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the sta/wsta pool is cool and all but the new wsta balancer pool that only has 70k liquidity is producing 20k volume a day, balancer pool is where the real money gonna be at once they actually announce this shit publicly

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can I pool into the new pool, sWAT/YFI/USDC/...now? If yes, I assume at first wrap my STA and pool into?

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yeah the balancer pool with wsta is open, anyone can pool in it.. i guess people are expecting a new pool to come out once its official because the current one has a bunch of random assets in it for testing purposes i imagine..

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I am waiting for the $1.38 prophecy at EOQ1. not sure it is a meme or possible tough.

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I'm farting a lot of moist farts rn. Probably because statera has made me happy

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from what we've been told there will be no support for the new pools in the dashboard even if it comes out by EOY, so thats gonna be a hurdle.. the accessibility issue is still going to be a thing until they get the new pools displayed after christmas/new year.. obviously noone is working through christmas

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So if I enter the balancer pool with 100% wSTA, can I withdraw 100% wSTA when I want to exit?

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you could choose which asset to withdraw from the phoenix pool so i dont see why not.. you will be subject to impermanent loss of course

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Kek it was a .22 stable coin in august

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>$1.38 prophecy at EOQ1
>at EOQ1

Sooo what happened to "1.38 EOY"???

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Hop in, boys

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Kek it'll be 1.38 stablecoin fast

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wtf is this STA shitcoin
can't even trade it on uniswap (pic related)
grt works in any other pair, except GRT-STA
fuck you

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increase slipage noob

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make slippage 1.03% or greater, use whole numbers of STA

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put 2% slippage

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I hope it stays stable. I really need more and I don't want to be priced out, 2 months and I can finally get 30k and I'd feel ok then.

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I said the same about 100K when it was at 3 cents and never went to tthe ATM to deposit cash

85K stacklet now

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What a waste of perfectly good quads.

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Not selling under $12

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Sir it still not approved by kleros dispute court. Plz have understanding.

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Yeah, following and followed by a bleed. This is the first time we've seen pure growth to this degree in months.

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No normies no moon. Uniswap is used by pros, and pros won't pay more than 10 cents for this token.

BUBUBUBUBUT IN AUGUST IT WAS 40 CENTS!!! Yes, because the whole market went bubbly. It's not that difficult to understand.

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>he thinks he's a "pro" because he uses uniswap

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What the fuck are you talking about. Uniswap literally connects to your wallet in fucking seconds.

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No, you're not gonna make it. Everyone knows that normies don't use Uniswap. NORMIES DON'T USE UNISWAP!!! You guys are dreaming if you think Statera can moon in Uniswap alone.

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your gay sweaty

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It's like top 450 market cap. It gets adopted for free if the market cap goes up enough. Lol. It costs money to list a low market cap coin. It gets listed for free if generates enough legitimacy a dex takes it up.

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Why are you bullying me??

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Not even 10M marketcap yet and to think we are going to 1B

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because you are full of shit bitch

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>initiates aggression
>plays victim
>thinks he's a "pro" because he uses uniswap


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eeh... just a couple things. First of all I never said I was a pro for using uniswap. I said normies DON'T USE Uniswap.

And I hold a 5 digit stack of Statera. That's why I want it to moon. BUT EXCHANGES ARE NEEDED.

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>Uniswap is used by pros
>I never said I was a pro for using uniswap

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This is a dead coin and will bleed from here.

Mine Safex.

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fuck off faggot, statera is beloved

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It's up 7 million percent since Coingecko first got uniswap data on it. It's returns on investment have been the best of any coin this year if you got in early enough, and it's still fucking mooning.

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Imagine still fudding Statera

$1.38 is not a meme, it’s inevitable

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$1.38 is FUD

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$10 in may would be worth over 6mil sta

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Megan sent the dev wallet funds to the wrong address. Oh shit

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What's realistic then.

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if you figure out how to predict the price of a token in advance let me know please, its pure speculation

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Meh, those pools with 8 tokens in it are annoying, when you exit or enter you will pay a lot of gas fees with all those separate transactions. No ty, enjoy your impermanent loss and gwei faggots

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This is beautiful. All I've done was be patient and buy more sub $0.04. I'm already in profit.

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Understand how the technology works and the use case of the token and make a speculative investment. I've still never lost money on a token yet (except my very first investment in Bitcoin.) However, I see moonshots fly over my shoulder all the time and calmly sit here with my holdings.

