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In this very moment there are literaly zero reasons for BTC to be traded at $23k

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youre right, it should be trading at 100k

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Portability, durability and storage all have strong arguments favoring gold.

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Then make them

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OP is correct.
30k should be current price.

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I can move a million dollars in gold easily? Get the fuck out of her retard.

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Number go up

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Portability is overwhelmingly in Bitcoins favor. It exists on the internet therefore it exists everywhere and no where. To move significant amounts of gold, as in more than whatever pittance you're imagining, as in millions of dollars, it requires hundreds of thousands in security, insurance and physically moving it. No contest whatsoever. Storage is a no contest. Countries in strife will confiscate gold at the border. When gold was outlawed, the govt simply scooped it all up in the vaults. There simply isn't an argument to be made here, because you can control any amount of Bitcoin with a brain (12 words), you don't need anything else.

Durability I agree. I'm not sure what hardware vs software is, maybe they mean Bitcoin can adapt and gold cannot - which is true. Gold doesn't corrupt over years, but neither does Bitcoin.

I can't think of a single thing that gold does better. It's shiny? I don't know.