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Might buy more soon

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I'll buy XRP when its at 1 cent

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Still holding too brother. These hands are diamond whether I lose or not. I don't know which was is up with all the info on the lawsuit.

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That is a plan that I will follow up on

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Your stack of what? Buy more what? Think about it anon? What are you buying? What do you own. As of now you are buying an unregistered security token from a company being sued by the SEC for issuing that very same token. At a commercial level this token currently does nothing for anyone except lose money (save short sellers and Ripple). In the future, Ripple purports this unregistered security token which caused an SEC lawsuit will one day act as?

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keep holding that stack of zeros

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Just sell and buy into XLM already, same thing except better with no SEC bullshit

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>just sell the first Jed scam and buy the second Jed scam

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Same, once it's stabilizes a bit I will be. These hands don't sell, I also don't buy with money I care to lose.

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Actually, Mt. Gox was the first Jed scam

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>the SEC what?

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my bad, forgot about that one

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I will never sell, all this fud makes me want to buy more. Actually fuck it, I’m buying more after I post this.

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good luck