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What's your target price for PRQ?


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Priced out.
OP is a faggot.

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$3.00 (sell some)
$5.00+ (sell everything)

the only correct answer.. or you know pic

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Not selling ever.
This will be as important as eth is if not more.
200 EOY 2023

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fuck this guy is right, forget the >$5.00+ (sell everything)
in my post here >>25125268

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Currently were at 60 million market cap

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unrealistic 50 dollars and up...

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use chainlinks scam mcap
it would be 40 dollars per prq then

im not selling till then

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ceo man said prq is more important than link which could be true
but.. but...
i dont see it getting hyped up THAT much like link did, so, i'd say it will rise up above the shitcoins and hover around top 20 or 15

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sec shall insert their appendage into sergey's hole with no usage of lubricants
thou shall not be afraid, for praised will be our new lord and saviour - anatoly

spread the word child

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Do your own spreading zues capitol.

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I'm selling ten percent of my stack at 1 dollar. After that no idea.

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selling 50% of my stack at 5, rest at 20

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As if PRQ would be protected from that

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I need it to hit $5 for me to get back on my feet. I'm down to 2ETH worth and PRQ is my last hope of digging myself out of this hole.

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