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The comfiest coin for 2021. Normies love this shitcoin.

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Based boomercoin, $1500 eoy

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Hey guys I bought some light corns a few weeks ago, feels good.

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Based and comfy

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Antshare vibes.

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inb4 newfag who says "what does this coin even do?" newfags never make it in the bullrun, they have to get fucked so they can prepare themselves for the next bullrun.

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it's like BTC except you can actually buy stuff with it

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Didn't read
XRP is not going below 24 cents.

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BTC being the eternal king is proof nobody gives a fuck about what any of these shitcoins actually do other than print money

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>Normies love this shitcoin

You sure can't prove it by Grayscale's capital inflows.

> 14705.5 million (14.7 billion) dollars of BTC bought by normies
>125 million (0.125 billion) dollars of LTC purchased

Less than 1%.

At least LTC is doing better than BCH, which is only at 70 million, or 0.5%.

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btc and eth are vastly more bullish than ltc.

but the narrative that normies love ltc is still in play. an ATH of 1,5k is absolutely in play.

if you spend 1500 on ltc or eth you'll get
>10 ltc
>2,57 eth

if ltc goes to 1500 and eth to 5000
> 15k
> 12,872

i'm expecting eth to go to 10k though
> 15k
> 25700

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>i'm expecting eth to go to 10k though
Really? I'm expecting ETH to go to zero after Vitalik fucks up all the wild "let's convert it to an energy-efficient POS coin!" nonsense that he's gotten into.

If not, it'll die a slow death anyway since there isn't any useful purpose for the whole "decentralized world computer" crapfest in the first place. Although he does deserve to get a CS Ph.D. out of it, I've gotta give him that much credit.

But even Vitalik knew from the start that BTC is what holds value, ETH is just for running programs, if anyone ever finds something useful to code on it. See picrelated.

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Extremely comfy hold
>will outperform btc for sure
>expecting a .05 ltc/btc ratio at least

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yet the premium is 3522%

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>what does this coin even do
Same thing bitcoin does.
It's clear that Litecoin is Bitcoin's silver.
Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin are the big three.

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plebbitors love eth because it's "cheap" and they also love the "energy efficient PoS" meme. Because of that I think eth could even hit 30k this bull run, even though idk how the transition is even supposed to work since I don't follow this shitcoin. I'm assuming eth 2.0 is going to be a separate chain with a separate trading price and the original eth holders will get rugpulled if it works out and they don't swap over? xmr>ltc though but ltc still has its place for sure.

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I feel like the whole PoS conversion ruined the 10k train, feels like eth might start capping out at like 3-4k.

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XMR and LTC are my comfiest holds.

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they already are trying to get people to refer to ETH and ETH2 as the same coin, when they are completely separate chains

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>i'm expecting eth to go to 10k though
oh no, it's retarded

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Bitcoin doesn’t need silver, litecoin has absolutely zero use case

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This. There’s no point.

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>Because of that I think eth could even hit 30k this bull run
imagine being this dumb

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> imagine being this dumb and betting on a platform that is actually being built on

because litecoin has NO FUCKING VALUE other than being a little bit faster than bitcoin

NOTHING can be built on litecoin

litecoin has NO DEVELOPMENT

litecoin just sits there while fucking ethereum is being used and built on

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when bitcoin reaches peak usage we'll be paying like $50 to send any amount of btc. Lightning network is ass so far, bitcoin NEEDS side chains you brainlet.

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You are ngmi. There are tons of transactional altcoins and stablecoins available. Litecoin was a cash grab by Charlie Lee who dumped all his LTC at the absolute top.

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Like I said I don't even follow that shitcoin, I'm pretty much an xmr maxi. But I can see btc hitting~300k, and eth ~.1. It's possible since normies love eth as the "cheap" blue chip coin. Also, you need to buy eth just to move stablecoins around, that's a big enough use case if the crypto mcap actually continues to grows a lot and eth 2.0 doesn't fail.