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Obviously people investing in Chainlink when it was #5 in marketcap who hadn't read the whitepaper and were posting pepes with dollar signs and memes were...uhh...fucking idiots.

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>dumps from 11 cents

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She’s talking about the 1inch airdrop

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This is a big hurdle. One pays double fees in a way.

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>1 inch

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Just bought 31k of these fuckers. Are they listed on any exchanges yet? I imagine this is more of a long term HODL but it sounded like it has promise

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Don't brag about buying any low marketcap gem while India is awake. Just shill them Kleros and RLC more. Get in on coins Indians like and dump on them.

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No exchanges. And it seems that we won't have an exchange in a long time. It's fair to ask why exchanges don't want to list Statera.

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>Less than a year old
>Largely community driven

It’s going to take awhile.

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the community might not want big listings, imagine shitera gets put on a large exchange, they will hold a large stack of sta in this case and we cant have burn on CEX transactions, people will be able to buy/trade sta with no buuuurn

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You're wrong because being listed in a CEX is always great news for anyone. Can you imagine going from 10 cents to $2 in a week? Well, with big exchanges this is possible.

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What the fuck are you talking about? If people can buy/sell Statera without any burn it defeats the purpose of the entire ecosystem.

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Who cares about the ecosystem? I want this token to be $2 and cash out. Just like everyone else in this thread.

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you’re retarded as fuck. fuck listing on a gay cex statera will never be listed in a cex

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My god... why did I have to buy this? I must be plain stupid.

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I mean, yeah you clearly don't understand the tokenomics, so why DID you buy this?

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Hiwinteresting with open source crypto card game and investment tools with long-term partnership.

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Y’all think we’re hitting 30 cents by next month?

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You might genuinely be stupid like a fox. It's about the tokenomics. Statera is fucking special and unlike any other coin. Nothing like this ever existed in the crypto space before it, so, that alone makes it valuable. Join the telegram and ask questions about it. It's not a coin for people who post Pepe's and look at graphs exclusively. It's an autist/nerd coin.

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No. These guys make money from collecting fees. They have no interest in being listed in exchanges and they have no interest in pumping the price.

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you have no interest in understanding in how the token works

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Actually its only up like 110x if its 11cents now. Thats a glitch by Coingecko which nobody bothered reporting enough to fix it.

Anyone have the guide for unwrapping STA and wrapping?

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Have you tried visiting the telegram page and asking?

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How to wrap STA

Part 1 - approving wSTA on the STA contract

Go to:

1. Select connect to web3
2. Go to approve

- Spender address is:

- Value is:
The number of tokens you want to wrap.

3. Select the plus
4. Select the 10^18 option
5. Select write

Wait for approval confirmation

This will approve the wrapping function. If you plan on wrapping in the future again select a large number of tokens to avoid constantly having to approve.

Part 2 - Wrapping your Statera

Go to:

1. Select wrap
2. Enter the token amount
3. Select the + and choose 10^18
4. Select write to wrap

To unwrap is the same process, just select unwarp instead of wrap (it's the option above it)

If you are getting a high gas quote please check:
- that you have approved wSTA on the STA contract
- the approval process has completed
- you have approved enough tokens for the volume you want to wrap/ unwrap

Important things to note

wSTA contract code:

STA/ wSTA uniswap link: (select add liquidity)

wSTA Balancer pool:

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Not even 200M marketcap kek

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>Who cares about the ecosystem?
Everybody who knows how sta works and is not a dumb faggot like you. You thought statera was like a typical coin that you buy and hold until it's time to sell, like link? Well then you're a retard who buy assets blindly and should sell immediately

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Hurry up to 12 cents so I can get my money back

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This is the biggest problem with Statera at the moment.

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Exactly. This one is very reminiscent of nano.

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Truly a brainnlet. Investors need a coin that just tracks the crypto market cap so when we have extra dumb money that we don’t want to speculate with and don’t want to just put on btc individually we can just buy it. Statera isn’t ready yet but what they are going for is very much needed.

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So the price is not going up? Meh, guys, get out of this scam. Wasted money.

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Silly little piggu.

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oh my god what just happened, did I just get hacked through 1inch or etherscan? I just had my sta and now it says 22hours ago its gone.
I also just had my ethereum 0.55 ethereum ago and it says its gone, wtf is going on. Did the hotel scam me or what? did the fact I installed metamask on this laptop which potentially had a backdoor just scam me of all my assets? why did it happend 22hours ago? why?


