as hard as thinking about what wil happen next month with the bonded platform and allllllll the shitcoins i got lying around

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have fun verifying if your 1 gram of gold is real every time you get paid / want to pay with it

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you brought up tv? the point is that no one gives a fuck about some eastern europoors hot take on american politics
> internet is where the information is
it's also where all the mis-information is, clearly you cannot tell the difference.

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bullish on gold desu

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I have more fiat equivalent of bitcoin than I do gold but this chart is retarded as fuck

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I dont care what you say, you are just attacking me blindly

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Stop this gay twitter meme.
But yes $100k by September 2021, it will only be the first step, $292k at the peak
Merry Christmas /biz/