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Statera, light of my life, fire of my loins. My sin, my soul. Sta-te-ra: the tip of the tongue taking a trip of three steps down the palate to tap, at two, on the teeth. Sta. Te. Ra.

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$0.1 already. We aren't even trending on Dextools or CoinGecko. $10 before Q2 2021.

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Holy shit they actually did it

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Only a 3x from here and I make my money back!

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you guys were supposed to keep fudding, now ever since I shared that ytube vid this thing going parabolic

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You won't have to wait long.

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How far can this go?

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At least $10 Q1 next year.

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It burns. It can go to infinity given enough time.

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Thats something like 840 000 000 market cap, actually not to bad

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Probably over $5 in the coming months. Can't imagine how hard it will pump when the bullrun really starts.

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>Thats something like 840 000 000 market cap
It actually isn't. The token burns. We will probably be way below 840m market cap when this is $10.

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400-500m market cap is quite fathomable in the Q1 which puts us around $5-6. The interesting part is even if we stagnate at the MC, the price goes up bc of deflation.

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Ok you got me after so long I'll actually FOMO into STA

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Where do you buy this?

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Statera to the Stratosphere

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Uniswap. Pic related. Whole numbers of STA - no decimals.

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I hold a nice stack of STA that I got at .009, but damn some of yall are fucking delusional!

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i bought decimals, what's going to happen to me?

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Fucking LMAO

Holy moonboy talk wow
Zoom out

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Or pic related if you fancy using an exchange. From:

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You're fine. Decimals *CAN* cause the transaction to fail but not always. Transactions are always successful with whole numbers though. Welcome aboard, fren.

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have the rope ready for when it happens.

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Apologise to Megan

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Look I sincerely hope STA will do well for all my holding frens but please, 400m MC is an absolutely ridiculous number for a coin that "does nothing"

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>he doesn't know

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>he's brazenly displaying his unknowingness

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she's a keeper a one in a billion

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>he lacks the critical information

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Based Lolita reader

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>this is what sufficiently advanced / highly advanced alien space warping engines to traverse the omniverse look like in real life
how based is STAtera?

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Trying to get some using Metamask and it says no quotes available. This is very discouraging.

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The supply is relatively low desu

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We keep pumping

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You're very pretty megan

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Why are statbros so wholesome and helpful?

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Unironically: #WeAreAllStatera

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mfw i had 350k at one point and now my whole portfolio is less than that

OG stastronaut here. day one of STA V3.
probably not many here even know statera had 2 failed attempts before it was what it is now.

Fredrik's fud

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Statera is my only investment that isn't in the toilet today.

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>he is unaware

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There's a certain peace of mind that comes with holding statera.

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Some of you guys get me so fucking hyped. I'm so fucking ready for this thing to even hit $1 let alone $5 or $10

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Pretty much only biz has statera for now so we really could all make it frens.

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Remember john in the telegram and Lain anon? There were multiple statera generals a day

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