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xrp was a stable coin at 20 cents until that got lucky. all it takes is some time and it will be just as lucky and get its 100x pomp and domp

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who is this, who the fuck is this?!!!!! and why did he only hack me? and me alone? or did he hack everyone?

>> No.25150743

oh my god what am i suppose to do now. Im 100% certain it was this laptop I typed my seed on. Its 100% my fault, I should have just fucking left it there. At least I wouldnt hit myself over the head with it.

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the fuck is he doing? hes not selling, hes adding liquidity...

i didnt approve wsta, i didnt do shit with sta, i just installed metamask yesterday on a laptop in a hotel room. so do i blame the hotel, the laptop or do i blame a fellow statera hacker or do i blame scott batha...
are my funds safu or can i commit a nice suicide already because i am not going back to wagecucking.

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Conservative/responsible hacker too, he didnt sell any STA in 1 go, he just moved them around.
well time for me to either seppuku or git gud at hacking.

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What happened to metamask? It shows I have 0 tokens there while on etherscan everything is fine

>> No.25151239

check the activity on etherscan. Also atm Ive come to conclusion that when i tried to install metamask on my laptop i most likely accidentally gave a fake metamask my seed, it showed metamask.app/opera something.

Or if it wasnt that and every single metamask etherscan address got hacked then we are in a world of pain. Our only chance is if etherscan saw this vulnerability and decided to hack all our addresses before the real hackers came, but thats hopium speaking.

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make a thread about this, please. i can no longer make threads on /biz/ for a few weeks now due to my isp being blocked.

>> No.25151386

>i can no longer make threads on /biz/ for a few weeks now due to my isp being blocked

>> No.25151416

the thing is that like 10 minutes ago before i made this post I still had my ethereum in my wallet.

>> No.25151458

it sucks when you dont even know what went wrong to learn from it. I dont know if to trash my laptop right now. I can only make assumptions as to how he got the seed.

>> No.25151528

Never got hacked in crypto but by bank account did once... how much did you lose?

>> No.25151570

Checked and last activity was 200 days ago, so no anomalies, metamask balance doesn't agree with etherscan balance though

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I lost 900k STA and 0.55 eth , happened after a few hours after I inputted the seed phrase in some metamask app that said install metamask for opera.
The hacker apparently didnt care for the rest of the tokens, dont even know if it was a bot that did it automatically, he could have did it in a few minutes.
What I find weird however is that he didnt instantly sell them, hes moving them all over the place and supplying sta/eth liquidity from his own eth.

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is he... is he using pilpul? seems like we are about to moon soon if the kikes are getting in on fudding with the poos.

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Can you post the url you downloaded metamask from?

That sucks so bad but really with the amount of funds you had you should have been more careful

>> No.25152018

I agree tho.
I feel really fucking bad for you, anon.
And could you please post the URL as a warning to others

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What was that!!!

>> No.25152111

>>25151888 checked

Metamask is a plugin, get it from addons of whatever your browser is. NEVER download an .exe or something.

RIP STArchangel.

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Exactly what ive been trying to find for the past 2 hours. Just google how to install metamask opera, install metamask opera extension crypto till you get an url that says metamask.app

the .app is what i distinctly remember about it. I ran in incognito so I didnt save the url. also this keyboard is trash.
So yeah great it was my fault, not even a real fault, I did the most beginner mistake possible. I could have just chilled the fuck out for 5 days.

>> No.25152371

Message me on tg @mjreevs

>> No.25152458

the problem that noone told you about was that you're trying to use fucking opera, what the fuck were you thinking

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I'll bite, fren. What piece of excellent software are you using?

>> No.25152507

ill message you on the 28th, i dont have access to my telegram and discord on this laptop.

>> No.25152577

I’m sorry it appears I cannot help afterall.

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File: 1.19 MB, 500x700, 1607764579103.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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What would you have been able to do if he got his tokens transffered and etherscan got all 8/8 hashes confirmed?

>> No.25154208

Can you give me an email contact, urgent

>> No.25154413

[email protected]

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>> No.25154569

Message sent>>25154420

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Hope you can recover your coins, Anon.

>> No.25155013

I need help as a noob on Christmas fellow staggots. My gas fee for the approve contract when trying to wrap is too low ($1.20), is there any way I can send a 0 ether transaction to boost it or am i just gonna be waiting eternally

>> No.25155161

Sent Hoo.com my ID just now.

I just wanted to provide wSTA/STA liquidity.

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Bumping to see how this turns out.

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does this weird link tell you guys anything? is this the fake metamask? im pretty sure i got it from here.