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i am sure there is upside to ltc, of course

but it has NO value

it can be replaced and nobody would know a difference

why is everyone and their mother building bridges to eth?

because eth is where its at

litecoin is a marketing stunt, nothing more and nothing less

charlie lee did exactly what a cashgrabbing mf would do, he cashed out at ATH dumping on everyone who believed in him and litecoin

i don't understand why everybody hates craig wright, roger ver but NOT charlie lee

btc is the store of value and transactions will be done in stablecoins backed by btc, gold and whatever

litecoin is too volatile to ever be "money"

people want AND need stablecoins

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Even if we assume it needs side chains, there’s no reason it needs to be LTC, there are already much better alternatives, this isn’t 2016

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the reason why people don't hate Charlie Lee for dumping his coins at the top when everything was dumping is because 1) he let everyone know he was going to do it 2) he's still developing and designing for litecoin, he's part of the development of mimblewimble which will pretty much make zcash and dash tokens not needed 3) he wants to leave litecoin foundation in a few years and leave it to the community which makes it wayyy more decentralized than bitcoin. Also, if btc is in an atm ltc is in it 99.9% of the time.

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My point was just that there will always be other coins. Bitcoin can't survive on its own.

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I truly think Litecoin's branding will be it's saving grace. If the dollar goes down big time then normies will want to get onboard the crypto train too late. Many of them will be frightened of bitcoin's ballooning value and see litecoin as the cheaper second-place alternative. Normies only care about branding and marketing and their monkey brains generate massive dopamine hits when they see a PROOODUCT called "simple" or "minimalist" or "lite" so the idea of "silver to bitcoin's gold" is actually a stroke of genius.

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this fuck absolutely did
never trust a fucking chink

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looks like someone in this thread actually gets it.

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BTC's LN works fine. No one is using it because no one is using it. As more people buy in during 2021, I expect more businesses to set up LN so that they can earn BTC instead of having to go through exchanges for everything.

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Nail on head

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I would love LN to get some usage and start expanding, but the normie bitcoin investor (majority of btc investors) doesn't care about LN, the deployment or adoption of LN will have neglible effect on its trajectory. Idk why people are anti litecoin lol. Bitcoin will always be king but litecoin will always be right there with it. I never said I am anti btc or don't hold it, in fact i'm betting on my litecoin to hit 0.01btc so i can double my bitcoin stack lol.

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Did you even compare the ratio of market price per share over holdings per share?

I'm uneducated in finance so correct me if im wrong but that seems to indicate retail investors are nuts for ltc?

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>he's still developing and designing for litecoin,

He really isn't, though. Didn't you read the conference call transcript?

>he's part of the development of mimblewimble
No, he isn't. In the transcript he talked about how he's the only dev left, the other two quit and ghosted, and he's not doing anything on MW. That was around August 2019. I doubt anything has changed.

>which will pretty much make zcash and dash tokens not needed
They're already not needed.

Here's a link to the pastebin of the transcript and an excerpt:

> There are a lot of people out there fully expecting that CT/MW will suddenly come to Litecoin this year and provide fungibility, so I think you need to make it clear that that's not going to happen.
> CL
> 21:19
> Charlie Lee
> And everyone should be honest about why they want CT/MW. Ask yourself why. Is it because you think Litecoin needs it OR because you think it can help pump the price to the next ATH?
>Because it needs it. I never even use Litecoin anymore because it has no privacy
>and there are already alternatives that do

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Charlie Lee
The honest truth is that no one is interested in working on Litecoin protocol development work. At least no one technically competent. You can’t just throw money at this problem. This is true for Litecoin since the beginning. It has only been me, Warren, and Thrasher.
In reply to this message
I don’t consider that a promise. I’m just guessing there.
OK so Warren has moved to Blockstream, Thrasher is AWOL and you?
Lets make the record clear we cant string people along

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That's why I split my stack. I had 18 of them I got back in the summer but I diversified a bit into ETH. Also I wanted to know what it was like to finally use etherum since I'm debating mining it.

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>Also I wanted to know what it was like to finally use etherum since I'm debating mining it.
I've got some bad news for you, anon

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Why not Nano? Its faster and free, and is already being used in some inflation afflicted nations, no?

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"Yo bro, thanks for catching that tab can I split it with you on crypto?"

>BTC- I'm sending him a hodl that will always go up in value and takes 10h to send, costs me a big fee, and I don't want on my device.

>ETH, he asks "wtf is this", can't get a phone wallet (I think) and then I pay for my beer twice in transaction fees.
It is fast though

>XMR, no phone wallet, no local ATMs, illegal in some places, always sending unlnown amount of monero. Slow af.
But absolutely based. My bro can go buy some fresh cocaine.

>LTC, phone wallet, lighting fast, holds value at about 50-150 ea 99% of the time, accepted in most places, and low fee.
All I'm saying is it's not useless and legitimately if you want to start using crypto currency in your every day life use litecoin.