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Are you making any progress, Anon?

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Oh for the hidden knowledge... What wizardry is involved in converting a 638kb gif into a 22kb webm? Please share the magic.

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I wouldnt call this progress unfortunately.
Hoo.com support
I'm sorry, according to the hash value you provided, we can't confirm who it belongs to.

Seems like a generic automated answer to me.

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>/biz/ is one person

>> No.25158169

It's literally one pool that was launched a few days ago and hasn't even been officially announced.
You giant faggot.

>> No.25158248

We don't want another pump and dump retard, the whole point is steady consistent gains over a long period of time. If that's too boomer for you, good, fuck off.

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This Anon takes no prisoners.

>> No.25158360

Why the fuck would you INSTALL metamask on your laptop, it's a browser extension. I'm genuinely sorry for your loss but jeez, how does one get into something as complicated as crypto without knowing this kind of basic shit about internet safety?

>> No.25158411

>Daily volume <250k USD

How can I trust in a token with that little volume. A single whale can 360 windmill slam this market around.

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Just buy XRP.

>> No.25158619

>I don't want to use a saw without a finger guard

>Why don't you cut your leg off then

>> No.25159258
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Considering cutting something off, Anon?

>> No.25159292

No luck. 400k on Hoo.com but they refused to freeze the funds claiming the could not confirm the owner of those tokens.

>> No.25159301

when the fuck does statera start getting listed?

>> No.25159370

How are you feeling? Is that sum of money a knockout blow for you or are you a whale?

>> No.25159422

Not my funds, I was the one who traced them, contacted Hoo and and by their request got STA team involved.

Still feelsbadman for the guy, he lost a huge amount and pretty bummed about how unfair the system is.

>> No.25159435

I mean ”wah wah it’s all in the blockchain” but apparently it doesn’t matter for shit anyway.

>> No.25159525

I have 2.7k STA and 2.7wSTA wrapped added to the pool

Am I gmi?

>> No.25159581

That's a shame. I hope he's able to absorb the loss and carry on.

>> No.25159638 [DELETED] 
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Welcome to the pool, fren.

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This you? Welcome to the pool, fren.

>> No.25159700

I self-sabotaged myself, feeling like just calling it quits entirely because I don't deserve to make_it. I blame myself.

I was always cautious, but not in the right way. If I had diversified back in the summer I wouldn't have cared about STA. I would had been neck deep in all sorts of projects if I wasn't dumb. It feels amazingly bad to have hold onto a token for 6 months, it finally starts going up and you lose it all on christmas to add insult to injury.

How I feel? Exasperated, defeated, neurotic.
My only chance right now is to learn solidity to make far more cash through my own projects. But if I'll keep doing these retarded mistakes when I become a millionaire i'll just have my funds stolen from me by inviting some dumb thot over and she could steal my CC info and other stuff. Or I'll give my CC info to a website and again lose it all because I'm too stupid to keep myself safe. I really don't know what I'm living for, it's clear I don't belong in life.

I genuinely have a headache because of this.

>> No.25159808

I'll suck it up and learn solidity. I doubt I'll find another 100x-1000x project like in the summer, not till the next summer. if I do find one then I'm not going to hold anymore.

I genuinely didn't treat myself to anything, I went full all or nothing retard, I went full monk.
No new PC, no audio gear, no apartment, nothing fancy, I treated STA like it was some bank interest fund I'm not allowed to touch. I self sabotaged.

>> No.25159812

I made it a few years ago now. But I had many problems along the way. Including some big losses.
For what it's worth, my advice is to take a while to collect your thoughts, then get back on the horse. Learn from your mistakes and carry on. If it were easy there would be no money to be made.

>> No.25159898

Did crypto leave any serious mental scars on you? or once you make_it you forget about the trauma and enjoy life?

>> No.25159902

Go suck some tranny cock nigger. I'm in Delta & STA-wSTA, that new balancer pool is fucking dumb, likely made for testing proof of concept and not something anons should put funds in. Perhaps if you have $50k to add to it you don't care about the impermanent loss, multiple transactions fees and other problems inherent in a pool like that. If it was streamlined somewhat then it could be viable but as it stands now its pretty shit compared to other pools

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Damn anon, that is rough. You have family you can be with today?

>> No.25159995

I pooled in two days ago friend but thank you all the same

>> No.25160161

I think everybody has crypto scars. But they're no worse than the type of scars that you accumulate throughout life. You learn to live with them and in time you forget they're there.
One thing I would mention is - although it's nice to have the security of money - it's not going to change your life (unless you're desperately poor.) You'll still be you, only with a bigger bank balance. I think many Anons here can testify to that. Try and enjoy the ride. Some of the things you think are out of reach today are perfectly within your grasp.

>> No.25160223

>You'll still be you, only with a bigger bank balance
What comes with this is significant tho. Knowing that I can quit my job if I feel like and be fine, knowing I can take a break if I want is important.

>> No.25160292

Down to 9 cents I bought at 11 kill me now

>> No.25160395

Yes. No argument from me.

>> No.25160451

>tfw been holding since 0.007 in May
Never fucking selling

>> No.25160649

i'm sorry fren, we all have crypto trauma. I lost around 5 bitcoins forever because I threw away my paper wallet during a move last year, I held onto these from the time btc waas $700.

>> No.25160768
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>> No.25161257
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>> No.25161304

It's inevitable.

>> No.25161541

Can you make some cooler memes? Like Black and White Statera with something resembling Beach House's Bloom inverted?

Make Statera look like Apple, not Alienware. Making sloppy logo designs actually FUDs the coin.

>> No.25161730
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>look like Apple
What, like this one in this very thread >>25154662
Son, I've been memeing since before the Internet (and you) existed. The strong ones will persist and be recirculated, the weak will fall out of favor. The market will decide what's appropriate.

>> No.25162050
File: 802 KB, 450x450, bloom-house-beach-house-thing.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.25162070

> stack pooled
> Comfyness at a maximum peak

Is this what making it feels like?

>> No.25162098
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Feel like sharing how much the pool has earned you so far?

>> No.25162220
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>> No.25162311
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>> No.25162402

not that guy, but i pooled 26k yesterday and its made me 9 sta in 24h. not astronomical, but much better than just holding sta like i was doing.

>> No.25162548
File: 1.69 MB, 490x490, 1586742538253.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks for the insight, fren. I'm a top 40 wallet and intend to pool after the Xmas period when I can get back to my main PC.
Would you mind clarifying, did you pool 13k STA and 13k wSTA, or 26k STA and 26k wSTA?

>> No.25162591

13/13, should have clarified

>> No.25162799
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>> No.25163107
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>> No.25163165

If this shit somehow pumps up to 40 cents in the upcoming weeks I will shill it until the project is abandoned.

>> No.25163337
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>> No.25163564

My spirit has gone from 0 to 100 in the last week. Imagine when we get official annoucements.

>> No.25163723
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What changed for you STAbro?

>> No.25164710
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>> No.25165327
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>> No.25166330
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>> No.25167308

You missed my point entirely

>> No.25168137
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BigMacs. Instantly and eternally. The choice of a new space-faring generation.

>> No.25169159
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>> No.25169717
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>> No.25170003

i put a little bit of money into this because it's clearly an autismcoin

>> No.25170253

Sooo based

>> No.25171045
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>> No.25171104
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>> No.25171813

Use coin gecko. Nobody uses cmc anymore

>> No.25172515
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>> No.25172746
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>> No.25172919

make as many memes as you want, this token has a balancer pool + a 15 page white paper on how they made one. It takes roughly 20 minutes to create a pool on balancer. You don't have to fud the truth, it just speaks for itself here.

>> No.25173086

post this in as many threads as you want, you're priced out shitstain, deal with it

>> No.25173858

you couldn't pay anyone that knows a little bit of solidity to buy this vaporware token.

>> No.25174199

I read the code. It was published on Github originally, open sourced, until people started to copy and paste it to make their own Statera knockoff tokens endlessly, fudding the project. Without a community behind it, or a dashboard, every coin that replicates Statera will fail. I understand every word. I bought the token.

Please, be quiet. Adults are talking.

>> No.25174245

I will add that I have profited from doing so. I don't see myself as being "early" or being a bagholder trying to shill myself to the next person on this one. I feel like I genuinely am potentially making people's lives better by getting them in on this -- just as early adopters of Bitcoin did.

It's not enough to understand code to buy Statera. You have to understand its greater implications in the financial world. It's code, by itself, is quite simplistic.

>> No.25174361
File: 117 KB, 750x765, A9E5FE3B-1E42-444F-8887-4012F28F45E8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>It's code, by itself, is quite simplistic.
This is the thing. It’s the kind of thing that makes you think why you didn’t come up with it by yourself.

Also pic related, at the ens of the graph you can see the WSTA already proving itself, burning STA away at the same pace as in the ATH run and this is only the beginning.

Return of the alpha pool will set off the rocket big time.

>> No.25174387

I have yet to see a full and clear explanation of what exactly statera does. All the posts and whitepapers leave out important details. If statera is burned, does my share increase? How is statera redeemable for the underlying assets? How are trading fees collected? (If an appreciating currency in the phoenix pool is sold on another exchange how does that equate to statera holders gaining the trading fees?) Why is it so fucking difficult to get a real breakdown of the exact mechanisms of every fucking defi project. They always have to be vague instead of giving specifics

>> No.25174404


>> No.25174412
File: 182 KB, 1562x832, sta5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Everything is laid out in the whitepaper wtf are you on about? Do you just skim read or something?

>> No.25174414
File: 887 KB, 910x587, 1600846901402.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Statera is exactly what DeFi stands for. We are incomprehensibly early to this space which is likely to alter the financial world massively during the next decade. There is so much wrong with this piece of shit world, so much degeneracy and high time prefererency. The whole wrapping and contracts thing is incredibly comparable to mining Bitcoin in the early days, both risky and complicated. Statera has already made it, it's here to stay. It's the antidote of this clown world.

>> No.25174415

when did you buy your first BTC?

>> No.25174460


Incredibly based. Wishing you the best my fren.

>> No.25174462

get a load of this fuckin guy lmao

>> No.25174470

>If statera is burned, does my share increase?

>How are trading fees collected?
On Uniswap while making a trade you will see ”liquidity provider fee” in the bottom - this is shared between all the liquidity providers.
Balancer works much the same but the trading is done by a bot

>If an appreciating currency in the phoenix pool is sold on another exchange how does that equate to statera holders gaining the trading fees?
Balancer swaps the higher priced token to more cheaper tokens in the pool and a set % of this is shared between the liquidity providers (I think)

>> No.25174498


>> No.25174562

I get the numbers and stuff but i mean theres details left out. There's the Balancer Pool. But you don't buy BPT you buy STATERA. How is profit from BPT realized when you own the STA? Can you cash in your STA for the underlying assets? And trading fees. Say STA goes up, so the delta token rebalances by selling STA. The whitepaper suggests you get the trading fees from that but how? Buy holding STA you only own 2 liquidity pools supposedly. So if STA is sold it has to be from a third party's pool, meaning we pay gas and fees. So statera is a smart contract that reperesents an index fund, if the price of all underlying assets in increase how does that translate to statera price increasing without some protocol for withdrawing?

>> No.25174581

Sick bro.

>> No.25174607


A lot of questions there desu. Lay them out in the tg channel(s); the questions and discussion is always welcomed.

>> No.25174613

Okay that makes sense but lastly how is statera redeemable for the BPT? Is it not just a smart contract?

>> No.25174720

Statera is an asset you put into a Balancer pool to up its volume. If you want the index fund option you hold BPT instead of STA, but if you want to ride the success you should hold STA only.

Does the idea actually work? During the summer the alpha pool reached volumes similar to pools with 10 or even 100 times more liquidity. It works so well the Balancer team deemed it ”unfair” and said it was ”made to game the system” meaning made to gather the fees.

It’s a circle of burn: more volume creates more burn, more burn make the remaining tokens more valuable while creating more volume which creates more burn...

Statera in its simplicity is a very unique but still working concept which is exactly why it is still around and will see great success in the coming months.

>> No.25175070

>STA/ wSTA uniswap link: (select add liquidity)
>wSTA Balancer pool:

Brainlet here. How much does it make a difference where I provide liquidity? What is the balancer pool for?

>> No.25175086

Still confused. The balancer pool consists of wbtc, weth, synthetix, and delta (uniswap liquidity) right? If you hold STA it doesnt accumulate trading fees does it?

>> No.25175122

Wait are you supposed to buy STA and then put it in delta token and then put the delta token into the Balancer pool and make profit off of both pools? Is that the idea

>> No.25175155


>> No.25175197

unless you know what you're doing i wouldnt advise entering the wsta balancer pool, the ratios and tokens involved arnt finalized, wait until they officially announce wsta and the alpha pool+release the dashboard. Provide liquidity to the sta/wsta pair on uni until then if you want to try to accrue some fees, but the fees have died down with such high liquidity and less volume, if you provide liquidity do it when gas fees are at their lowest of the day. you will be happy you were in the uni sta/wsta pool if the price spikes and the balancer pools do their job

>> No.25175374

Uniswap it is. Thanks for the explanation anon

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